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  1. Not to light dynamite...but wasn't that whole Alpha Wolf thing debunked by the very same guy who put the information out there?
  2. Have you seen this place? We are not ready for that spotlight. We can't even respect the bots half the time.
  3. So much has happened and changed, it is hard for me to believe this is only year 2. I try to be as optimistic as possible each year with our team, so I have definitely been drinking the Rhule-aid. I have an excitement for this team I have never had before. I believe in this team and this staff. Let's get out there and show what we can do!
  4. We got a signed football from the gas station because they had a ton of them. Seemed like no one wanted them. We actually played with it, which was unheard of for a signed ball. That was the level of disrespect we had for Weinke for whatever reason. I mean I think he was our losing-est quarterback ever, but I was a kid, I wasn't watching the game the same way. Sorry Chris I can still hear my best friend's voice in my head. " Chris Weinke sucks winky " LOL
  5. The only player I remember really roasting as a kid was Chris Weinke, but I mean, come on. Those jokes wrote themselves.
  6. I told my wife when I saw him at the ceremony shortly after he was drafted that this young man was special and he gets it. Plenty are impressed by him on the field, but I am impressed by the maturity and the man himself.
  7. I play Madden, but 2K5 was legit amazing man. I remember spending so much time on that game and decking out my crib or whatever the hell it was. They even tried that weird inside the helmet cam thing. That would be fun today with VR. This was almost 20 years ago.
  8. While we are talking about weird immersion breaking things, when I started up franchise mode and looked at my roster, there were definitely dudes I didn't recognize. We apparently signed a safety? When did this allegedly happen? I am supposedly taking over the team from it's current standpoint/roster, where did this bum come from?
  9. I noticed that as well. Interesting that having Kaepernick in the game is more important than our current coach.
  10. For some reason in franchise mode it was him. They have some creepy looking fat guy filling in for Rhule elsewhere. Same guy from last year. I mean I hate saying it because I love video games and football, but EA really does just copy and past the same old code.
  11. I mean I play every year no matter what, but this is the first year in a while I am extremely disappointed. I honestly didn't recognize anything new until I tried out franchise mode. I was excited to finally see something new, but then Ron Rivera walked out as my head coach and it ruined everything.
  12. Plans don't always work out. I would hypothetically much rather them address the situation than just go with him because of sunk cost.
  13. Unfortunately, this. I feel like the conversation with JJ should have already happened. Now it is just awkward. No hard feelings JJ, we appreciate all you have done, but it is time.
  14. I feel like a post like this is just garbage, but a bit of food for the troll. Sam's " clean " pocket was a bit of an illusion in my mind, because when you are running for your life the majority of the time, you don't trust the pocket when it actually is safe. How about we save the extreme comments for after we actually see him on the field.
  15. Probably 06ish I got one of the first Ipods back in the day. Back then your device had to sync 100% or it would wipe it entirely. It was a huge pain adding music and keeping it from conflicting. Made no sense to me. My Sony was drag and drop and I didn't need to sign up for anything. I decided I was done with Apple then and haven't used anything of theirs since.
  16. I have a pretty strong disdain for Apple and their products. I was an early hater. However, my love for the Panthers is unparalleled, so it will be interesting to see how I navigate this.
  17. I didn't watch much of him either, honestly, but we just drafted his son, so I thought I would put some respect on his name. He was a 4 time pro bowler and is in the Saints Hall.
  18. I still believe in Joey. I so badly want this kid to put it all together and be our long term answer.
  19. Thomas Davis playing in that game still gives me chills. That man exemplifies what it is to be a Panther. I remember thinking leading up until the game, that I love the display of heart, but someone IS going to tell Thomas he CAN NOT play, right? RIGHT?!!?!? I don't recommend it, but I sure as hell admire it. We love you TD.
  20. I felt like a salty bitch making the comment I did...but this...this I like.
  21. We didn't spend a lot of time going over the importance of not turning the ball over in practice, I'm almost sure of it.
  22. I thought it was pretty good. I like 4th wall breaks. Hell, even making Tepper be the coffee guy was kinda funny. These guys make it their life's work to try to make a team we love more appealing to us. They try to learn how we tick, and what makes us laugh. I would feel better if they knew at least some of us greatly appreciate their efforts.
  23. People only think of influences as positive for some reason. I don't know that I want him following that particular example.
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