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  1. I spent 20 years in the Air Force. When I retired I worked full-time while using my GI Bill money to pay for most of my schooling. Graduated in December of 2014 and still looking for a job!
  2. Anyone heard anything about payout? I am going to watch my son graduate Air Force basic training on January 14th and could use the $$$!
  3. Your squad had me worried! Was a pretty good year! Cannot wait until next year!
  4. I saw the pick 6 and was like WTF? Then I saw hill take one to the house and knew then that I was going to lose our game! I have a feeling you are going to squeak this one out brother!
  5. Sad part is I considered picking him up and playing him!!
  6. Why did they bench him in place of Hasselback?
  7. You do not have a kicker starting brother!
  8. Good luck this weekend KBRed! Looking at our teams I think you will win convincingly!
  9. It is not over until the fat lady sings. With my luck anything is possible!
  10. This has been a great league! With the exception of a few, everyone has kept their rosters updated each week!
  11. It is my fault he is getting traded... Just got my new 52 jersey in the mail last week!!! I hope the move to New York kick starts his career and he does well!
  12. I keep my wings on the smoker for about two hours at 225-250. After that, I take them off the smoker and put them in a fryer for about a minute to crisp up the skin. Works like a champ!
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