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  1. I thought it was questionable to let Zach Kerr walk, but Rhule and Fitterer clearly know what they're doing here. I won't doubt them again when it comes to the defensive line.
  2. Is 50 the score you get for being a warm body?
  3. Hard to tell from the TV angle, but I thought the first play he came in he looked decent. He seemed to hold his guy up enough.
  4. I agree about CMC not being a power back on the goal line, but I just don't think we have the blocking personnel to win those matchups. I'm not sure it would matter who was taking the handoff. It was good to see Brady call a quick pass play after that didn't work a few times, and Sam hit DJ on a quick slant for a TD.
  5. One thing this team does not have in common with 03 is winning by the skin of our teeth. Many of those games, we played not to lose, and relied on Jake and the offense to setup a last second score. Despite the offensive sputters in the 3rd quarter, the ability of this offense to keep moving the football yesterday was big.
  6. I've talked a bunch of crap about Rodney Harrison, but I'll gladly take him back on that panel now. Brees is just worse in every way.
  7. Why is taunting even a rule? On one hand, I can understand why they want guys to act professional and not set bad examples. On the other hand, its professional sports. Let the guys taunt each other. Its more entertaining.
  8. Phil Snow might be the best defensive coordinator we ever had. I love his schemes and getting pressure from multiple angles. He doesn't just sit back in a cover 2, and I love it.
  9. If you told me the final score would be 26-7, I would have thought we lost. What a great performance today all around. Not perfect, but what more can you expect? Coaching was much improved this week.
  10. I gotta give it to Brady. I was so frustrated with some of the situational play calls last week, but that goal line pass to DJ was money. Great half all around.
  11. Well now I don't feel so good. Cowherd is almost always wrong.
  12. Wilson has a baby face so he looks like he's 16. He could afford to beef up a little bit, but he's not small. If you didn't see the talent on the field Sunday, I'm not sure what to tell you. That Jets team is abysmal, and almost ruined Darnold. If they're not careful, they'll ruin Wilson. My biggest criticism of Wilson is that he tried to play too much hero ball. But the elusiveness, the awareness in the pocket, the arm strength and accuracy... its all there.
  13. There is a difference in spelling a RB and removing him from the game. He's not a baseball pitcher, where when he's out he's done for the game. We're talking about giving 5-10 carries to other backs combined.
  14. If we shut down Alvin Kamara I will be a happy man. I'm so sick of seeing him run all over us.
  15. He almost had 2 on Sunday. I stand by my prediction. Famous Jameis also throws lots of picks to LBs.
  16. They were fumble returns. And in the same game.... on back to back plays I believe.
  17. That just means we're due. I'm calling a Shaq Thompson pick 6 for Sunday.
  18. I forgot how fun it is to have people from other teams talking smack. We didn't get any of that with the Jets lol
  19. That's not really very close to the same situation. 33 yard line is 50 yard FG. 37 yard line is 55 yard FG, which is significantly longer for most kickers. Also 4th and 17 is not a realistically make-able down. 4th and 6 is. If Bill was in our situation, I believe he would have gone for it.
  20. To be fair, it's not really a reach if the guy ends up being a great player. The general consensus outside of our team seemed to be that even Horn was a bit of a reach as Surtain was graded as the best corner. Was he a reach? I don't think so, because he's probably going to be a better player than Surtain. That being said, I'm not mad we got Horn. He's a bad dude.
  21. As a counter point, how many punters practice the coffin corner from just outside the redzone? Should we really expect him to nail that?
  22. Oh come on, that's a strawman . I just think we should spell CMC instead of giving him 500 touches this season. And everyone was livid when Cam was playing visibly injured.
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