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  1. If we’re not players for Lauri it doesn’t make sense why he hasn’t signed with the Spurs or TWolves yet. It almost feels like he is waiting for us to sort out our cap situation.
  2. It was nice not having to worry about the guard position when LaMelo, Rozier, or Graham went to the bench for a break. Hopefully LaMelo and Rozier stay healthy.
  3. Technically Ish Smith isn’t official yet, Cody Martin (non-guaranteed contract) is going to have to be cut to create a roster spot. You have to think that Jalen McDaniels, Wes Iwundu, and Nick Richards are all trade candidates to free up roster space for other moves. Not to mention if LiAngleo Ball averages 10+ points and shows that he can play defense in the summer league games he will be given a roster a spot (have to keep LaMelo happy). We could also assume that whoever performs the best out of Grant Riller, D.J. Carton, and Joel Berry may be signed to be the third point guard.
  4. I could see McDaniels being sent the other way in a sign and trade. He has a little value.
  5. Oubre signing is official. Updated Roster PG - LaMelo Ball SG - Terry Rozier, James Bouknight, Cody Martin, Scottie Lewis (TW) SF - Gordon Hayward, Kelly Oubre, Jalen McDaniels, Wesley Iwundu PF - Miles Bridges, P.J. Washington, JT Thor, Arnoldas Kulboka (TW) C - Mason Plumlee, Kai Jones, Vernon Carey, Nick Richards Someone is going to have to be cut for Ish Smith. More than likely Cody Martin’s non-guaranteed contract.
  6. Have to think Cody Martin isn’t too far behind.
  7. The 2022 Lottery Protected First Round Pick from New Orleans becomes Two Second Round Picks in 2022 and 2024 if not conveyed. Hopefully the Pels sneak into the playoffs and lose early. We could probably snag someone like Juzang from UCLA if that pick ends up being in the 15-17 range.
  8. This deal has been announced. Hornets Receive: 2022 Lottery Protected First Round Draft Pick (N.O.), Wes Iwundu (N.O.), Cash Considerations (N.O.), and the draft rights to Tyler Harvey (Memphis) Pelicans Receive: Devonte Graham (Charlotte), Jonas Valuncianas (Memphis), the draft rights to Trey Murphy (Memphis), and the draft rights to Brandon Boston (Memphis) Grizzlies Receive: Steven Adams (N.O.), Eric Bledsoe (N.O.), the draft rights to Zaire Williams (N.O.), the draft rights to Jared Butler (N.O.), and a 2022 Lottery Protected First round Draft Pick (N.O. from the Lakers) The Hornets current roster with deals announced by the team looks like this. PG - LaMelo Ball SG - Terry Rozier, James Bouknight, Caleb Martin, Scottie Lewis (TW) SF - Gordon Hayward, Jalen McDaniels, Wesley Iwundu, Cody Martin PF - Miles Bridges, P.J. Washington, JT Thor, Arnoldas Kulboka (TW) C - Mason Plumlee, Kai Jones, Vernon Carey, Nick Richards The Hornets currently have a full roster so with the unannounced deals, it’s safe to assume that both Martin’s will have their non-guaranteed contracts waived to make room for Ish Smith and Kelly Oubre.
  9. Not sure Hayward is going anywhere. His deal has a 15% trade kicker. We’re already paying Batum to not play for us, I doubt they’ll do the same for Hayward. If Markkanen is brought in then either P.J. is on his way out or he’ll play the 5 (not ideal).
  10. Technically they can use Graham’s deal to complete a sign and trade for Markkanen as part of a three team trade. We could maybe even ship the Martin twins and Nick Richards out as part of the package. G - Ball, Smith G - Rozier, Bouknight F - Hayward, Oubre, McDaniels F - Markkanen, Bridges, Thor C - Plumlee, Washington, Jones, Carey Kulboka and Lewis in the G-League. That’s still a log jam at the 4/5 and at that point packaging Plumlee and Washington for a rim protector like Turner would be in the best interest of the team. This would also open up room for LiAngelo Ball to make the roster. so then you move to: G: Ball, Smith G: Rozier, Bouknight, Ball F: Hayward, Oubre, McDaniels F: Markkanen, Bridges, Thor C: Turner, Jones, Carey Kulboka and Lewis as two-ways Will this happen… hell no. But the thought is fun.
  11. As someone mentioned above, this creates a huge logjam at the four spot. I wonder if we circle back to Myles Turner and try to flip P.J. Washington, Mason Plumlee (needed for cap reasons), and the first round pick from the Graham trade for him. PG: LaMelo Ball SG: Terry Rozier SF: Gordon Hayward PF: Lauri Markkanen C: Myles Turner Ish Smith, James Bouknight, Jalen McDaniels, Miles Bridges, Kai Jones, JT Thor, Caleb Martin, Cody Martin, Vernon Carey, and Nick Richards making up the bench. Arnoldas Kulboka, Scottie Lewis, and probably LiAngelo Ball in the G-League (or on the main roster, who knows).
  12. We may have tried to claim Vats but Dallas’ claim comes before ours due to the inverse order of the standings.
  13. This trade has Eric Tulsky’s name written all over it because Hakanpää’s advances stats are insane. Seems like he could be a better version of Edmunson, just wish we’d have added Drury (who I don’t see signing with us) and a 2nd to pry Rakell from the Ducks.
  14. Wonderful... So either Lorentz or McCormick would draw in, I’m assuming Marty would head back to the wing if McCormick was selected. Hypothetically we could be looking at something like this tomorrow. Svech - Aho - McGinn Nino - Trochek - Necas Foegele - Geekie - Fast Dzingel - McCormick - Marty
  15. So my thought was a player could be scratched and replaced with a taxi squad player but I could be wrong.
  16. I’m also very critical of Staal but I will retract my criticism as he appears to be one of only two people (Aho) that can win faceoff’s. Hopefully he is back soon.
  17. If we’re holding people accountable then Bean better draw in for Skjei next game because it was like playing 6 on 4 every time he was on the ice. Good game by Reimer.
  18. Man can Svech drive a line. He’s out there dragging a beer leaguer in McGinn to great chances on net.
  19. It’s clear that RBA gave Skjei and Fleury the kiss of death because they’ve looked horrible tonight. Fleury is all over the place and not in a good way and Skjei is never in the right place to begin with (or he’s turning the puck over).
  20. What are these lines... I get trying to have a scoring option on every line but expecting Svech to carry Marty (who is not a natural center) is insanity. Give me the following until Jordo comes back: Svech - Fishy - Turbo Nino - Trochek - Necas Dzingel - Geekie - Fast Foegele - Marty - McGinn Its a shame we don’t play the Caps every night, maybe Foegele would then be useful.
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