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  1. ... and? Unless there are some unspoken allegations that she leveraged privileged team information to blackmail Cole into her bed, then I'm not sure what you are so up in arms about. No matter how much you try to #MeToo her, that's not what this situation is. To be clear, nothing public so far paints Abby as a victim in this affair either. On the surface, this sounds like the manager found the fry cook and the hostess in the walk-in cooler and had to let both of them go.
  2. What power does a low level team reporter for a d-level national sports league have?
  3. Ya boi Vinny T is taking his show to Broadway.
  4. I thought it was Russian bots?!? Seriously though, like normal, you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.
  5. https://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/attorney-client-privilege.html#:~:text=The duty of confidentiality prevents,t come from the client. Lawyers may not reveal oral or written communications with clients that clients reasonably expect to remain private. A lawyer who has received a client's confidences cannot repeat them to anyone outside the legal team without the client's consent. In that sense, the privilege is the client's, not the lawyer's—the client can decide to forfeit (or waive) the privilege, but the lawyer cannot.
  6. Wait... the lawyers you worked for graduated law school? That changes everything sir! If you were doing everything you say, then you were more than an errand boy and would have fallen under the 'legal team' umbrella and would be subject to attorney client privilege yourself. No need for an NDA... Nobody in those companies taught themselves to read, write and do mathematics without someone else's help. You cannot own an idea because you didn't give yourself the knowledge and concepts necessary to precipitate that idea in the first place. We all stand on the shoulders of those who came before us. IP = BS
  7. Your dad's friend violated attorney client privilege by letting you read, see or hear anything about clients and their cases.
  8. No they dont... intellectual property is not a real thing.
  9. Guck this bullshit! Thank Krishna for weed!
  10. Call their bluff and tie that poo up in court for years...
  11. e.gore is tired as hell... we have to capitalize on it soon!
  12. Fug these fugging poo ass refs! Too man man bc you wouldn't blow the whistle for an injured player?!? Go fug yourself NHL!
  13. why tf did the refs not stop that?!?
  14. Finally get to whip out the PP!
  15. Rod finally won a coaches challenge!!! 1619151731001.mp4
  16. This should come back... I have no faith that it will.
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