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  1. So this essentially removes a fake PA attempt.
  2. Seeing all the amount of mis-managed credit card debt in the US, I do.
  3. The thing is you're not the only guy playing the game, you got 31 other teams you have to consider as well. You act as if it is a foregone conclusion that those players would have been available at our traded 2nd rounder and the 2nd rounder we get in the trade you propose. It is simple in the draft there are no guarantees, you pick players that provide good value for your team and the schemes you run, not for some draft scout schmuk on TV. When a team puts their draft grades on players, they group them together by similar overall impact to their team so they know if they can trade down or if they need to move up to ensure they get good value. Gettleman must have seen a drop off in talent looming, forcing him to trade up after he explicitly stated he wouldn't last night.
  4. We don't have enough draft value unless we trade away future picks, which, correct me if i am wrong, doesn't happens in the later rounds?
  5. People with actual football credentials get it wrong all the time. A guy as measured and calculating as Gettleman would not have done such a trade without having alot of reasons to give up a 3rd round pick to move up and get a guy. Not like this shallow football conversation we are bickering about, conversations that have to do with schemes, uses and potential fit and growth. Didn't you see how much grief he was getting for not selecting an OT? He doesn't just pick guys to get a guy, he picks guys that have the football character and make up to work for what they get in life. Those are the players that succeed in the tough game when you need them most i.e. The Playoffs. I don't know why he picked Devin Funchess, but what history tells me about gettleman is that he will not pick guys that are just potential, they have to have tangible skills in the short term that will make them a starter and the upside to grow into a special player.
  6. Yeah ok you go do that. I guess you wouldn't have drafted Benjamin either with his 13.1% drop rate. Guess what he had a 4.61 40 time as well. You can have a slow day, most experts say that the hand timing vs laser timing only differ by 0.05 to 0.1 sec anyway. So he improved his time by a tenth of a second.
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