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  1. Since it’s going to take us 5 more years to get there in Tepper’s master plan, there’s a chance the NFL figures it out by then.
  2. Not a whole lot to like about that period… Offense was bad, defense was bad, couldn’t hit free throws, couldn’t hit threes, kept turning the ball over. We’re lucky to only be down by eight.
  3. Well… if you can’t shoot it… dunk it.
  4. Interesting, JB really values the bench scoring and really likes Martin’s defense. In this case I think Ish will be the ninth guy because you don’t need an additional scorer with Kelly. G - Ball G - Rozier, Smith F - Martin, Oubre F - Bridges, Washington C - Plumlee, Richards
  5. I’d normally agree but since we are losing a scorer (Hayward) I think he'll be replaced with a scorer. It's possible though, Ish could back up LaMelo and when Ish comes in Terry slides to the two.
  6. So no Hayward or McDaniels… Assume we go… G - Ball G - Rozier, Bouknight (if they go to a nine man rotation) F - Oubre, Martin, F - Bridges, Washington C - Plumlee, Richards
  7. I’d be surprised if anyone does. I think they’ll distribute the minutes among the other eight players. If our bigs get into foul trouble then P.J. will move to the four and Richards will get minutes.
  8. Hopefully Raanta is good to go know. A friend of mine sits in the box right next to Dundon and overheard him telling an individual that Raanta was out due to getting hit in the head with a puck in practice.
  9. Looks like the upcoming game against the Lakers has been flexed to ESPN. As for the game today, let’s get that dub.
  10. You can lose 7-4 and not get dog walked… 4 of New Jersey’s 7 goals would have probably been stopped by an NHL tender. Did we play our best no… but this needed to happen so that we can address our needs prior to the trade deadline. Your thinking is way too shortsighted. Just imagine a scenario where we make the playoffs and then both Freddie and Raanta go down… we would have then had no choice but to put LaFontaine in. The Canes now know that LaFontaine needs time in the AHL and they can address the need for a third goalie via trade. Jaroslav Halak, Martin Jones, and Anton Forsberg are all pending UFA’s and should be available.
  11. UNC is ass and they should be ashamed for not addressing the point guard position.
  12. 1. We didn’t get dog walked, as a skater it’s hard to get to your game when you know the guy behind you isn’t where he needs to be. 2. I can guarantee you that LaFontaine was promised a game… why else would he have signed? He was poised to go the college UFA route. 3. The guys were coming off a back to back and they didn’t have their normal routine… they left this morning when they normally leave the night before. 4. Freddie should not have played tonight. The last thing we want to do is run him into the ground and get him injured. If that happens the season is over. 5. It was one game, R-E-L-A-X. 6. I have no idea why you quoted me.
  13. I can almost guarantee you that the kid was promised an NHL game to sign. Rod’s hands were probably tied and he put the kid in against a team that he should have been able to handle. Oh well, send him to the AHL and trade one of C level prospects with the Wolves (Smallman or Cotton) and a fourth rounder for Halak.
  14. Agreed, go get Halak from the Nucks for the cup run and trade Bear, Suzuki, and 2nd for Klingberg.
  15. If that’s the best goalie in college hockey I absolutely do not want to see the worst.
  16. The kid needs to spend some time in the AHL… At this moment David Ayers is a better goalie. I’d go ahead and swap Lyon and Laffer. Hopefully Rants is good to go.
  17. Laffer gets the start. Expecting the boys to come out buzzing for him.
  18. He’s lucky that’s all it was and was able to get his hand down to brace. Caruso could have had a serious head injury.
  19. Creeping on up there… Half a game out of 6th One game out of 5th Two games out of 4th
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