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  1. They’re not putting up near that many points on our defense at full strength
  2. lmao Josh Love couldn’t be a better fit for our QB room. checks all the boxes.
  3. Calculated positioning is what I see, as well. They’re trying to drive the price down by being “not interested”. I’m convinced that Rhule and Fitterer have no interest in drafting/developing a rookie QB. They want to fast-track this thing on offense to complement our defense. The evidence is there in the off-season, tried for Watson and then Stafford then settled on Darnold. Now, Watson’s back on the menu.
  4. The biggest thing that stands out to me out of Joe’s report is that we re-engaged after we said we were not going to pursue Watson. lol sure doesn’t seem like we are out.
  5. Guessing this isn’t a health concern thing but more of a playbook thing since Saturday’s are typically walk-through’s. But damn, I’m so ready to see this defense with Gilmore.
  6. And I’m still looking for my wife after she left me.
  7. Sacks aren’t the problem because Sam does his best to get the ball out quick. Sometimes it works, other (really bad) times it doesn’t. You can’t look at sacks allowed to judge an OL. Sometimes the sack is due to the line, other times it’s due to the QB holding the ball for ages. Our line is one of the worst in pressures allowed and pass blocking metrics. I honestly haven’t see a line this terrible in quite a while. Cam Erving makes Matt Kalil look like Joe Thomas.
  8. Everyone needs to keep in mind that this is a civil litigation, not a criminal one. There is a lower standard of proof required. We may not get any more than the “he said, she said” evidence presented. If that is the case, this may not go anywhere. Anyways, no need to get heated amongst each other. All love.
  9. Think you gotta look at someone like Antonio Brown, who just won a Super Bowl with Tampa not getting much (if any) flack for signing him. His situation, which is still ongoing, is pretty similar to what Deshaun is being accused of.
  10. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/31086798/houston-texans-qb-deshaun-watson-accused-sexual-assault-third-civil-lawsuit Interesting.
  11. So why would he sign an incentive driven contract if he’s not expected to play?
  12. First - did Dan forget they’re in the same division? Secondly, worst take I’ve ever heard.
  13. You overvalued Cousins by a wide margin. He may not be worth even 1 first round pick but them getting Tua, a first and more for Cousins is completely unrealistic.
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