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  1. While this is true in almost all cases, Rhule is under contract with us for 6 more years and it seems he has a considerably longer leash from Tepper than most other coaches in the league would have. I think this is somewhat reflected in our drafting of athletic but less polished prospects as well. Just something to consider. I personally hope that we do scale his workload back and if possible try to save him for key parts of the game (3rd downs, 4th quarter, etc.); but as a coach when you have a weapon of that caliber out there I imagine it's very hard to fight the urge to spam him touches.
  2. Something I found funny about this gif: There was another, seperate storm named John in 1994 (the one in that gif is the one from 2012, so it's not the same unfortunately) which ended up becoming the longest lived tropical cyclone in recorded history, and even crossed the international dateline meaning it was both a hurricane and typhoon at seperate points in its voyage across the Pacific. Knowing this makes the joke even funnier to me, so I thought i'd share.
  3. That would legitimately be a glitch LOL Not as likely but holy jesus imagine that duo.
  4. The Teddy one that you're referring to has mastered the art of trolling, he is hilarious and I hope he never leaves or gets banned.
  5. It's probably not the best quote in Panthers history but I always loved Jake teasing smith on the sideline after he got ran down and brought down at the 1 by someone he didn't see in the wildcard game against Dallas in '03. (timestamped) This one was great as well: I guess they didn't practice hard counts very much in Minnesota. On a more serious note, my vote probably goes to Ice Up Son, Keep Pounding or "You been watching film huh?"
  6. Dick Darnold.. I like it. If he changed his name to that though, he better have the balls to launch that poo 80 yards downfield every play.
  7. I'd say more if Horn and the other press corners we've brought in can play up and give our defensive line, particularly Burns, time to get home and makes plays on 3rd down (and all the other downs as well) instead of being forced to play soft zone defense that just gets picked apart for the length of the field out of fear of our cornerbacks getting cooked
  8. Jacksonville is set to have James O'Shaughnessy and Chris Manhertz at TE so... I mean could it be much worse?
  9. 1. Deonte Brown beats out John Miller and starts at guard opposite Elfein 2. Brian Burns has a 15 sack season 3. Our defense is top 10 I believe all of these can realistically happen.
  10. Please happen. Regardless of how good Christensen looks as a prospect we can't rely on a 3rd round rookie to start at LT. If Christensen turns out to be that good day 1 then great but I would rather have insurance so that we're not married to either him or Scott/Little.
  11. IMO, if Brown can lay off the junk food we just found a starting guard in the 6th. Go watch his tape. I get he had a bad senior bowl but that's just it; one bad game where he was overweight and he's already lost 20 pounds since then.
  12. He only had 10 pass breakups and allowed that few tds and low of a cmp%? I might need to watch more on this guy.. at first I just figured it was a filler pick but some of the stuff im seeing suggests to me that he might be the one guy who plays his role very well but doesn't get the stats and gets underrated as a result. INTs are a useless stat in college for predicting how a player will translate to the next level; Holliman (the CFB INT record holder) was out of the league after preseason cuts. Our very own Jaycee Horn only had two.
  13. GOOD PICK we needed a blocking TE since we let go of Armah and Manhertz also has the best name in the draft
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