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  1. Dan Snyder has proven time and time again that he is a trash human being, and he still has his team, so I have my doubts...
  2. I wanted to count how many times he said "You feelin me" but there is no way I can endure watching this video again due to the sheer stupidity he just shared. Man is on drugs or has been hit too many times
  3. If Baker doesn't want to be traded to a rebuilding team (either the Panthers or Seahawks) then his only option is to suck it up and play for Cleveland and pray Watson is suspended the whole year. Then next year during free agency he can see how the rest of the league values him. That is his only choice. Otherwise, he is traded to the highest bidder whether he likes the organization or not.
  4. This is the kind of quality news update I expect from an NFL Insider. Will there be a follow up tweet tomorrow?
  5. If I see another thread about black helmets, I'm going to lose my poo.
  6. I lost all faith in him when he attempted to trade for Deshaun Watson. Leveraging your team's future for a guy who is clearly a sexual predator who booked appointments with 66 massage therapists in an attempt to help the team win a few extra football games a year says everything about his character. Winning isn't everything in my opinion. I know a lot of Browns fans have a mixed feelings about Watson being on their team. I will still cheer for the team, but I believe Tepper is a slimy individual with no class. Good thing he has all of that money going for him...except he is also a cheapskate. (I'm still upset about having a turf field) If Watson was traded to the Panthers, I would have found a new team to cheer for and I still could see that happening in the future depending on other decisions the franchise makes.
  7. Just to break the rules of this thread I'm going to go with CJ Henderson. I think having a full offseason in Carolina will allow him to focus on football and develop into the star player many thought he would become when he was drafted 9th overall. I think he becomes a star and by the end of next year the talking heads around the league will say we have one of the best secondaries in the league.
  8. They are hedging their bets and if the team is bad this year with another top 3-10 draft pick, they will select a QB. They are afraid of the hype getting out of hand without seeing him in action during training camp or preseason.
  9. I hope he goes to the Saints so in my fantasy auction draft I can nominate him. It's Steve Smith and Steve Smith all over again.
  10. It's hard for most NFL players to be more intimidating than a Ray Lewis considering he probably killed two guys.
  11. The Panthers will go over 7.5 wins. The schedule is not that bad. And we can't forget its an odd year so we will make the playoffs. I predict 10 wins!
  12. The only number the team has retired is #51 for Sam Mills. A lot of great football players have been in Carolina and not had there jersey number retired. Do you really think Cam's will be? Is he more important to the history of the franchise than Julius Peppers, Steve Smith, Luke Kuechly?
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