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  1. People here thinking he’s supposed to look like the freakin Hulk. Dude is small, dude is always going to be small. But don’t tell the fitness experts here that who probably spend 1/2 their lives on a couch.
  2. Do you know why we were ranked 25th? Maybe because the scheme sucked, coaching sucked and Sanders sucked.
  3. How do we play those divisions and our schedule is third easiest? Guess because we’re in the South.
  4. Hmm… how many o-linemen will be on IR before we go to Germany…
  5. 6-6 is tall for a NT. Maybe they plan on using him at LT.
  6. It’s probably been said 1000 times but I’ll say it again; you really can’t grade Bryce based on last years clown show. We now have a much better o-line, much better receivers and hopefully much better coaching. Let’s see what Bryce can do THIS year and then grade him.
  7. To be fair there isn’t much competition for Cam being the best Panther QB ever.
  8. All I know is I’m going to love hearing this kid talk during pressers. That accent is absolutely amazing.
  9. Probably won’t start this year, we still have Tremble and Thomas… not sure why.
  10. Would rather have JPJ, complete that wall around Bryce.
  11. How do you know they did? He could be saying this trying to get someone to draft him higher.
  12. I feel like we need to concentrate early on getting Bryce what he needs. Obviously if there is a WR they like at 33 we snag him, center is my next spot but I’m not sure we should take one at 39.
  13. My question is will we replace Luke before we replace Greg before we replace Jordan…
  14. Not getting on that train again. Yes we have signed some good talent but that doesn’t mean jack if you don’t produce on the field. Show me progress and actual NFL caliber offense.
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