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  1. Carter is weak as Fug. Theyre literally picking on him every run play.
  2. Joe Brady has to be able to coach the chit. I have zero confidence in that.
  3. This poo is the worst. What the *** am I watching
  4. Because he stares down his target every damn time.
  5. If we cant get 6 here, Brady should resign
  6. Went from second and 2 to punting. This is fugging pathetic
  7. LMFAO. This dude is the fugging worst. This may be a top 5 second rd pick that we gave up for him.
  8. We are a TERRIBLE fugging football team lol. The product is pathetic
  9. Second half collapses are on Coaching..Period
  10. So with a bad o line and your third string running back, you run an obvious dive play on 3rd and 2. Everybody knew that was a fucgin run smh
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