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  1. If I did a shot for every five hole goal that we gave up, I’d be watching from the hospital bed.
  2. He’s actually on the books for like $850K next year. Best contract in the NHL.
  3. Tampa loves running those picks. They cycle, cycle, cycle, and then throw a pick at the top to try and create separation.
  4. Hahaha facts and he’s going to have to change for Carolina to succeed, for comparison, UCONN has 9 guys that average 13 minutes or more.
  5. Going on record now, Canes win tomorrow they win the division. A 5 point lead with two games in hand and the team chasing you only has 8 games left… the Devils would probably have to go 7-1 to have a chance.
  6. Same, feel like it’s a make or break year for Hubert, he struggles again and he’s gone.
  7. Agreed but obviously as of today he’d have to start as there’s only 8 on the roster. Hopefully he’s like 8th or 9th on the depth chart once we are finished. I also think we’ll land Timberlake.
  8. Carolina is going to be unrecognizable next year. Current Roster G - Davis, Trimble G - Wilcher, Dunn F - Wojcik F - Washington, High C - Bacot Carolina still has five scholarships open.
  9. I feel like Pace would be getting more attention if he was bigger, I think he’ll have a solid career though.
  10. DeWayne McBride is a good one. A couple under the radar wide receivers are Puka Nacua out of BYU and Demario Douglas out of Liberty (return specialist).
  11. Fug it, let’s go Princeton, win the whole damn thing.
  12. That’s valid but in the cases that the team does run a true 3-4, there isn’t really another ILB on the roster. But yeah, the predominant lineup will probably be a 3-3-5.
  13. ILB as I don’t think Thompson’s parter is on the roster (I see Luvu as an edge and Chinn as a rotational piece such as a big nickel). If Jack Campbell is sitting there, I’d have a hard time passing him up.
  14. If I’m not mistaken, Fitterer recently said that they are looking at Chinn at big nickel and as a dime LB. As for Luvu, his pass rush grade was fantastic last year, I don’t see how you don’t use him as an EDGE/OLB. With that said, it seems like Chinn might be a rotational piece rather than an every down player, essentially rotating in at big nickel in place of one of the MLB’s in what would essentially be a 3-3-5. If that’s indeed what the Panthers have in store for Chinn then I think you go ILB in the second round and 4 Tech/5 Tech in the third as the weakest positions on defense would be the ILB spot next to Thompson and and probably DeShawn Williams. Just spit balling but you have EDGE - Luvu 5 Tech - Williams/Draft Pick NT - Tuttle 5 Tech - Brown EDGE - Burns ILB - Thompson ILB - Draft CB - Horn SS - Bell FS - Woods CB - Jackson Big Nickel - Chinn
  15. San Diego State deserves this, they shut Bama down.
  16. Guess that also means that Robbie Gould’s time has officially come to an end in SF.
  17. That half probably could not have gone better for SDSU.
  18. Devils are looking suspect ever since they acquired Meier. We haven’t been great by any means but we didn’t acquire a 30+ goal scorer, we lost one.
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