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  1. Rocking with Chancellor Brind'Amour tonight. Hopefully this isn't the last night I get to wear this shirt!
  2. Always nice to hear from other knowledgeable fans who aren't just hear to gloat or troll. Sucks the 2 best teams met in the second round. Folks are a bit testy around these parts. With good reason. Just don't expect much civility once the puck drops... lol
  3. These fuging drop passes are killing me.
  4. You can try to redeem yourself by calling him Pokecheckov, but it will only work a little, pal!
  5. I could deal with the Canadian announcers pronouncing it De On Ge Lo, but calling the King, "Trochekov" is a bridge to far, buddy!
  6. You should have been more specific...
  7. I take back everything I've said about the refs. Please don't give us another PP.
  8. That was a classic Canes Power Kill. It was refreshing to see!
  9. Somebody print this out for Rod to point to in his post game when they ask him about the refs.
  10. Svech put on his big boy pants tonight!
  11. Would you?!? I sure don't. That man has clearly read every word I wrote about him, and he took that poo personally!
  12. Also just pointed out that Miller should've gotten a 3rd man misconduct for grabbing KK after the gloves had dropped.
  13. Sportsnet guys savaging Goodrow for starting a brawl and then immediately turtling while his teammates "stood up for" him... lmao
  14. How do you not get a shot off on a 4 on 1 breakaway?!? DeAngelo just literally fuged up a wet dream.
  15. Guenther has got to be smarter than that.
  16. Jarvis skating like he's mad he wasn't on the ice for that brawl. He looks like a bull in a china shop. I'm calling it now, Jarvis is getting a Gordie tonight!
  17. No majors is a win for us with these refs.
  18. Considering how bad they are 5v5, I'd imagine flopping is about the only thing they practice.
  19. Never seen KK skate that fast! Let's gucking fo!
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