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  1. Exactly. No one is saying that he will fail because the Seahawks haven’t drafted very well. You would think that any logical thinking poster would be able to read the article, decipher the information presented, and not jump to one extreme or the other...but this is the huddle. Dude was the director of college scouting. How could he NOT shoulder a large part of the blame for terrible college picks?
  2. Just realized that it stops at the 2014 draft. Outside of Metcalf and the feel good story of Shaquiem Griffin...it still aint much there that I can recall. With all if that said, I’ll reserve judgement of the hire and an hoping for the best.
  3. 1 can only hope that Fitterer ran the 2012 draft and Schneider orchestrated the rest. After ‘12, it aint much to brag about. Every Seahawk draft pick during Fitterers tenure
  4. The Seahawks Oline is worse than ours, and is what has primarily kept them from returning to the SB. But I guess Tepper and his analytics team know what’s best.
  5. It wouldn't shock me if KAM was our guy. Aside from the analytics piece, Tepper has a hard on for Ivy league guys.
  6. Hell of a step up from Asst Oline coach to OC.
  7. With the amount of needs on this team, we can’t afford to overpay anyone. If we were a perennial contender then maybe. Situations like this make the GM selection that much more important. Not just for the decision to sign/not sign, but Even more importantly, the skills to evaluate and fill those holes with cap friendly talent.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDMM5sC69xw Some good footage of Dodds and the culture/mentality that he would bring to Carolina. I personally am a fan of Adam Peters, but I trust that the team is gonna find the best man for the gig.
  9. Its not necessarily one less team pursuing a candidate because the Seahawks would then have a GM vacancy .
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