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  1. There are rumors that the Browns offered a two year deal worth $24m. We’d need to match or beat that, which would near Haason Reddick territory at that point.
  2. I’m definitely not hating on anyone. I wish Sam nothing more than success. If I said something that triggered you on a personal level, I apologize. This is just my thoughts on a football player.
  3. While that may be true, most college level QBs aren’t getting drafted into the NFL. Willis and Corral both run an RPO offense, and while UNC incorporated some RPO into their game - you can’t really compare it. Phil Longo designed his offense to make it varied upon the defense and simplified it to run max number of plays out of different packages. It is based on mainly predetermined defensive reads, rather than progressions.
  4. My opinion, so it’s true to me. #KeepPounding
  5. Of course I did, this past year is just the most troublesome. He didn’t have the best protection nor an elite running game and it exposed a lot of his flaws. Instead of navigating the pocket, he chose to throw off-platform or flat out run outside of the pocket. While that may pass in college, it doesn’t translate to the league. He’s a project who maybe starting caliber in 2-3 years.
  6. Sam Howell has big time mechanical red flags. He also was in an offense where he was asked to make two reads max. Mack Brown QBs tend to suck unless they’re a generational guy like Vince Young.
  7. Of course, that goes without saying. Gil’s previous rankings of QBs are his own views on their potential.
  8. I wouldn’t trust his QB rankings His 2018 order of the quarterbacks: “Rosen, Darnold, Mayfield, Allen, Jackson.”
  9. Some of the takes in here are hilarious. Tell me you don’t watch film without telling me you don’t watch film. Three minute highlights to horrible background music don’t count*.
  10. goodness man. PJ Walker ran a 4.75 40 yard dash and never had more than 330 yards rushing. Willis is a bonafide athletic freak. Honestly don’t know how you can look at them and be like “yeap. same guy.”.
  11. PJ Walker can’t hold a candle to neither Willis’ arm talent nor his athleticism.
  12. Isn’t Orlovsky the one that said Joe Brady would turn Sam Darnold into Drew Brees? Whatever that guy says, run in the other direction.
  13. Man, I hear this ALL over the place and it’s like people expect every QB class to be like last years where there is 5 potential first rounders. Even so, out of all those guys Mac Jones and Davis Mills had the most productive season’s due to excellent coaching by McDaniels and Pep Hamilton. To my point, last years class was an exception and not the standard. We’ve seen time and time again that even in the best QB classes, the first one off the board isn’t often the best one in the best of classes. Hopefully we do our due diligence and pick the best one *for us*.
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