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  1. Legal issues aside, I don't like a DW trade because it makes our organization even more dysfunctional. I don't think Watson would be happy here, and we'd end up trying to hire coaches and whatnot to please him. We wouldn't have the ammo to surround him with talent or even build an offensive line for him. If we were "just a QB away" then I would do it.
  2. Part of the reason why the Rams trade away their 1sts is because they view them like 2nd round picks. Most draft experts will tell you there's 15 or so guys that are top prospects, and then it drops down to the next level of guys. The Rams expect to pick in the later half of the draft every year, so they are not valuing those picks like a bad team would. That being said, I don't think we're in a position to trade the farm for a QB. Deshaun Watson would basically be in the same situation as Houston, just in the NFC. We need a new staff, and we should actually try drafting a QB instead of these ridiculous short cuts.
  3. Imagine sitting out an entire season to end up on the Panthers under Matt Rhule. I don't see it happening.
  4. We better not be trading for most of these guys unless we are GETTING something for doing so. QBs like Kirk Cousins are a liability because of their salary, and their availability is a testament to that. Why aren't the Vikings content with this QB? Why did SF trade 3 1st round picks to draft a QB? The truth is, these QBs aren't good enough and there is no reason to waste resources on acquiring them. We should acquire a cheap veteran if we need to bring in someone else at QB. Either that, or do what every other normal front office does and draft a guy.
  5. At this point I'm hoping for Scottie Montgomery because it's the worst hire imaginable.
  6. For real. Is this set of candidates a fireable offense?
  7. Intentional or not, the defense is constructed to play with a lead. We have a good pass rush and cover corners. Unfortunately, we do not have an offense capable of producing a lead. The defense's weakness is stopping the run. That's a bad weakness to have when you have a bad offense, but it's also not great for a championship defense. Stopping the run is usually important in the playoffs.
  8. Agree except I think we can upgrade that position with UDFAs.
  9. Cardinals need Matt Stafford to throw a pick.
  10. The Manning cast is so great because you don't have to listen to the regular MNF cast. It gives me an idea for another alternative. What about a broadcast with no announcers and just game sound? MNF crew needs an overhaul.
  11. Nothing would fit this team more than trading down to pick up a bunch of OL that Rhule refuses to play.
  12. That's the easiest part of the decision. It'll be Kellen Moore, the young up and coming OC. Jerry won't want to lose both Dan Quinn and Kellen Moore, and be stuck with McCarthy to replace them.
  13. That late interception last night was so bad. He had another miss on a wide open guy that was terrible as well. We don't need to replace Sam Darnold to get that kind of QB play.
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