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  1. This is a measure of accuracy on completed passes, hence “pinpoint”. The number I am referring to is the overall Quarterback rating solely under duress per PFF.
  2. If he stands so strong in the pocket, why does he have a 43.9 rating against pressure?
  3. And quite honestly, can’t wait until we can have a civil conversation in regards to this interview without it devolving into a spiteful debate.
  4. Yeah, I saw that one - just didn’t see one with the entire interview but it makes sense to just keep it all in one place.
  5. I was not! Sorry about that, I tried looking and could not find it. Mods, feel free to close.
  6. If he was 6’1+ we probably wouldn’t have a shot at him
  7. Both are recruiting powerhouses, each have their own up/down years. This is one instance where OSU had better years than Bama.
  8. I get where you’re coming from, I look at QBs differently from other prospects - it’s such a cerebral position. You grab the best overall football player that’s a proven commodity. The risk is chasing upside there. Both are good, but Bryce did more with less. Stroud is going to have 3 of his linemen drafted in the first 2/3 rounds. Had two of his receivers go first round last year, one will be a first rounder this year and one will be a top 5 pick next year. Bryce’s best receiver was his running back this year and a Bama linemen will be lucky to get drafted in the 4th round.
  9. I mentioned this in another post but the NFL is mostly run in the shotgun formation now. Doug Pederson/Nick Sirianni (who run schemes similar to Reichs) play out of shotgun 75/80% of the time. Reich’s last full year in Indy, they utilized shotgun 76% of their plays.
  10. Bryce Young very much is. For CJ Stroud to overtake Bryce Young, he would have had to play every game of the season like he did vs UGA. Before the UGA game, you saw Jared Goff ceiling comparisons for Stroud. (Some analysts stand by those even now)
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