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  1. Since we've got all these Finns on the squad, I've been trying to learn to read/write Finnish. Its a tough one to get down; lots of F's and K's, J's and V's, all those weird consonants we barely use in English. These Rangers games have really been heing me with my pronunciations...
  2. Can't remember a PP being killed so absolutely since I walked in on my grandma changing!
  3. I will never understand kids who delay becoming a professional as long as possible. The guys playing in their own country, I get. If you don't think you are ready to make the jump, that is literally what the minor leagues are for. Hope Morrow comes from money, because if not he is a moron!
  4. I give Freddie a lot of poo, but he came up big tonight! That series of saves 6v5 at the end was a goaltending clinic.
  5. MoneyPuck loves them some Canes... We've been their Cup favorites since New Years. Recent weeks have seen the Devils and Bruins closing the gap on us. But, we have extended our lead again, by their metrics. I'm not sure if they take into account personnel changes (Svech to IR) or not. Maybe the improved PP is the catalyst for our most recent rise in their ratings, idk. Regardless, as our own fanbase has given up on the season and called for heads to roll, MoneyPuck has seen something in us to make them believe that we are the overwhelming favorites in the East.
  6. TuneIn Radio carries 99.9 The Fan, which airs the team broadcast to every game. It's been a while, but I've synced up the audio/video manually with TuneIn. It takes a little bit of work. I wasn't able to watch the game yesterday bc I was at work. So, I was listening, and yes, Mike & Tripp's calls at the end were spectacular!
  7. Rod choppin' up the lines again...?
  8. Kucci's definitely squarely in the midst of his sophomore slump. Top flight goalies rarely come into the league fully formed. If you go through the top 10 netminders this season, their average age is 27.5. And, almost to the man, each had their worst statistical season their 2nd year in the NHL. He might not be ready for a playoff run, but don't give up on him yet.
  9. A tropical cyclone vs a leaf...?!? No contest!
  10. Puljujarvy had 112 hits in 58 games for the Oilers this season. We haven't seen it yet, but apparently he does have that physicality in his game.
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