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  1. https://twitter.com/mysportsupdate/status/1407419747642322945?s=21 Maybe this helps reduce the interceptions lol
  2. TCU safety Trevon Moerig, Ucf safety Richie Grant or LSU wr Terrace Marshall Please. 6’3, 4.3 40 time, familiarity with Brady.
  3. Every single Fuggin year. I truly believe that theyd go to commercial if we had the first overall pick. Smh
  4. Thats right..thanks. I forgot about the Philly trade.
  5. Still don’t think that San Fran would give up that much to move from 6...for Mac Jones, who presumably couldve been there at 6. All smokescreen IMO
  6. i think Fields is going 3. I just cant bring myself to believe that Lynch would trade up to 3 for a player in Jones that wouldve been there at 6 or below.
  7. 3) Be upset because they go to commercial during out pick
  8. Stick to your draft board and dont reach for need. If you have Chase rated above Slater, then fug it, trust your scouting and pull the trigger. It would be hard to be mad at Chase in rd.1 and Eichenburg, Leatherwood etc. in rd.2. Adding talent to what was a talent deficient roster is the goal.
  9. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/attorney-at-center-of-deshaun-watson-litigation-says-he-wont-turn-over-information-to-houston-police-043556867.html Lawyer wont even turn over the evidence to law enforcement. not saying he’s guilty or innocent, but something is off.
  10. 1. Didn’t see it posted within the other thread. 2. Im never on TMZ. This was sent to me by a Panther fan who avoids the huddle. Mods feel free to Lock or Delete
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