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  1. I don't know why I am responding, I can feel the hate through the screen, but no, no I am not haha. I think Joey gets a lot of unnecessary hate around here, and it is fun having him on the roster. The only reason my fiance will even pay attention to a game now that Luke and TD are gone is because Joey might break the record for longest FG.
  2. I'm biased. We are big Joey fans in this house. Boo new guy. (competition at every position, brain likey, heart big sad)
  3. I am neon white, so that is actually kinda funny. I just wouldn't call anyone worthless. Not even you.
  4. Whether you like a player or not, that is a lot of hate.
  5. Saving this for when I have the heart to actually watch it. This is going to be a rough week for us old heads.
  6. Both the picture and the link do not work for me, but I am just glad to see the Panthers account have some regular activity. Don't let us run you off with our antics. Most of us are really great, we just talk a bit of trash.
  7. What an odd trade to pull out of your arse. I didn't think people even knew we had Troy Pride Jr. Had us thinking Brown/Chinn/Burns and they come up with Troy? Sweetheart deal.
  8. I like Kerr's attitude, but I have to think he looks so much better because he is next to an absolute beast. Our defensive line is really exciting looking forward. I was also high on Chinn coming into the season, but I am sure this thread will be flooded with Chinn. That is no secret anymore.
  9. Derrick Brown. Young man is off to one helluva start, and has already been doing charitable acts. A big part of what being a Panther is really about to me is off the field. I feel like this guy gets it, and always has the awareness to get his hands up to try to effect the play. Robby gets a mention since he is the only " new " face my fiance knows. I got a Panthers " Bear " ornament thanks to him.
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