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  1. Meh, it’s not concrete content but found it kinda interesting
  2. It makes sense, he got the bag now he wants a chip. Can’t blame the guy, good on him if he does want to move on.
  3. Yeah, I was in the corner that no one was going to trade for him/that contract - but this makes it seem like it’s not out of the realm of possibility. Hell, if anyone’s willing to part with a first round pick…
  4. What are Marvin McNutt and Tiquan Underwood up to these days?
  5. Higgins should be imo He was making plays all camp long, it’s a damn shame he hasn’t been given more opportunities.
  6. https://twitter.com/AdamsonAshley/status/1582409157306482700?s=20&t=MmoNO_UCjtgf5RGAltY2aw
  7. Im honestly baffled at his ideology, if there is any? Why hire a Mike McCarthy disciple if you were so hung up on the running game? Now we are moving goal posts to hire an OC because no decent one wanted anything to do with us. The lack of running the ball and getting the pressure off Rodgers is what got McCarthy canned in GB.
  8. Yes of course, we are a run first team and we have to run the ball. UPDATE 2022: It’s a passing league, so passing wins games according to Rhule.
  9. Feels like we’re the Flint Tropics before they traded the washing machine for Monix.
  10. IDL is honestly not as big of an issue as our EDGEs in run defense. Take a look for yourselves.
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