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  1. There’s only one guy that’s consistently described as “special “ and “different”. That’s who you take. Injuries will happen. Burrow tore rib cartilage at Lsu and blew a knee out in 2020. Don’t overthink it, Don’t fug it up. Take the consensus best player and live with the results.
  2. Fug, who’s going to Chicago next, Sir Purr? He is a bear right?
  3. Guess that means they’ll be in the running for Maye and Williams next year.
  4. One thing to note is the connection between Levis’ head coach and our new OC. Liam Coen, the man who recruited Levis from Penn St. and coached him at UK was the Rams OC under McVay while Thomas Brown was the Asst. Head coach/TE coach. It seems like all of our hires were strategic and should provide us some valuable insight during scouting and evals.
  5. This has been my thought for awhile. Package Pick 3 and Nuke Hopkins for pick 9 and maybe a 1st and 3rd/4th next year. Not sure how feasible it is with the cap numbers and compensation but it’s worth a discussion at the least.
  6. I’ll say this. If this is the plan that Reich presented to Tepp and Fitt, then Wilkes didn’t stand a chance.
  7. Carr, Quentin Johnston at 9, and TE/Edge/LB in the 2nd. I can deal with that.
  8. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/meet-the-qb-turned-eagles-coach-whos-sped-up-jalen-hurts-development--and-his-own-career-arc-110013600.html
  9. If Fitt’s plan is to insert a QB on a rookie contract Into a ready made roster, then Gotdammit stick to the plan. Any plan, just have one and execute it. Id love to have Lamar here. Division title would likely be solidified. But how about just sticking to the plan for once. Please
  10. I don’t see many huddlers talk about the OTHER QB position that we’ve had a glaring hole at for awhile. We havent had a dependable MLB since Luke retired. Personnel needs will obviously change if we move to 3-4, but its still a need nonetheless.
  11. Report: Saints and Raiders have agreed to compensation
  12. Cj hendersons matchups have career days
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