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  1. Right when I first saw the trade I was like that’s not bad… and if the qb we take works out then the narrative will change
  2. Exactly our young core won't be young forever. You gotta take risks if you want to be successful.
  3. Carr is not a bridge and probably isn't looking to go somewhere where he is seen as one
  4. Honestly we just need good coach + franchise qb. Tepper can be ass but still manage to get lucky with that
  5. This thread would be a lot better if all of the hc updates were contained in the OP
  6. This board is not representative of our fanbase as a whole
  7. I'll take Wilks because I don't trust Tepper to hire anyone better. We need to let McAdoo go though
  8. You guys are some losers. You know we just fell 1 draft spot? Stround and Young will be gone by then anyways.
  9. We weren't gonna get stroud or young with our picks anyways... fuging chill guys. If we want one of those 2 qbs we'd have to trade up win or loss today
  10. Gotta qb sneak that. Feel like we might regret that
  11. At this rate we won’t be drafting stroud or bryce and I’d rather run it back with Darnold next season. Get some pieces around him and maybe he can turn into our Jimmy G.
  12. Props to him, he’s earned himself a spot as a high-end back up or bridge qb.
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