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  1. The meme potential with Matt Rhule and Ben McAdoo on the same sideline is off the charts! Invest!
  2. How many other NFL teams have hired a rockstar OC that ran a G5 program which had seen relatively sustained success prior to his arrival into the ground?
  3. Rhule finally has a win over a fired coach!
  4. I can't exactly blame anyone for trying to convince themselves of a move. I've always kept my negativity over moves to myself (for the most part) in prayer that the team will fall ass backwards into making the right choice. And that usually never happens. Given how hilariously incompetent the org has proven to be over the last year or so, moreso than thought possible in teh huddles wildest dreams, I don't think that they deserve the benefit of the doubt anymore from anyone. Even the most patient observers.
  5. "Matt, why did you bring back a backup QB who has a passer rating 7 points lower than that of Jimmy Clausen?" "He actually has a perfect passer rating, you just can't see it."
  6. so fuging predictable bahahaha. sam tecklenberg is up next followed by Reddick at 20m a year.
  7. Yup. Sam also had 17 total turnovers with 13 ints and 4 fumbles lost, good for 8th in the nfl despite the limited action compared to the guys above him; of which all played 16 or more games. (i would just pie, but im out of reactions)
  8. Flores and Harbaugh are available and we're standing pat with someone who went 2-16 against teams ranked at the time he played them in college & regressed in his 2nd year in the NFL.
  9. Positional value isn't particularly hard to understand. Unfortunately, a lot of people put it on a pedestal over all else regardless of what's going on on the field. Are you suggesting that we should keep Reddick at probably at least 15m per season solely because he plays EDGE? That might make sense in a 3-4 base with big interior linemen but that's not what defense we run. Our DEs get pushed so far to the outside that it leaves big holes open inside and it's a fundamental issue with our defense that teams have caught on to. It's the main reason our run D sucks. It's a balancing act and we simply don't have the cap space to tie up into Reddick given what we're seeing on the field as of late.
  10. I agree about Reddick 100% and I do not understand the infatuation our fans have with him. Our defense will not function well against the run with him and Burns on the field in their current states. Teams will chip with a rb who usually releases afterwards and then leave in a TE for clean up duty on one of Reddick or Burns; usually switching it up on who it's done on to avoid becoming predictable. This hurts greatly. The difference is that one is 23 years old and Burns will likely improve if we get an nfl caliber staff in here before his rookie deal is up. Keeping both is redundant and we don't have the money to do so anyway. We have essentially 20million dollars this offseaso not accounting for the draft and Reddick would command a large chunk of those leaving us with little to no money left to resign anyone else with. Let YGM step up in his place. I have a feeling that one of Fatt's parting gifts will be a Reddick megadeal that leaves us capstrapped and unable to sign anyone else this coming offseason... that's before we reach on a QB at 6.
  11. I'm more worried about the personnel side of things than anything, though 2022 will also be another lost season if he's the coach. If we bring Rhule back I'm worried that we give Reddick a 18-20m a year megadeal and then have no money to sign anyone else with (generally 10m or so goes to the draft, and we have 28m). Our future gets grimmer every day he remains employed. We still have money clearing next offseason so its not completely unsalvageable and if we act now we won't have to start over again, but I don't know if I have faith in Tepper to act. We could've gave that Robby contract to Stephon Gilmore (maybe a bit more on the money side of things) if we had simply been patient, but we just had to pre-emptively extend him because he played at Temple.
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