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  1. Our only hope is that there’s a ‘snow storm’ and that Duke can’t make the trip.
  2. For better or worse both programs like to keep in the family.
  3. Carolina fuged up in keeping it in the family, Nate Oats should have taken over for Roy.
  4. Think it says more about Hubert having no idea what he’s doing. The smart play is to move Bacot out to the free throw line and pull Lively out from under the basket.
  5. Bacot and his cylinder block feet have been invisible.
  6. Good Lord man… get Nance out of there.
  7. Patches has been moved to LTIR, the Canes now have a ton of cap space to work with.
  8. Wonder if Styles sticks around or if Hubert’s unwillingness to play him will see him transfer out.
  9. I hope this UNC team doesn’t make the tournament and all five starters go somewhere else. Carolina needs a fresh start.
  10. Please remove Nance… Nickel is the closest thing we have to a Manek and should be playing.
  11. I’d like to keep Hubert because he’s recruiting well but watching our guys swing the ball around the perimeter without any penetration to only throw up some wild ass shot is maddening. There’s no movement on offense, the ball moves around the perimeter and then someone has to go one on one once the shot clock hits 10… and it’s nearly every single possession.
  12. Nationally televised game tonight, we’re on TNT.
  13. That poo was wild. Aho is playing at an elite level. A win tomorrow against Buffalo coupled with a Boston loss against Toronto and the Canes will be within 5 of the Bruins.
  14. Lmao, that’s how you ruin your franchise real quick. Horvat better like the big city or NYI is fugged.
  15. Not sure if any of the real contenders could compete with the offer that New York gave Vancouver because the Nucks could very well have just landed a first round pick in the 15ish range.
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