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  1. Correct, the idea of players taking discounts is pretty much a fantasy fans like to dream about. In reality players are/should be looking out for there own financial best interest and I don’t blame anyone for doing so.
  2. You obviously don’t see Harbs post very much this. This is par for the course lol
  3. While I generally agree I think it is naive to not worry about it at all. He's been able to rely on his athleticism and good technique so far but now he's playing against the best week in week out. Every little thing helps. I just hope he can overcome it. Fingers crossed. I am tentatively excited about his development
  4. Christiansen is a legit athlete no doubt. I wonder how much his arm length will hold him back if at all. Thats easily the biggest reason he was there in the third and not being talked about with the first round tackles. Time will tell.
  5. didnt know Sam was only 23. He has multiple years of NFL experience and hes younger than Burrow. Like this kid still has so much room to grow. And now he has a legit support system behind him.
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