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  1. Well if I'm being honest, part of it is lack of interest I don't doubt that I could probably figure out the details of the cap and all if I applied myself, but I'm not that into it. And there are guys on here who already understand it pretty well so I can always just listen to them. I can spend plenty of time analyzing coaches, players, strategies, etc. but I'll leave the economics to others
  2. Shanahan runs a very quarterback friendly system. I don't know if I'd go Pro Bowler but improved player is at least a possibility.
  3. Pretty much For me, I'll admit I don't know. Like just about everyone else, I believe it's probably between Stroud and Young. My pick would be Stroud, but I could live with Young as long as he's well protected. Reich talked about smaller guys who knew how to avoid the big hits and said he's seen Young do some of those same things. That'd be a good thing to know.
  4. Again to be fair, it's a pretty common human treat to expect that when somebody is a certain way, they're likely going to stay that way (especially Type A guys like Tepper). Now with that said, yes the people who assumed this were...wrong. And I'm pretty happy about that
  5. Never tried gluten free anything, honestly. Lady Cowboy Fan's older grandson has an allergy to it though, and he's not a fan. I do like Jersey Mike's
  6. I think everybody wants that. And who knows? Maybe Reich and / or Fitterer can persuade him.
  7. I'm not convinced of that. This quarterback pick is going to be a result of full collaboration between personnel and coaching. Reich (and reportedly Jim Caldwell) will figure very prominently into the final choice. What do you do? Fire everybody?
  8. Eight ball In the corner pocket
  9. To be fair, accounts have indicated he's not all that active a participant in the quarterback search. He's just a close observer. That follows the pattern of the head coach hiring as well. When it came time for the final decision, Tepper abstained and let the football people handle it. Has he produced anything yet? It's fair to say no he hasn't, but I do like the direction things are going. Haven't been able to say that for a while...
  10. That's kind of like talking about the crappiest food you've ever eaten by saying "Well at least they use some great ingredients."
  11. Well to be fair, he kinda was. Even Tepper himself has admitted that he came into the NFL with some wrongheaded ideas. Those were what led to the Rhule hire which was then the source for most of the issues over the past three years. The incorrect assumption was that he couldn't learn. He has, and now we seem to be headed in the right direction.
  12. Unfortunately, someone has to
  13. You're correct. It was... It's definitely a thought...
  14. Clarification... Offensive and defensive linemen aren't allowed to wear it, but anybody else can. Also now allowing punters and kickers to wear numbers like you typically only see in college.
  15. What about the guy named Tank (whose last name I forget)?
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