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  1. "Safety, as long as it doesn't impact our bottom line" is what they really mean.
  2. Well, my interest in the league as a whole has been rapidly fading these last few years already; this rule will probably be the official nail in the coffin as far as watching any non-Panthers teams go.
  3. Would be nice if we could have a stadium actually named after something/someone to do with the team like Green Bay does but already know that has no chance in hell of happening. That said, I can still daydream about Bryce Young suiting up for his first NFL game at Mills Field.
  4. Yeah, gonna be honest, this worshipping of the staff is beginning to get old. We get it. You trust the staff and they know 800 gorillion times more than any poster here about football or "Let me know when you're a GM" or whatever other derisive remark that appeals to authority. Going to someone who's upset about us trading up for a 25 year old project who had 9 sacks in 6 college seasons and talking about "muh staff" doesn't fuel conversation in any way. What is the point of even having a message board if you're going to do nothing but worship the front office and try to shut down any discussion that goes against any move we make? If you just want to grovel at our staff's feet just go to the Reddit or something. It'd be one thing too if the staff had actually sustained success or even had a singular winning season under our logo leading up to this point but they don't. It's an unproven unit, Reich has a career win percentage 0.01 higher than Rivera did here yet you'd think we had just hired Bill B away from the Patriots. I understand that things have been dark around here for a long time and it's nice to finally have some hope but it's starting to get ridiculous how much of a pedestal our staff and front office are being put on after having proven nothing. Even if we had the greatest coaching staff in NFL history it's okay for folks to criticize them. Everyone makes mistakes, even the professionals.
  5. im surprised this wasn't done already lol
  6. Damn it. I was really holding out naive hope we'd move up for him. He is so good, genuinely my 2nd ranked defensive player this year. Can't believe he fell this far. Fug. Edit: Having Vea beside him really adds to it as well, because the one concern with Kancey that scouts parrot is his size. Having a monsterous 350 pounder next to him will cover that up completely if it's even a problem at all.
  7. Hardy could've been #1 on this had he carved out a long career instead of having his episode (even if he wasn't as good a player as smitty). Finding a player of that caliber so late in the draft is extremely rare, even with the off the field incident, getting two 10+ sack seasons with great run d on top of it out of a 6th rounder is pretty incredible value. You're usually just looking for guys to compete to make the final 53 with 6th rounders. Jno was also a fantastic find, I wonder what could've came of him had he not went to Washington. Always thought they misused him badly trying to play him as a #1 shadow-the-wr sort of CB instead of using him like Ron did. As an aside, I'd honestly be surprised if we didn't trade down out of 39 at this point.
  8. I feel like the frame stuff is mostly an agree to disagree thing, you can't really change the mind of someone who is uncomfortable with it and vice versa. Young probably sees the middle of the field the best of anyone in the class and I don't really think that SEC linemen are that much shorter on average than NFL linemen are. I'm honestly not concerned about his height in the slightest. Sure it might interfere with his ability to throw 1-3 step drops from under center on inbreaking routes but that isn't really significant enough of a limitation for me to be scared off by when you consider his other great traits. I don't exactly think that Young is a perfect prospect but I do think he's the best in the class and deserving of #1. I'm concerned with how long he holds the ball. I think that he can adjust to getting it out quicker and stuff at the NFL level but I won't be terribly surprised if he throws a good deal of picks early on in his rookie season dancing around trying to do too much and it could result in him taking some nasty shots too. I will say that I think a lot of the posting around here like both QBs are gonna turn out great and us and Houston (or whomever) are gonna frolic through the fields together singing kumbaya with our new elite QBs is a bit silly. In 10 years, one will almost assuredly be better than the other. The odds of both becoming great are probably about the same (if not lower) as the odds of both being mediocre journeymen. I just hope whoever we take works out.
  9. Damn. Crazy shift in results so far. I'm interested to see if this holds up. Stroud dominated both last time especially the second one. My opinion hasn't changed really, I put Young for both categories in the previous thread as well as this one. Have never quite understood the Stroud love around here and I'd have a hard time coming to terms with him being the pick honestly. Wouldn't be mad at AR though, just a bit terrified but simultaneously very excited that our staff thinks that they can coach him up lol. Guy is the ultimate diceroll.
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