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  1. Yep I see it as well. I wouldn't put too much stock into it though, burners are very easy to fake if you have enough dedication and there's not really any conclusive evidence. It's probably just someone with too much time on their hands.
  2. Same here. Way cheaper and not that much of a downgrade. Main concern is the age.
  3. If we were to make a move for Watson, would that make keeping Moton impossible? I know Watson's cap hit isn't as large until 2022, but 10mil is still a good chunk of money when you're operating with limited cap space.
  4. I respect trying to stay unfiltered and actually speak your mind a lot. More so than people that follow the wave and say nothing controversial whatsoever for the sake of being in a hugbox. However, I find it hard to believe that the average Panthers fan in 2020 is racist. That feels like a really sweeping generalization to make; the "Put Derek Anderson in!" crowd was never more than a few drunk hicks at a sports bar in my experience and I lived in a rural area. Look at the amount of Cam jersies people bought. Our fans, outside of that vocal minority, loved the guy. You could've just said that
  5. Especially relative to other expansion teams first 20 years in the league. Look at the early history of the Jaguars, Texans, Seahawks, Revived Browns, etc. etc. It's easy to complain but we're one of the most successful expansion teams in NFL history when you look at the first 20-25 years of their existences.
  6. beo

    Mac Jones

    You need to find better talking heads to listen to, because I didn’t hear that from the ones I do. Jones will probably go top 20. The Pats could be his floor at 15.
  7. beo

    Mac Jones

    You need to find better talking heads to listen to, because I didn’t hear that from the ones I do. Jones will probably go top 20. The Pats could be his floor at 15.
  8. Not denying that! I wasn't trying to say that Anderson was a bad player or anything; far from it. They all excel at different things and serve different purposes and if it wasn't for our cap situation I'd gladly keep all three because I think that can be one of if not the best WR trio in the league. It is just that at least currently I think Samuel has the higher ceiling and upside because he's been improving over time and he's younger so if it came down to picking between the two of them I would go with Samuel. Anderson is 27. Certainly not a fossil or anything, but I'm not sure if he'll be
  9. Yeah I was just giving my personal interpretation of it and how I occasionally use it (even though it's my second least frequently used reaction) but there are a few users, mostly trolls or people who are incapable of accepting that people have different opinions than them, that go around like a serial killer pooing every post in site and it's pretty annoying. I don't really let those people alter my view of it though. I usually use flames for hot takes/jokes.
  10. Yeah it is but it doesn't hide your post or hurt your reputation. It's pretty much just a disagree button for when you don't feel like replying.
  11. I don't think that I can get behind keeping Okung over Paradis. Paradis has had some stinkers this year but overall he's not been all that bad and I think it's fair to say he was still getting over his injury last year. Okung, while he's also been decent when healthy, hasn't been available for most of the year and has a lot of injury concerns. I'd rather see what Moton has at LT and if that's not meant to be give Daley or a rookie a crack at it. I can get behind cutting Robby though; he hasn't really impressed me all that much this season. His routes aren't really that impressive and his
  12. ah yes, it's merely a conspiracy. im secretly an alt-right neo-nazi trying to distract everyone from the REAL issues, facts be damned. its not that i am someone who just wants updates and facts on the issue at hand, i am something much eviler. a beast from the land known as st*rmfront. if you look through the thread, you can see all of the rightwing opinions- wait there are literally none, you can't nevermind. how could you have known? i covered my tracks so well, what with me never having posted in the tinderbox before, and the literal only political statement ive ever made was very vague pos
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