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  1. Not bad if true. Though doubt it could be much more than that with our cap space.
  2. Necas had an sophomore slump. I bet he was banging Abby too, which probably didn’t help his mental game.
  3. I think with injuries a top echelon team would probably take him and eat the cap. He’s a backup to the backup who is smart and can run a system when he isn’t getting killed by a DL.
  4. Did you win the jackpot too?
  5. I’d rather dead cap him and get it over with this season.
  6. You know this forum has gone to poo when a Carolina Panthers started thread has 12 pages.
  7. PJ will be a special teams player on the roster, mark it down now. Also do we really carry 3 QB’s this year? Especially with PJ’s Rhule connect guaranteeing him a roster spot. I think we shop darnold. Maybe keeping him until the QB market starts to get injuries.
  8. Oh I’m not talking Florida, Florida got royal screwed as a whole and it is Hilarious. I’m talking the half dozen or so GOOD players we let walk for mediocre replacements when those players signed for less than market value elsewhere. So that tells me it’s either a FO or coaching issue. And I don’t want to get down on RBA especially at the beginning of possibly his last year as coach here. So that leaves Waddell. We do need a winger, we need a grit winger that can play third line. Maybe that is paci. But I really feel like we are trying to put paci on 2, as has been theorized here. So where does that leave us with a grit LW?
  9. Eh, his cheap streak is enough to do him in. He lets players walk for less than we have “budgeted” for them.
  10. We need Waddell to go bye bye from FO roster decisions.
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