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  1. Now that year one of having Teddy at QB is in the books what are your thoughts on his future in Charlotte? While he has shown flashes he has also shown multiple reasons why the organization could be taking a QB in 2021. Do we give him a pass due to CMC being out, for Brady being in his first year as an actual play-caller, for the lack of a legit TE and a questionable o-line?
  2. This team has been in all but a few games this year. Considering we have a first year coach and staff with very little NFL experience, had to deal with Covid as well. Give Rhule another year and I think we’ll see vast improvement.
  3. Will be hard to keep Moton w/o tagging him, someone will offer top money. Samuel has shown he can play multiple roles. Obada, Douglas and Davis also.
  4. What I find amazing is we have been told for months to wear a mask, social distance, businesses forced to close, churches forced to go online but it’s ok to allow tens of thousands of people to run rampant thru city streets and politicians who keep telling us to help stop the spread are walking hand in hand with others and not a mask in sight.
  5. Virginia governor just issued a stay at home order in effect until June 12. Also found out that our federal government sent China 18 tons of medical supplies in February when they should have been preparing for an outbreak... really pisses me the F off.
  6. Don’t know where in NC this is
  7. Pretty sure both sides are trying to “politicize”this thing. Don’t just make it about conservatives.
  8. Ginn still dropping easy td passes... Guess I'll be asking the doctor to refill that blood pressure medicine
  9. I think Garrett sends Brown or Hill packing if he has a good camp and preseason. If Ginn wasn't so valuable in the return game he could also be looking elsewhere.
  10. Haven't heard much about Butler, figured he would be the highlight of rookie camp.
  11. Enter Sandland... Sounds like an Iron Maiden song.
  12. have to admit I was wondering if maybe Hurney was impersonating Getty, couldn't figure out what he was doing and I know he's the best dang GM in the League. Then I figured out exactly what J said in this post... He's getting guys that will thrive IN OUR SYSTEM. Those so-called "experts" who grade our draft as a C or worse have no freaking clue how to build a team for sustained success.. LET GETTY DO WHAT GETTY DO BEST
  13. Gettleman, and possibly even Rivera do not put as much value on corners as they do on " hog mollies". Look for them to find a replacement who is already on the team, probably will draft a corner in the middle rounds, will most definitely put an emphasis on the d-line. For those of you who think Getty is going about this Norman thing the wrong way, just look at another team who drops players and moves on... The much hated Patriots. They've been doing pretty well lately.
  14. I think Hunter will be grabbed in the first, dude is a baller and graded well, Derrick has been mocked in the early second.
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