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  1. Karol is a good player and he knows it, but at the end of the day he needs to realize that he’s playing in the MLS, no matter how good he is, he shouldn’t be pouting on the field like Ronaldo.
  2. A.k.a. a college football recruiter.
  3. I’m obviously just guessing here but the fact that the roster isn’t finalized makes me think that someone is being shopped… *cough* *cough*, Bear.
  4. I’m not too far from Amelia, she must be at the Ritz or Omni living it up, must be nice.
  5. So both Rios and Jones could have started since they were on the bench for the original game, they just would have counted as two of our five subs. I guess the consolation is that Miami mollywhopped Orlando so our chances of making the playoffs, even with a win last night, would have been slim. We would have had to beat Red Bulls and Orlando and Columbus would have needed to play to a draw, or, Cincinnati would have needed to lose against D.C. United, both unlikely scenarios.
  6. Don’t think it matters if it’s illegal or not, cut blocks (for obvious reasons) aren’t practiced and as mentioned before they are heavily frowned upon. I can guarantee you that if we start cutting down other teams tackles and ends, they will do the same to Burns, Brown, etc. Cut blocks are just unsafe for both parties, I’ve seen instances where the OL don’t do them properly and get kneed in the head, not to mention the obvious damage that it can do to a defensive linemen. Most linemen simply won’t do them and I don’t blame them.
  7. We counting on Hayward to play the whole year? Maybe he and Martin combined can make up 25 points but odds are that Hayward misses at least a fourth of the season due to one thing or another.
  8. Does it work for fans if they don’t like their HC? Asking for a friend.
  9. Baker had 5 batted passes in his last game for Cleveland (against the Steelers)… are we going to blame our OL for that as well… I see two issues: 1) The trajectory of the ball is coming out way to low because of his arm angle, at this point that’s not something that’s going to be fixed. 2) Mayfield is not a good fit for the offense McAdoo wants to run. McAdoo wants to get the ball out quick and a lot of these batted passes are coming on plays where Baker already knows where he is going with the ball pre-snap, I’ve seen a few where he doesn’t even drop back… it’s just set and throw (then the football gets spiked back in his face). Additionally, Baker has one of the worst (and I think it is the worst) air yards per attempt in the NFL this year, that’s on McAdoo… you have a smaller QB throwing the majority of his routes at no more than 10 yards down the field. For a guy who has a low trajectory on his passes already, that does him absolutely no favors. It’s also obvious that Baker needs an extended drop back, preferably 5 steps. Watch him from his time in Cleveland, a lot of his drop backs were extended. If McAdoo doesn’t change things up then this will continue to happen.
  10. Damn near another 30 point loss… this time to the mighty Pacers.
  11. I am, our starters were getting busted by the Pacers backups. I’m a glutton for punishment.
  12. This team won’t have to tank, they legit suck.
  13. Charlotte fights back for the draw, 2-2, but will be eliminated from playoff contention. Charlotte put forth a great effort but will come up just a tad short. Nonetheless, the future is bright for Charlotte FC.
  14. Rios pulls one back, Charlotte needs two more. Charlotte 1 - Columbus 2
  15. Columbus scores a second and that will do it, Charlotte is eliminated from playoff contention.
  16. That’s a horrible goal to give up… no idea what Kahlina was doing. If this finishes in a 1-1 draw it’ll be a kick in the pants.
  17. At least seven if they do carry eight then unfortunately Bear will be here. I feel like they are trying to move him which is why the roster wasn’t finalized today. If he’s moved then they can keep everyone else once Gardiner (LTIR) and Paccioretty (IR) are dealt with.
  18. Unfortunate on Martinook’s part lol. He’s a great extra but Rod refuses to sit him.
  19. If Bear gets moved; then I think Drury goes down for a day, Stepan gets signed for whatever amount gets us within a million of the salary cap, Gardiner goes on LTIR, Patches goes on IR, and Drury gets called back up. Roster: Forwards (14) Teravainen - Aho - Jarvis Svechnikov - Kotkaniemi - Necas Stastny - Staal - Fast Martinook - Drury - Kase Extras - Stepan, Noesen Defense (7) Slavin - Burns Skjei - Pesce de Haan - Coghlan Chatfield Goalies (2) Andersen Raanta Injured Reserve (1) - Paccioretty Long Term Injured Reserve (1) - Gardiner
  20. Rod extended last year so he’s got two years left as does Martinook.
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