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  1. Did they take into account half of our stadium gets taken over by rival fans?
  2. How do people who sucked at playing the position suddenly become experts on the position.
  3. Fisher basically told the NCAA to investigate Saban’s program and said if they did what they found wouldn’t be pretty.
  4. Kid was a 5 ️ out of high school, didn’t play up to his potential. Sure am glad we got him.
  5. Thanks to Rhule and his Sam Darnold fetish we have nowhere to go but up. I’m not sure I would rank us last with the huge upgrades at o-line but can understand why we are.
  6. No away games but I’ll be at the 9ers game week 3. Good friend is a SF fan so it’ll be a good time.
  7. Sure am glad Tepper continues to trust Rhule with final say on all roster decisions.
  8. Having an improved o-line should help, having Foreman get the tough yards should help and letting CMC get reps at the slot should help. Pretty sure everyone realizes his touches probably won’t go down much.
  9. Maybe Rhule is correct in thinking he has a guaranteed 5 years. Tepper could be one of the only owners in NFL history who thinks back-2-back-2-back five win seasons is showing improvement.
  10. Dude took one look at our TE room and was like “dang, this is gonna be easy.”
  11. When is the last time a Panther fan could say with a straight face “we really don’t need another LT right now.”
  12. Can we fast forward to Icky vs Garrett…
  13. Tom’s contribution to the games will be two words…. LETS GO
  14. What I’m seeing here is pure athleticism doesn’t always correlate to success on the field. You have to have a certain amount of skill, the drive and coaches who know what they’re doing.
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