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  1. I feel like Hayward is very expendable at this point. Coach says he is the "calming" force at the end of games, but honestly, he doesn't take over. He is just another player out there. We should only have 2 years left on his contract after next this year, hope we can move him next year for a legit big man or clutch scorer.
  2. Until you have a real QB, you can't compete year in year out in the NFL. If I'm Carolina, I'm giving up: CMAC: Great RB, Good slot Receiver. Injury prone the past 2 seasons. Brian Burns: Up & coming DE on rookie contract with 5 yr option. Love Burns, he can be really good, but not a game changer every single sunday. Sam Darnold: NO COMMENT. Just get him out of here. Robby Anderson: NO COMMENT. Just get him out of here. 2022 1st rd & 2023 2nd round Picks: This needs to be included to beat out MIA & PHI who both have several 1st round the next few years. Use the rest of your draft & free agency to build a real OLine & you can be a serious contender year in & year out.
  3. Re-sign D-jax & move him to free safety...move Chinn to strong. keep everybody else in the secondary. Trade Robby, get high pick(s), Pay DJ... One can only dream.
  4. lol, that's like saying "Seeing Bitcoin at $50k now makes me wonder more if I should have bought it at $20 ten years ago instead of that McDonald"... How was Fitt supposed to know that he going to get these guys for at this price?
  5. I agree, but that Detroit LT was a started even after they drafted Sewell. He lost it because of injury and Sewell is playing well...So this is unique to me. But I do agree with you that good OLINE is normally thru the draft.
  6. One thing ppl forget is that GMs even with draft capitol & money, still have to make good decisions bringing talent. Fitt has shown that he can sign/draft good talent at several positions. OFFENSIVE LINE is not one of them if you judge by his free agency acquisitions. Elflein & Erving were DAY 1 signings...DAY 1!!! that means you had ur pick of the litter, u evaluated everyone & decided these 2 were what u needed. offered them relatively big contracts which I don't believe they would have gotten anywhere else. 2 of the worst lineman you could have sign even at the end of free agency were picked up on DAY 1. So going into next year, I trust Fitt on every position BUT the OLINE. I really hope I'm wrong!
  7. Carolina under Rhule was streaky last year. When we won, we aligned victories (3 in row) last year, and when we lost, we also aligned them as well. We just had 3 in row, so hoping we can keep the streak going, otherwise we may see a streak the other way if last year is any indication. Needless to say, I hope I'm wrong in the sense that, we can bounce right back in case of a lost.
  8. Would you trade Robby for Denzel Mims plus 3rd from the JETS? With us losing picks and needing to fix the O LINE, I honestly think Robby can be key in fixing our OLINE. Even with the cap space, we have a lot of mouths to feed within the next 2 years. I love Robby, but with CMC & MOORE, he is our 3rd best option at best. We currently don't have the OLINE to use his best skill which is deep balls. Mims has lots of potential & he is unwanted in NY. He also has the Matt Rhule connection (just like Robby) and will be hell of alot cheaper. I don't know if this will be a in-season trade, but definitely worth checking this off-season.
  9. Cardinal 3rd best & better than Larry fitz in his 40th year in the league??? Sorry but you sound like Carolina traded prime Greg Olsen... Dan may turn out to be very good, but so far, he has been a journey man who had 2 good showing on his new team. We got a potential future #1 CB (arguably the most important position on defense) but u r concerned about Dan a TE?
  10. Proven after 3 games? come on. Dan was a journey man with potential we signed this off season. He had a poor showing against the Jets and good games against both Saints & Houston. That is not a "proven" 3rd down weapon. Marshall is actually the one being targeted on big 3rd down (at least the past game). This trade may go down as one of the greatest robbery.
  11. I agree on the Robby take. I think if we can showcase him this season, he has a lot of trade value. Not sure what the dead money is going to be if we part ways, but we could probably trade him picks or OL.
  12. Also, that 5th is going to be an early one the way Jacksonville is looking.
  13. How many targets? You can't catch if u r not targeted...
  14. Less impressive than the Broncos who played JACKSONVILLE, JETS & GIANTS? GTFOH. Lolll.
  15. I was talking about draft pick not grade...top 10 draft picks from the year prior doesn't get traded for a 3rd & Dan (especially at corner)...This will prove to be a steal if he can stay healthy both physically & emotionally.
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