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  1. The fact that the competition with Hill appeared to even be close gives a huge amount of comfort that Winston isn't 'the guy'
  2. This trade opens up a lot of potentially positive situations in the draft. There is still a good chance of Fields or Lance falling to 8, especially as teams are probably now less likely to trade up to get in front of us. This means taking the QB or going with BPA but also makes the chances of trading back much more likely. With Denver sitting at 9, there are still a few QB needy teams (WFT, Bears, Patriots) that I'm sure would be desperate to trade up to get in front of them.
  3. Can anyone explain to me how the saints seemed to have restructured the Brees contract to lessen the potential impact of him retiring but we seem to have taken the full brunt of Luke's deal? Is this something we could've done with Luke's contract? Or is there a difference in how they are structured? Or are they simply spreading his cost out over a longer period?
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