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  1. Can you still lock threads?

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    2. Mr. Scot

      Mr. Scot

      Would you mind locking this one?


    3. Proudiddy
    4. Mr. Scot

      Mr. Scot


      Any chance to get the Franchise thread unpinned and the Official Free Agency thread pinned instead?

  2. Hey Rayz, if I start a new Free Agent thread at 4pm, can you lock the old one?

  3. Could have sworn I still had it, but apparently I don't. I don't remember deleting it. Not sure what happened.

  4. I had made a note to myself to look at adding Shurmur actually. Thanks. I'll clear my inbox later.

  5. Marvin, the manic depressive robot from "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"

  6. No, you don't.

  7. Not actually "from". Originally from West Virginia, but lived in a little town called Hebron (between Columbus and Zanesville) for a few years before moving here.

  8. Not that I can recall, but it's possible, I guess. I could have visited there one time for one reason or another.

  9. Thanks, but I'm changing it shortly :lol:

  10. Two, both quaker parrots.

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