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  1. Definitely missed you this past TG. Turnout was small, but was still a great time.

  2. Holy Crap Batman....where the hell have you been. Hope to see you Saturday at the Tailgate.

  3. Dude where u been? Nice to see u on here.

  4. hey there buddy Bo!!! Hope you are well!

  5. Hello Poo Britches!

  6. Good deal! Looking forward to it!

  7. You tail gating Sunday you sick bastage??

  8. Chicken Plucker!

  9. Are u 9 or 10?

  10. I used to know a guy named Lee!

  11. Last activity 5-20-09!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn it Landon!!!

  12. Howdy, just a heads up. This is not a place to sell your services.

  13. Back at ya! Hope you have a great one!

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