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  1. Aye Horn’s a beast! And Colin’s behind this.. he’s been saying we need a cb for weeks. https://twitter.com/colincowherd/status/1387940602986131460?s=21
  2. So sad how Darnold was expected to be able to be inserted as QB1 and be able to perform because he was a top 5 pick and talented. Rookies and young players need to be coached! Darnold got none of that in New York. As Stephen A. Smith put it, Darnold was contaminated with Adam Gase lol.
  3. I think we would take Fields if he's there, and maybe even take Lance if he's there. I don't think we would take Mac Jones though if he was the best qb available at that point.
  4. Why would a team want to give up assets to name Teddy their starting qb. Really I can only see the Texans doing this.
  5. No because Darnold with what we gave up is better than Mac Jones with the 8th pick. If Darnold unfortunately really doesn't work out then we can use our high first rounder next year on a QB.
  6. He's our guy now and I'm getting behind him!!
  7. I hate how the Falcons have the 4th pick because they won’t trade it to us. Ideally we could trade up to 4 and take Fields or Lance.
  8. I have a hard time seeing Atl pass up on Fields if he’s there. Honestly I’ve been coming around to the idea of trading for Darnold and drafting Pitts.
  9. Probably because they saw him sitting on the Saints bench during clutch time
  10. Y’all who are glad we didn’t get Stafford, you do realize in this league you go nowhere without an elite qb right?
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