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  1. I take it that is an alter? :lol:

  2. Nice avatar homo... wrong team though.

  3. I usually make it to one or two... we are setting something up for Oct. 23 vs. the Redskins. Me and j2sgam are coming up... and maybe some others...

  4. Sorta? :D I know it's tough man, I'm just pulling your chain. Would be great if we could all get together though.

  5. Didn't you say you were thinking about coming out for a game? Oct 23 vs. Redskins!!!! Me and j2 are going and trying to drag along anyone else... bleys, dpanther, etc. Come on man!!!!

  6. Very nice gif on my page, thank you!. bouncing-boobs.gif

  7. A poo ton now... it's kind of ridiculous... it's like 100,000. Do you know how long it took me and Salty to get to 10,000? Like a year.

  8. Vacation... you can't be taking a vacation... I don't get one... :(

  9. Hot pictures you say? What you mean...? :DElisha_Cuthbert_nipples_see_though_wet_dress.jpg

  10. Just saw your comments on Ivan's page... I keel you... :mad::P

  11. 10-4... I'll let you know later this week what my deal is and if we can arrange it we will...

  12. It just dawned on me that I may be free Saturday too... if so, let's get teh Kurbz and watch the game somewhere. Y'all are welcome at my place or we could hit BBW's or a bar...

  13. No... just a google search whilst watching TV last night... :D

  14. Dude where u been? Nice to see u on here.

  15. Bewbs are srs bizness... I'll give your rep back at some point.

  16. I negged u b4 I saw u posted actual boobs... u still need to edit that nasty post. I will return your rep.

  17. We all care about you man... :cryin: Just wondering where you disappeared to... I don't have anybody to pick on if you're not around.

  18. Sweet. F*ck work. :D

  19. Your work in Lovely Ladies makes me happy... continue on sir. I do not need information about your boner however. burn-bra-pokies-1.jpg?w=500&h=666

  20. I am liking what you have been doing in Lovely Ladies... rock on young one. sexy-chivers-661.jpg?w=500&h=666

  21. Between twitter and the huddle do you get any work done? :Psexy-chivers-261.jpg?w=500&h=1471

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