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  1. Brady is probably gone after the season anyways, Snow has done a decent job and Rhule isn’t going anywhere so that leaves Chase. FYI… nobody is getting fired if we lose
  2. I’m taking a pass on Mayfield. He’s a pretty good QB but not what Is going to win you a SB.
  3. Winning would be great but at the end of the day we still know this team has glaring issues that will be exploited by better teams. Our chance to pad the win column has vanished, will probably end up right around .500 or worse.
  4. Bu…Bu… But he won the preseason!!!!
  5. It’s called coach speak, every single coach in every single sport is fluent in it.
  6. Bradberry has also been struggling, could see DJ have a decent game against him. No excuses going into this game, even with CMC and Shaq out. Losing is not an option.
  7. If you’re going strictly by who is out for the Giants and how awful they have looked then this should be a no-brainer; But we all know nothing is a sure thing when it comes to the Panthers. We could look very good or we could look very bad. Its going to be closer than people think. Panthers 27 Giants 20
  8. So when CMC returns he’s going to get 50 carries a game until he injured something else and gets put back on IR.
  9. What pisses me off the most is how PSL owners sell their seats to opposing fans which then proceed to take over our stadium. People in Charlotte don’t know how freaking good they have it, yeh the team has been miserable but at least you have a team to root for. Browns have sucked for decades but that damn stadium is packed every Sunday and they appreciate that team.
  10. Evidently Rhule doesn’t know much about NFL offenses and that’s why Brady is allowed to do what he does. Im really not sure that any OC could get results when your o-line is as bad as ours is.
  11. Pretty sure Brady takes the LSU job if it’s offered to him. Our offense will continue to struggle as long as we have subpar starters on the o-line. I have no idea who will be free agents this off-season and what college has to offer in the draft but I have faith that Fitty will do everything possible to get talent.
  12. I seriously doubt that we’ll ever get to see Sam with a legit o-line in Charlotte. I can see Rhule wanting to axe him after one year.
  13. Rhule bout to bring back 3 yards and a cloud of dust. Seriously though, I’m perplexed as to why Rhule said he had been thinking they needed to run the ball more but said nothing to Brady about it. He IS the HC right???
  14. So you’re saying we’re really good at dropping catchable balls… good to know.
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