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  1. You guys remember that story about Tepper hating some dude so much he bought his house and demolished it? What if that guy was a Panther fan too? That would explain a lot.
  2. I agree but I think that Tepper will have his head in the sand for at least another season before he gives up on Bryce.
  3. Probably because it can't be cleaned up. I'm pretty sure they know and have likely tried. Most players can't overhaul all of their mechanics in the NFL. Especially when those mechanics were the result of his limitations.
  4. I don’t disagree that Frank is outdated but I think a more helpful percentage would be under center rather than shotgun. I really doubt there’s 9 other QBs who play less under center than Bryce.
  5. Obviously these guys aren’t playing well, but having to play out of the shotgun and pistol and telegraphing our offense as obvious passing plays it not helping. There is no sense of misdirection by our offensive formations and teams know when we’re passing. When pass rushers know they can pin their ears back it’s going to be even harder to block.
  6. I feel bad for wasting money on Sunday ticket to watch the team this year. I can’t imagine how you feel as a PSL holder.
  7. Well I apologize but I’m just tired of the comparisons to other rookies that struggled. Bryce is not playing like a rookie going through growing pains. He is playing like a guy that’s getting completely exposed as someone who doesn’t belong in the league.
  8. You’re the one making josh Allen comparisons. It’s so outrageous I couldn’t help myself. Carry on
  9. You’re missing the point. A supporting cast isn’t gonna make Bryce Young NFL caliber.
  10. Josh Allen and Bryce Young couldn’t be more different. Allen was a raw athletic freak with a low floor and high ceiling. Young is the opposite of that.
  11. No he’s not. The dude is unable to read the field.
  12. I dont think David Carr syndrome is even real. You gotta go back 20 years to find a an example of some supposed good QB being ruined by pressure? Nah. David Carr was just never very good and he had some bad habits get solidified over time. No different than Sam Darnold. Put Sam Darnold in the best situation and he’s not having any different of a career. He just can’t see the field. We’re not ruining Bryce Young. He’s just not very good.
  13. Maybe because Tepper was pushing for Bryce?
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