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  1. Probably crack cocaine. Maybe fentanyl.
  2. Buffalo also has a stellar D. Usually.
  3. So you mean the literal best QB ever?
  4. It would not surprise me. Ever since he charged that puck I feel like he’s been dealing with concussion symptoms. I figured he was out due to lingering symptoms(ala TT last year)/not being that good recently.
  5. Ya as long as the rams knock out TB12 I could care less at this point. Hell a San Fran/Cincy Super Bowl would not be that bad to watch at this point.
  6. As bad as the goalie was, we were tired too. You could see it. Like Tripp said you don’t go straight to sleep after a huge win over a top team in your division, also most likely the uncertainty of do they fly that night or in the morning probably threw off routines. By the second period the fresh devils were skating with us and by the third they were skating circles around us. I don’t like putting Lorentz up with the ones, he generated no chances for Aho or Jarvis. Not knocking him but I don’t think he fits the Aho line, at least not without a practice. He’s much better on the 3-4 or maybe two. We should have broken up two and put Svech or even Necas or Fast up there before Lorentz. We needed first line generation in the third and got none.
  7. People called it a trap game. Missing TT hurt a lot. We need Martinook back if he’s going to be out for any extended period of time. Starting the rook with everyone sleep deprived, which was apparent after the first period was not the right call. I get we pulled him up so we can RFA him but I don’t think that was the right move. We may have to end up trading for a backup for our cup run, which is not a good thing. I think we should have just stuck with Lyon.
  8. The thing that annoys me most. We are going to drop from first in goals against. For the first time since early this season.
  9. At least Rod is pissed. He’s glaring at the bench right now.
  10. They are skating circles around all of us right now. This is what happens when we don’t get a morning skate.
  11. Should have just stuck with Lyon, I get why we brought this kid up in terms of the future but he’s not gonna win us a cup right now.
  12. Don’t like putting Lorentz on one. Should have moved svech up.
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