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  1. If I had a dollar for every time we complained about our sub-par o-line I could afford a Bezos space rocket.
  2. Look at last year, all the one score losses. Now this year with all the new additions and a chance for our staff to work post Covid. If Sam can just be above average we give the Bucs a challenge for the South title.
  3. Not really concerned about who they start, their dominance over the South is history… we beat them twice in 2021.
  4. Sad that it’s 2021 and we still don’t have a name that automatically gets penciled in.
  5. We aren’t going to a SB this year, won’t even win the South unless the Bucs self destruct. We can definitely get a playoff spot with the talent we have. Not bad for Rhule’s first full season post-Covid.
  6. Hopefully all the off-season moves equals more than 5 in the win column.
  7. Doesn’t make sense that we pick up Sam’s option but still are interested in Watson. I would be ok with signing him so long as we aren’t put back in a Hurney style cap hell. No player is worth that.
  8. Basically you’re telling Huddle members to think realistically about the 2021 season and not start FIRE EVERYONE threads if the team doesn’t meet their lofty expectations… You’re asking way too much my friend
  9. Can pretty much write in LT every single freaking year, absolutely astounding we haven’t found a legit one since 2013. All the draft picks and new additions.
  10. Thought it was because they hired someone who has been impersonating a GM
  11. Instantly takes our abysmal secondary and makes it better. Let things slow down and he’ll be dominant.
  12. Getting CMC back, adding Hassan and others to the D and we’re only 27th…
  13. It’s almost like we have another GM and HC who think the O-line really isn’t that important… should probably talk to a former Panther QB, Cam Newton.
  14. What’s the o/u on how many more years the Panthers go without a legit LT…
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