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  1. Yeh because the “GOAT” has done amazing things since Brady left him… NOT. Bill would’ve been nothing without Tom and would be nothing with Bryce. He ain’t all that.
  2. I can see Tep offering a contract like that but there’s zero chance he opts out of the decision making process and I’m also 100% certain his meddling side kick would also refuse.
  3. He might not like losing on Wall Street but his actions as owner of this team show he’s all about making money and that’s it. And having two players say they like him out of how many who have left really isn’t a huge show of support.
  4. Well since we all know Harbaugh is short some marbles he would be the perfect replacement…until he goes after Tepper.
  5. It’s possible if Tepper doesn’t turn things around quickly. I think firing Reich was more about him knowing the fanbase is at a breaking point and not so much that he really wanted to fire Frank.
  6. Why would you want Bill? He has done zip since Tom left which tells me it was more about Tom than Bill being the GOAT. I don’t think Harbaugh would mix well with Tepper, not really a yes man and there’s no way in hell Wilks would work for Tepper again.
  7. Just wondering why Evero wasn’t given a chance at IHC. He was a hot commodity last year and has done a great job considering all the injuries and our offense being dingle berries.
  8. The next HC and GM might not be tied to him but the guy who signs the checks might be. He could be seeing the staff as the problem and not Young.
  9. Really don’t watch much anymore. I’ll catch a game on Prime or Peacock once in awhile but besides that not much else. I figured out hanging out with family and friends with the tv off is more important than watching millionaires play a game.
  10. I know JR wasn’t the greatest person but we never saw this team look like it does now when he was the owner. Yeh he was a NFL boy and screwed the players during their strike but as far as the quality of play you saw it’s like night and day.
  11. Coming from someone who has done zip all season. Tried to find a Bryce clip of him explaining what happened but can’t find anything. Would like to hear his version.
  12. The thing is does he understand that the franchise wouldn’t be where it’s at if he would put his planet size ego in a box and let the experts do their jobs? Nothing with this team will change unless Tepper changes… it ain’t rocket science
  13. If he’s axed before the end of the season you’ll see Evero as IHC. He was a hot candidate last year and Tepper will want to see what he can do.
  14. I’m assuming that anyone worth over 18b and it wasn’t given to them has got to be pretty smart. So does Tepper know that he’s the problem and won’t let his gigantic ego take a hit by stepping back and allowing football guys to take over or does he not see what is obvious to all of us? Im going with Dave is aware of where the problem lies but isn’t willing at this point to do the right thing.
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