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  1. Canes back at it today at 11 again. Really trying to redefine some of those rough edges we developed late in the season. Makes me wonder if we are going to do a morning skate tomorrow too and how rod will handle rest and practice days this week.
  2. Ya I was really confused cause the announcers were talking like the person they were putting in was a rookie.
  3. Just got knocked out briefly on the boards. And just put on fighting gloves.
  4. Caps goalie got injured though and they are starting a rookie.
  5. Capitals dominating play so far though Boston was the better team of the series in the regular season. So much dislike for both these teams though.
  6. Dunno what happened today but they haven't posted the interviews.
  7. 10-12K people in the building total so probably somewhere between 10-11K fans depending. If you have a chance to listen to Don’s presser he says he’s working on getting more air ventilation equipment but it has to be done right with the right equipment or the humidity fugs up the ice in hotter climates. 10-14 days is the target right now so if we win round 1 we could be at nearly full or max for round two. At least that’s what he made it sound like. Thats a big deal, but honestly going into Monday night with basically a doubled crowd and a noise/energy level boost for our gu
  8. https://www.nhl.com/news/nhl-stanley-cup-playoffs-goalie-power-rankings/c-324707320?tid=287339198 Major Shade. Ned has the best stats out of all of them but they ranked him 15th. "14. Petr Mrazek, Carolina Hurricanes (6-2-3, 2.06, .923) Total Points: 49 Mrazek injured his thumb in his fourth start and missed more than two months. He returned for five games before sustaining a lower-body injury April 19 and didn't play again until May 4. He is 1-1-1 in his three games since returning, allowing 10 goals on 84 shots. 15. Alex Nedeljkovic, Carolina Hurricanes (15-5-3, 1.90
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