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  1. Smart move. Doesn’t make sense to bring in Watson and lose CMC. Plus with a qb like Deshaun won’t have to rely on cmc as much. Hubard’s an OK 3rd down back.
  2. Only way I can see us picking Willis is if Tepper says so. Rhule knows his ass is on the hot seat and probably doesn't want to draft a quarterback that needs time to develop.
  3. Has been my favorite Panther since Cam left, would be a real shame if we don't keep him around
  4. Panthers and Watson already had mutual interest, Watson was interested in Miami because of Flores... Tepper please be a savage and fire Rhule today and hire Flores.
  5. Do y'all think the Bucs even practiced and watched film this week? This is almost like a bye for them.
  6. Didn't PJ have a similar fumble soon after this one? THAT points towards incompetent coaching
  7. Going forward Houston is in a better spot than us. They knew they would be blowing things up a while ago and their coach has more promise than ours.
  8. I think Rhule should be fired this season no matter what. He’s almost 2 seasons in and he’s showed no signs of consistency and hasn’t built us an identity yet.
  9. As a coach you should know whether or not you’re gonna go for it on 4th down in that situation before you reach 4th down
  10. Can you even challenge a forward pass that wasnt called?
  11. Even if they’re only doing this to get Cam up to speed, if they wanted PJ to start he’d get most of the first team reps.
  12. That is definitely Cam saying “10-4” message received. Not disrespectful at all.
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