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  1. Well losing Guentzel is going to suck.
  2. Tim Ream has been really consistent for Fulham and the USMNT and he’d be a good stopgap next to Privett assuming we lose Malanda to Europe come the winter transfer window.
  3. Willander for Necas, let’s get it done.
  4. Some news coming in… Seravalli thinks a Necas trade could happen this week, I’m calling BS on this. Pagnotta says that Guentzel will test free agency and that the league things that Carolina is going to circle back on signing both Skjei and Pesce.
  5. Fried Chicken, BBQ, and Mexican… the taste of the Carolina’s.
  6. Oilers made it back to the finals before we did… damn.
  7. Well, it appears Reus doesn’t want to be in Charlotte. We’ve sold his discovery rights to the LA Galaxy. We’ll receive some money up front from LA and if the Galaxy secure Reus’ services then we’ll receive one of the largest discovery right fees in MLS history.
  8. Abada with some DP skill this afternoon. Big time three points!
  9. You never know in the NFC South… until one of the teams develops or acquires an elite QB, the division will always be wide open.
  10. Award should be renamed after Slavin.
  11. Yeah, I’m with trading the pick. Dillingham will be gone and Castle only wants to be a PG. Those were the only guys I was interested in with a top 5/6 pick. Trade the pick for an established player.
  12. Yeah, we’ve only had one player in Hurricanes history with a 100 point season (Staal in 05-06). Getting another one would be a feat in itself, three is highly unlikely.
  13. Questions like this is why we’ll see a CBA before it’s all said and done.
  14. Which should take the elite talent out of the transfer portal assuming school’s sign guys for the duration of their college eligibility. That’s about the only good thing I can think of that might come from this.
  15. Personal opinion is that Westwood and Diani are a little redundant. I’d like to see more attacking players in the middle but for the past few years, regardless of the coach, they essentially prefer two CDM’s and one CAM (which we don’t even really have). Westwood would be fine as a lone CDM, as would Diani. But I’d want a better two way CM next to one of them along with a DP CAM.
  16. That was just momentarily. On the first, second, fourth, and fifth goal, Necas was playing RW.
  17. I haven’t seen him playing center? He’s being centered by Kampf with Kubalik on the other wing. Even the Czech Republic’s lineup shows him at RW.
  18. Necas is still on the wing for the Czech’s, he’s being centered by Kampf and Kubalik is on the other wing. Also, keep in mind, IIHF rinks are bigger than NHL rinks, that’s definitely beneficial to a player like Necas.
  19. Think we are DP CAM and DP striker away from competing.
  20. Another draw, just need to get to the summer so we can get some transfers in to help the cause.
  21. Think questions like this among other things is why we’ll see a CBA in a couple years. Eventually I think we’ll see college athletes, at least the elite one’s, signing contracts.
  22. Abada and Bender on the bench tonight, guess both are healthy.
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