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  1. To be fair, Josh Allen was raw and looked like he could be a bust his first two seasons. He transformed into a top tier QB his 3rd season.
  2. My guess would be the Cowboys job. But you make a good point.
  3. The Saints probably are screwed in the short term. I read something that speculated Payton could retire and take a season off. Then return with a different team. If he did that, he gets a vacation. And the team he goes to won't have to give up draft picks.
  4. If Tom got hit like a lot of other QBs, his career would have ended 5+ seasons ago.
  5. George Kittle is a beast and makes up for their lack of receiving talent. Aiyuk is alright.
  6. If SF can run the ball against Tampa, they will have a chance.
  7. That's honestly unbelievable. What a disappointing end for the Packers.
  8. This is the drive that will convince Rhule to trade the 6th pick for Jimmy G.
  9. 49ers offense going to get another opportunity to disappoint
  10. Anyone else find it weird that Fox has specific music for injuries?
  11. Its honestly unreal how lucky the Packers have been with that..
  12. Love seeing the snow come down in Lambeau
  13. Is it just me, or is it insane to trade multiple 1st rounders to take a guy 3rd overall and bench him for 2 seasons? They must think the ceiling on Trey Lance is the best QB of all time.
  14. That's pretty much 49er football lol He's gonna fit right in.
  15. Either that or he's the next Jordan Love. Just a much more expensive whiff.
  16. That timeout by the 49ers was a lot like that timeout by the Chargers vs the Raiders. Packers were ready to go to the locker room.
  17. That's our future QB Jimmy G! Ahahaha
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