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  1. The only number the team has retired is #51 for Sam Mills. A lot of great football players have been in Carolina and not had there jersey number retired. Do you really think Cam's will be? Is he more important to the history of the franchise than Julius Peppers, Steve Smith, Luke Kuechly?
  2. If he wants #1 he should get it. Why are we still talking about Cam Newton when he hasn't been on the team for over a season? I also don't believe Cam did enough to earn his jersey number being retired. He was very good for us and had some amazing seasons especially in 2015 but to act like its unbelievable for somebody else to wear #1 is ridiculous.
  3. I think the only people intimidated by Cam at this point are the sales associates in women's clothing stores. I hate it for him but injuries shortened his career. At this point I don't see any team signing him as a starter.
  4. I think he had issues with Gettleman and Richardson. Both guys who no longer have anything to do with the team... The man is just petty and needs to learn to let go of his beef with people who aren't part of the Panthers anymore. But I doubt his ego will ever let that happen if it hasn't happened yet.
  5. I'm going to have to checkdown on this myself. I mean check on this myself. Sorry pulled a Bridgewater there. No matter what happens with Deshaun Watson trade or the draft the team has made it clear that they need an upgrade at QB
  6. Not something you want to be leading the NFL in but at least next year we will not have as much dead money.
  7. What's even funnier about there draft strategy is that nobody on this forum will be surprised that Dan Snyder would sabotage his own team. What a dumpster fire. I really hope Tepper isn't another Dan Snyder.
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