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  1. What is his long game with this? He’s already got a college job lined up. The more he says will turn off potential other NFL owners in the future. Is it all just to console his ego?
  2. This is a good explanation from the bit I’ve seen of him so far. He’s definitely still in a transitional phase. With more reps he’ll tighten up his play even more. I feel like the coaches aren’t asking too much of him right now. More of a slow walk.
  3. Why does he say he could make a big trade? What logic is behind it? He could have made a big trade any year but instead he fuged up and had us paying for 4 QB’s at one point. Like what the actual fug.
  4. I wish you were never offered the job in the first place. Fugging messiah complex colleges coaches don’t work in the NFL.
  5. Also from the far angle I see no foot movement from Jarvis. Just a straight drive.
  6. I guess they are complaining about 4 skaters on the once when neither of the switch touched the puck. Svech and Pesce were already on the ice. Plus the pens were boxing Jarvis from getting off the ice.
  7. My question was it a slew, at full speed it looks damn close. I think on a slowed down replay it’d probably show otherwise.
  8. I thought burns has fuged us, but that was nifty by Jarvis and svech with the unselfish.
  9. And he still not going to be able to beat a ranked team.
  10. Honestly, so far I agree. Though I rather him have Carte Blanche over the coaching staff. I’m not sold on McDoodle.
  11. I’m not sure why everyone here is so obsessed with a top(three) pick QB. Most of the elite QB’s are drafted outside of the top 10.
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