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  1. If the current results hold, it’ll be all tied up heading into the Duke/Arkansas game. ACC - 5 SEC - 5
  2. Think it’s a combo of the two. They won’t shoot this well every night, but I think as Cadeau becomes more and more comfortable with the college game, Carolina will continue to progress. Over the past couple of years it’s been all iso, Cadeau is really helping with the ball movement. The Heels have 13 assists on 19 made FG, Cadeau has 6 of those. When UNC shares the ball they look like a Final Four team. When they don’t, they look like an NIT team.
  3. Have not seen Carolina play this well since their first half against Baylor in the NCAA Tournament a couple years ago. Up 61-39 over Tennessee.
  4. Oddly enough, this is the first game that we’ve only allowed one goal. We’ve had two shutouts and the rest of the games we’ve allowed at least two goals.
  5. Only the third time all year giving up one goal or less. Good job Kooch and the defense.
  6. Lmao KK just glides in there, says thank you, and pots the empty netter.
  7. Still crazy that Trouba isn’t suspended for trying to hit a home run with Frederic’s head.
  8. I actually like Lemieux lol. As far as true fourth line grinders go, he produces at a much higher clip than say someone like Derek Stepan. He can also be that physical presence when you need it. Back in 21’ Lemieux produced points at a 26% clip. For comparison, Stepan was producing points at a 15% clip last year.
  9. Bush league by Laughton. Stupid poo like that is how people get hurt, reminds me of the crosscheck that Staal took in the playoffs (from I believe that useless plug Matt Martin).
  10. If Philly would have scored off of that icing call I would have been livid. I’ve come to terms that we’ll never get a bunch of PP’s but don’t fug us on icing calls as well.
  11. Love that work by Lemieux, ultimate grinder goal. We need more of that.
  12. Decent first period. Philly had a nice push but we shut it down, think we’ll continue to get better as the game goes on. I’ve always thought that in games where the other team is playing for a special cause that it might initially give them some jump but as the game goes on it wears off.
  13. Walt Ruff just said illness, kind of vague, not sure what that means.
  14. Illness, not a whole lot to go off of unfortunately.
  15. Got some lines for y’all. Bunting - Aho - Jarvis Teravainen - Kotkaniemi - Necas Martinook - Staal - Fast Lemieux - Drury - Noesen Slavin - Burns Skjei - Pesce Orlov - Chatfield Kochetkov Raanta Scratched - DeAngelo Out - Svechnikov, Andersen
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