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  1. Dave not doing a bit of damage to that cooch either lol. Guess you dont have to with Billions
  2. I said it in the game thread and I’ll reiterate. We will suck ass until and ONLY until we overhaul the scouting department. You CANNOT miss on high first rounders consistently and sign awful free agents all while trading away assets. Its fugging nonsensical and frustrating af to be perfectly honest.
  3. This franchise’s fortunes wont change until the scouting department does. way too many misses.You can go hire Parcells, it wont matter.
  4. This is legitimately one of the worst teams that I have ever fuggin seen.
  5. Teams take on the personality of their coach. Demeco Ryans. Dan Campbell, Wilkes, Sirriani, List goes on. It starts there. As an owner/gm, define wtf you want your identity to be and hire accordingly. Frank had to hire Deuce because he’s not a motivator himself. That shouldve been red flag #1.
  6. 5 wide with a line that cant block anyone. Seems like a great idea
  7. Simple poo. On 3rd and medium you motion miles sanders out instead of keeping in an extra blocker to help your POS line and your rookie guard. Frank the offensive guru
  8. 3rd and 1. Yea yall enjoy the game. Im out
  9. Spread go route to hirst on 4th and 1. Im fugging done
  10. And we cant even get a simple fugging pass off lmao. Coaching matters
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