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  1. I've seen it too but I forget where. I'd need a better source than Sileo to really buy in. Admittedly, it does kind of make sense when you consider they bypassed him for Mitch Trubisky.
  2. McClain is one of the Texans beat writers for the Houston Chronicle. He's covered them pretty much since their inception. The Chronicle's other guy is Aaron Wilson, the guy who used to be the Ravens Insider.
  3. Rudolph is a really solid player at a position where we definitely have need. Probably not cheap though, and goes against our stated desire to get younger on offense. Don't know...
  4. Patriots writer Jeff Howe (The Athletic) mentions Bridgewater as one of the quarterbacks New England could check into here (subscription required) For context, Howe basically states that if the quarterback is perceived to be available, the Patriots have picked up the phone. He does mention Bridgewater's name as one of the possible trade targets. Dov Kleiman has also mentioned Bridgewater in this context. Make of it what you will. For me, it falls short of being "reported interest" but it qualifies as informed speculation.
  5. A new quarterback alone won't make the Panthers a contender. Neither will keeping Bridgewater. But regarding the two options, the first at least makes the team better.
  6. The family wants him to face the strongest possible charges, and who can blame them?
  7. Newton isn't really in any position to demand much of anything.
  8. They're trying, but you still need a willing partner and they're not just going to give him away for nothing.
  9. To be fair, he's lost his job with the Chiefs. (as someone else said, takes a major screw up to lose a job where your dad's the boss) Whether or not the legal system will come down hard on him though? Unknown. They absolutely should.
  10. And that's how you wind up choosing a guy like Jeff George over someone like Kurt Warner.
  11. According to her family, Ariel Young has suffered permanent brain damage as a result of the accident caused by Britt Reid. She's reported to be awake, but unable to walk. PFT
  12. The most physically talented quarterback at the college level isn't always the best quarterback at the pro level. Look at Vince Young.
  13. Yeah...that's not gonna happen. Fantasizing about it is a waste of time.
  14. And yet the general consensus among actual professor scouts is that Wilson is the better quarterback. Now with that said, if your perception is that I'm a big Wilson fan, you're wrong. I like his skill set a lot, but as mentioned I have major concerns about his durability. To get either fields or Wilson likely requires a trade up, and I'm not in favor of that in either case.
  15. Everybody's fault but Fields, eh? As to Wilson, question marks about whether he'll be durable enough at the NFL level scare me...a lot.
  16. FYI: The NFLrums Twitter is also saying that the Steelers have "shown interest" in Bridgewater. Haven't seen a credible Steelers source say it and they just signed Haskins so, as usual with this account, it's likely bullsh-t.
  17. Like the Northwestern game? Fields has the same knock on him as a dozen Ohio State quarterbacks before him, i.e. quarterback on a dominant team rather than dominant quarterback. Throw in the inconsistencies and the questions about his reads and you have plenty of busy potential at the pro level.
  18. Apparently the source is a recent speculative article by Adam Rank. Basically, the same kind of bullsh-t we got from David Newton's "bold prediction".
  19. McCown is healthier. Smith is speculated to be considering retirement.
  20. I vaguely remember seeing that McCown lived in the Charlotte area but I'm not certain. He'd likely make a great mentor to a rookie QB if we go that route.
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