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  1. https://twitter.com/jasrifootball/status/1618399728852692994?t=rEIezzNdWCGjhU2-hP7pMQ&s=19
  2. https://twitter.com/jasrifootball/status/1618399728852692994?t=pFm-E2dUtqjzZR8YLCXrzQ&s=19
  3. What his sources tho I believe Benjamin allbright when he says it's shane job to lose
  4. If that wad true dint you think we would have heard something like that of breer or Tom or Adam
  5. It don't matter this is Scott and Dan Morgan hire to make with tepper opinion
  6. For people who says wilks should be hire because he a leader of man heres shane steichen https://twitter.com/GC24_Football/status/1577370443249352704?t=w1bVtNwYVyjdtYR59oMWPg&s=19
  7. That's why we should just go get shane steichen as our head coach he coached 2 top qbs he is a qb Whisper
  8. Why please tell me because I just saw shane steichen put a huge ass whompin on the giants defense
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