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  1. So our resident condescending ass, the self styled football historian,is clearly going through some poo right now. Who hurt you so bad to make you lash out like this? Maybe go out and touch some grass old man.
  2. Must be pretty easy for you to find them...
  3. Oh yes, wise sage Scot, we are all waiting on pins and needles for your responses... what with how rare they are and all. You are usually so stingy with your opinions that they carry more weight than the gospels themselves.
  4. Wilks would've kept our picks and drafted AR.
  5. I've thrown in the towel on Frank the HC.
  6. Because he's a lilly white preacher that doesn't make the locals feel too uncomfortable...
  7. Don't forget that Kane and many of the other 'hawks stars vehemently defended the coaching staff there until the truth finally saw the light of day...
  8. Class traitor covering for the bosses like a good petit bourgeois toadie...?
  9. I hope Jayden makes it just to hear people try (and butcher) that last name...
  10. Maybe we should try a 2QB system to help Bryce out...
  11. Meant to tell you guys, I got a call from old Donny Wads...
  12. Huh, so what you are saying is that a bad coach can make players look worse than they are...?
  13. @rayzor explain to me why im wrong in my opinions or delete the post if it violates the rules. But dont be a coward and hide behind your warning button because someone makes a point you don't agree with.
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