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  1. I'm sure Mick is a good guy, but it's hard to believe he ever made it as a professional announcer. He has absolutely zero aptitude for it.
  2. Pretty bad, probably. But I don't think he makes as many air-mail type interceptions that Sam did in some of the worst games. Personally, I like the move. I'm a bit of a gamblin' man myself, so I like the boom/bust potential of swapping out Teddy for Sam. I just don't think a lot of the more optimistic people see the potential downside here. I think we could end up with a top 5 pick in next year's draft. That could ultimately net us our real franchise QB, but that's just how I see it.
  3. Here's something else to consider. We replaced Teddy essentially because we were 0-8 in games where we had a chance to win it. Teddy didn't do enough to win any of those games. The assumption then, is we can bring in a better QB to make a few plays and win some of those games. The other side of this coin, is that Teddy didn't do anything to really lose any of those games either. Sam has committed some seriously ugly turnovers in a Jets uniform that I don't think Teddy even comes close to. It's truly a boom or bust change at QB. We could be picking higher than 8 next year as a result
  4. Just for the record, I honestly thought Teddy would do really well for us last year. When I first heard about his contract, I felt like I got punched in the stomach. But, I figured that Teddy would excel in the system and be better than he is. Part of that was assuming that Joe Brady was some kind of miracle worker. For me personally, that's a big reason why my expectations for Sam Darnold are pretty low. I don't think we can say that Joe Brady is a bad OC, but he's certainly not the QB miracle worker he was made out to be. I think Brady can grow into a good play caller, but he looke
  5. It's definitely long odds, but I don't agree with this comparison. It implies that there is a safer, less risky option to success. In the stock market, the safest way to win long term is to buy index funds. There is no such thing in the NFL. You can't buy shares of Tom Brady. There's only 1 share of Tom Brady and he wears a Bucs uniform now. That's kind of the point I'm getting at. This is a long shot, but it's a long shot with calculated risk. Championship teams are the exception.
  6. It's definitely a long shot that Sam would turn his career around and become our franchise QB or an all-star. But, the league's story is told through long shots, in my opinion. Tom Brady being selected in the 6th round. The Giants beating the undefeated patriots. Pat Mahomes being completely exceptional and beyond what anyone thought he would be. Every season the Super Bowl winner is the exception. Honestly, I don't expect Darnold to be that great. But this is the NFL. Why do we need a case study to compare Sam Darnold to? Every situation is unique.
  7. Good luck in Denver, Teddy. No hard feelings.
  8. If they thought Justin Fields was the next Pat Mahomes, they take him no question. I have a hard time believing they'd be worried about looking stupid picking him in that case. The most likely explanation is the simplest. Fields or Jones were not viewed as significantly better than Darnold as young QB prospects to justify using the pick on them. Darnold could be terrible and Fields could be in the HoF. I'm just saying thats most likely what went down in the decision making process.
  9. Since we're on the topic of Zach Wilson and how he'll turn out... I thought I'd share this clip of Ryan Leaf's take from a few weeks ago. He was filling in for Rich Eisen (who is a Jets fan if you don't know). I really enjoyed listening to his perspective.
  10. Thats fair. I definitely think that our staff thought they could elevate him to a pro bowl QB. And they were clearly wrong about that. I do think a large portion of the offseason outcome was attitude though. Not that they wouldn't have traded for Darnold, but Teddy would likely be going into camp as our #1 QB if his mentality was different.
  11. I was optimistic about Teddy, because I thought that he would excel in Brady's offense. He also has plenty of reps as a starting QB in the league and brings experience. The main problem is his attitude. If he was a true professional and a real grinder, he'd still be on the team IMO. The team decided to replace him ASAP not because he played poorly on the field. (He did). But because his mindset does not fit the culture that Rhule and company are installing. As soon as he blamed Brady about the play call not coming down in time that one game, I knew it was over. We'd eat whatever sa
  12. Im convinced that Dan was a hall of fame linebacker if he could stay on the field. Conversely, his entire play style was having no regard for his own health.
  13. Moton is on the right side because he is not a LT. The Turner for Okung trade can be graded as either a win or a wash in my book. Okung only played half the season because he can't stay on the field, but I think he was decent when healthy. His contract was also an expiring one, while the Chargers straight up cut Trai Turner this offseason. We got an overpaid player off the books essentially.
  14. That's true, I just think historically we had a very difficult time stopping any kind of a running threat at QB. I don't know if it was the scheme or the coaching or what, but we never seemed to be ready for that kind of thing. Cam was/is more of a power runner, but he was still damn quick at his physical peak. On 3rd and long, it felt like he could see an opening and shoot upfield for 10 yards in about a quarter of a second.
  15. I'm not here to make excuses, but here's some excuses.
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