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  1. You and Ellis... I get Stiller, though I'm not that sold on the idea. He basically plays the same two or three characters in every movie and Payton doesn't fit any of them. Frankie Muniz, though? I hope you're kidding, John.
  2. Fields second pro day comes first. Both he and Lance are basically trying to sell themselves to Shanahan. Last I saw, only the 49ers and Patriots confirmed attending (doesn't necessarily mean we won't be there, though). Hadn't seen anything on who'll be coming to watch Lance other than Lynch and Shanny.
  3. King left Sports Illustrated for NBC a while back (don't remember when; I'm terrible with dates). Albert Breer does the MMQB now, and honestly I think he's better than King.
  4. Takeaways from this (extensive) article… Both Fitterer and Rhule were fans of Darnold based on prior experiences. They were still extremely thorough, though. Both head coach and GM went through the film of Darnold’s entire Jets career as well as his college tape, and ultimately liked what they saw. At the time of the initial contact, both teams were still in the early stages of their draft prospect evaluations. That’s why Joe Douglas said “keep in touch”, and of course they did. (Side Note: The phone call story is pretty funny) Having read again about how strongly the Panth
  5. And just a little more about Darnold himself... I do think there’s one thing everyone should know about Darnold before we move on. Really, there’s a pretty simple explanation for why he played like he did the last couple years—and that boils right down to fit. I don’t really know how sold Adam Gase ever was on Darnold (he preferred Baker Mayfield and Josh Allen ahead of the 2018 draft, when he was still in Miami), and I do think the result of that was that the Jets never bent quite enough to make their system work for him the last couple of years. It’s easy to blame Gase for that, and som
  6. Continuing on the aftermath... • The relationship between the Panthers and Teddy Bridgewater was already strained (trade rumors will do that), but Carolina’s doing its best to manage the situation now. Bridgewater has permission to seek a trade, and Rhule has left the door open to having Bridgewater back to compete with Darnold for the job. One important nuance here: $10 million of his $17 million base salary for 2021 is fully guaranteed, so there’s a ceiling for how big a pay cut Bridgewater would be willing to take to help Carolina facilitate a trade. • Acquiring Darnold gives the
  7. From today's MMQB: Why the Panthers made their move In last week’s GamePlan, we gave you the A-to-Z on the Sam Darnold trade from the Jets’ perspective. So in the interest of equal time, I thought it was important to give you the same sort of look at the deal from the other side. And really, there is one place where the stories match up perfectly: Both started with an important new hire coming from the NFC West on Jan. 14. That’s right, only a few hours separated the Jets’ striking a deal to make Robert Saleh their head coach, and the Panthers’ tabbing Seattle exec Scott Fitterer to
  8. FYI, that's FMIA, not MMQB.
  9. Yeah, same MO. Latch on to and obsess over a single concept that he thinks makes him look smarter than everybody else (in this case believing that he understands how David Tepper does business) while not understanding that all it really does is annoy people. Then make a bunch of bold predictions based on that, pretty much all of which turn out to be wrong, but still talk as if he were a big deal. And therein lies the problem, I think. He wants to be a big deal, but the way he goes about it just isn't productive.
  10. ...Kevin James? Paul Blart, NFL Coach? Brings up the question, who should play Sean Payton?
  11. School I went to had a hill with a sh-tload of steps. Every time my friends and I got to the top of those steps, we'd throw our arms up and yell "Dragooooo!"
  12. Pretty sure it's our old friend, Sanjay. He pulls a lot of the same dumb stunts. Won't be too surprised if he gets banned again soon. I know he the living sh-t out of the mods with some of this stuff.
  13. This is a better pic of McCown (from his younger days).
  14. I wouldn't hold my breath on either of those things happening.
  15. This is basically how Ryan Grigson ran the Colts. It's a huge reason why Grigson got fired and why Andrew Luck is now retired.
  16. I gotcha. Is this part of the same scenario where the Jets don't take Zach Wilson?
  17. If we have an opportunity to get a premier left tackle that'll protect our quarterback for the next ten years, there's no way in hell we should pass on him.
  18. Like we did two years ago? Every time we have an opportunity to possibly get a franchise left tackle, we find some excuse not to take them. This is the year to break that trend.
  19. Who's playing left tackle in this scenario?
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