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  1. Kris Murray (Keegan Murray’s brother), his 3P% dropped a bit this year but he can fill it up.
  2. Would love Scheifele but I’d imagine the ask would be Jarvis. Friedman is reporting the Jets aren’t rebuilding and want roster players back if they gut their core.
  3. I think we can be competitive from a pure talent perspective because we have some good players. Below is just a sample roster based off picking Henderson or Miller (Clifford probably wouldn’t start either). G - Ball, Henderson G - Rozier, Martin, Bouknight F - Bridges, Hayward, McGowens F - Washington, Thor, Jones C - Williams, Richards OR G - Ball G - Rozier, Martin, Bouknight F - Bridges, Hayward, McGowens F - Washington, Miller, Thor, Jones C - Williams, Richards Overall, both teams should be competitive from a talent perspective and after all we did finish the season 12-12 which over a a full season would put us around the 7th seed, but as long as Clifford is the coach we’ll be held back from reaching our true potential.
  4. He needs to hurry up if he’s gonna do it. I don’t want an owner that’s not infested running free agency.
  5. Lots of inaccuracies here. I haven’t downplayed the Heat at all. On the contrary I’m the one that stated that people shouldn’t be underestimating a Spoelstra coached team. I believe you were the one that picked the Nuggets in six??? I live in Florida and have probably seen more Heat games this year than everyone in this thread combined, I know fully what they are capable of. However, I also know that in today’s NBA, a team that consists of Jimmy Butler, Bam Adebayo, and a bunch of undrafted free agents shouldn’t be in the NBA Finals. But in the post you quoted, I also noted that there’s something to be said about having a team that has no egos and shares the ball, works hard, and buys in. Also, the Heat were in the finals three years ago, not two, and they had much better depth along with a healthy Tyler Herro. No matter how intelligent of a fan you think you are, everyone should be astonished that a team with Cody Zeller coming off the bench is in the NBA Finals and hanging tough. What the Heat are doing is historical.
  6. He’s not going to be fired, it was reported back in April that he was expected to be back for the 23 season. Anyone expecting a coach other than Clifford for next season is sadly living on a prayer.
  7. It has nothing to do with behavior and more about understanding the aspects of the game. But some people have more money than common sports sense.
  8. Spoelstra has managed to take Jimmy Butler, Bam Adebayo, old ass Kyle Lowry and Kevin Love, and a bunch of undrafted guys, and turn them into a very competitive team. There’s something to be said about having a team that has no egos and shares the ball, works hard, and buys in. The bottom line is the Heat shouldn’t be here, yet, here they are.
  9. It’s in plain writing and it’s a common term used by announcers, no reason to get riled up over a term you aren’t familiar with. In reality, an educated fan or fanbase knows exactly what’s going on during the game and that extends to the officiating. An educated fan base isn’t going to scream during their own team’s free throws (self-explanatory), an educated fan base isn’t going to cheer when their team has the ball (football), an educated fan base isn’t going to boo every call (because some of them are valid), do I need to keep going? The Denver fans were literally booing legitimate fouls a minute into the game and I’d personally categorize that as obnoxious. You can be a fan of your team without being an annoying homer, the two aren’t mutually exclusive.
  10. I don’t hate Denver fans nor did I imply as much. I stated that their fans were very whiny tonight and that I prefer an educated fanbase over a whiny or downright bitchy fanbase. And fans play a minimal part in the success of a team. They’ll give a player an extra boost at times but over the course of a game the better team is going to win. If the decibel level of a fanbase was really that integral to a teams’ success then Miami wouldn’t be here because they’ve played the majority of their games on the road. Off camera the majority of athletes will tell you that fan noise is not a factor in their performance. In fact, it’s more likely to influence officiating than the actual players. These athletes have been playing in front of crowds since they were in HS/College, at this point they aren’t going to be affected by boos. Now cheers may give a home team some temporary added energy but over the course of a full game, the home team tires out just like the away team.
  11. I highly doubt their fans booing every call had anything to do with their turn around in this game. They were the best team in the NBA all year and are playing a Heat team, while well coached, massively overachieved.
  12. I want an educated fan base, not one that whines about every call. The refs have been fine. Maybe Denver should complain less and guard Strus more.
  13. Denver has a whiny ass fan base. Also, don’t underestimate a Spoelstra coached team, he’s already made some adjustments.
  14. There’s something to be said about big, heavy, and physical players that skate like the wind. Vegas has the fourth tallest (inches) and the third heaviest (lbs.) team in the league and nearly all of their guys are above average skaters. While the Canes pride themselves in having a good skating team, they need to also get bigger and heavier.
  15. Must be nice to have a tough team that can deal with Florida’s poo.
  16. Vegas moves the puck so quick, it’s actually quite fun to watch.
  17. We aren’t great, that’s for sure. We have occasional spells but overall we are average. We are missing two key players but even with them, they can’t make up for the poor tactics of the coach.
  18. Possession based team with a shitty midfield outside of Westwood and a midfield that plays way too far a part from each other at that. Unfortunately there’s no where to go but back because the midfield is nonexistent.
  19. Lattanzio out, Charlotte was winning in spite of him, not because of him. When push comes to shove though, he always gets outclassed.
  20. Tuiloma is such fugging trash. He shouldn’t see the field once Corujo is fully healthy.
  21. Swiderski playing as the number 10 behind target man Agyemang, I think this could work.
  22. I never wish injuries on people; but if something happens to Sam Bennett then I’ll consider it as the Good Lord avenging his servant Jaccob.
  23. The Canes signed Justin Robidas to his ELC, they elected not to sign Robert Orr and Bryce Montgomery.
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