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  1. Yup in the message to season ticket holders. I had just been hoping (or perhaps coping is a more appropriate word) that it was PR/fluff speak to try and keep people patient but looks like it might not've been after all.
  2. Assuming everything he is saying here isn't a lie/him trying to cover for his bruised ego I think that the far more disturbing possibility is.. what if Tepper actually gave him, a coach who beat two ranked teams in college (both were g5 teams) a clean 5 year slate to "rebuild" the team originally and only backtracked on it after seeing just how bad he was on the field? It would add up with him being retained for year 3 and then fired in-season. Did Tepper seriously believe that it took 5 years for a team to win in the NFL? If so we might just find ourselves sucking for a very, very long time. I had been trying to convince myself that this wasn't the case but this interview doesn't do much for my optimism as a fan. Guess all we can do is hope Tepper learned from his mistakes...
  3. was russ getting yelled at on the sideline? lmao holy poo they're a tirefire
  4. this is the 2nd time we've put mays in at fullback today and i am here for it
  5. wake's defense getting shredded, wide open calhoun td
  6. That force is called morbid curiosity, and the Panthers are a poster child of it at this point.
  7. You'd think as Panthers fans we'd be more weary of this considering this very same thing happened with Cam during the majority of his prime by outsiders.
  8. It was getting reported? Geez. Guess i'll have to be sure to stick with the Facebook mom gifs in the future lmao.
  9. kidding aside I like Lamar but that's a tough pill to swallow for any QB especially with a big payday due. it's hard to construct a team around a QB if the QB takes up so much of the cap and costed 3 1sts to acquire on top of that. If we're picking high in this draft I'd prefer just swinging at a rookie, having a good young QB on a rookie contract is invaluable in this NFL.
  10. there are two things we need to teach our offensive linemen 1. to start kicking the DL opposite them in the nuts and 2. to have them trained to pull out assault rifles and immediately open fire on our qb if he dares leave the pocket based on 2. i don't think lamar is a good scheme fit here
  11. i wouldn't be so sure that either team manages to even score 10 points
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