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  1. That came out really good setzer. How was the signing? A lot of people? Cam interact with ya?
  2. As mentioned earlier, I was hosting a private autograph signing with Steve Smith a couple days back. I just wanted to thank everyone that participated and share some pictures of all the items signed. Thanks again. Here's some pictures of all the items spread out:
  3. Very nice collections here. I'll post up some pictures in a couple weeks after the signing I'm hosting with Steve Smith on the 24th of this month (if anyone's interested PM me).
  4. On a semi related note, if anyone's interested, I'm hosting a private autograph signing with Carolina Panthers WR Steve Smith towards the end of July. Just sent in the deposit for it and it's set in stone.
  5. i am not sure- but if you check the site on google you can see -- they will post it.

  6. I never got the link... :(

  7. did you get the link? need to tell me on my profile...

  8. awesome profile pic

  9. I thought I gave you a positive... I'm sorry. Still new to this...

  10. Dude why did you give me a neg rep and then say you agreed with me LOL.

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