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  1. In short, yes. He looked worse his 2nd season as the starter than his 1st one. He had more INTs than TDs that year. By that point he was 3 years into the league. Once they took Rivers, Brees play took off in 2004 and 2005. By that point they had to make the call on which QB they were keeping long term. They chose Rivers, and the rest is history. In retrospect, either would have been correct IMO.
  2. How does 2nd rounder 1 year out = 1st round pick? I get the point that if we are the worst team, it will be the 33rd overall pick. But, there is a time value associated with these picks you know.
  3. I think that's kind of a good thing. I don't see Darnold being mediocre. We're going to know if he can be the guy or not by the end of the season. If he's trash, we'll probably be picking in the top 3 instead of 8, and we can select a top QB prospect.
  4. Pat McAfee's video on the trade cracked me up. He ended it with "Sam Darnold saw a ghost one time. Now he's got a chance to see them on a full time basis down in Carolina."
  5. I'm also not sure we can use the Browns as a guide for success. They have been rebuilding for 25 years, and finally had 1 good season (where they didn't even win the division or make it to the AFCCG btw). They could easily regress next season, and Baker finally looked good in year 3 when the team was stacked and he had good coaching.
  6. Getting Bernard on the cheap would be a fantastic way to replace Mike Davis. Totally different style of back, but we could use the depth. Don't want CMC getting run into the ground anymore.
  7. You also get in a perpetual loop by tanking in football. I don't really think its like the NBA where you can get 1 stud in the lottery and you're in much better shape. If you draft a good QB prospect on a dumpster fire of a team, he could easily get killed from no protection or not perform very well ever. You could be looking at decades of poor play before you get something going. Instead of trying to find someone that can develop and win on a decent football team, you're looking for someone that shows flashes in a dumpster fire. Not the best approach in my opinion.
  8. No way to know for sure, but I find it hard to believe that Herbert and Mayfield would look as bad. Josh Allen looked pretty bad his first 2 seasons with the Bills and has improved tremendously.
  9. We definitely need help at CB, but having a pass rush can hide that weakness somewhat. I think our OLine needs help for sure. I'm not convinced these guys we signed are going to be the answer.
  10. Possible that other teams had this plan as well. Maybe we overpaid, but maybe that was the price for closing the deal now.
  11. Teddy didn't outright lose a lot of games. He just doesn't win any of them either. If Darnold doesn't work out, he WILL lose us a lot of games next season.
  12. He went to another team and became a good QB after everyone thought he was trash.
  13. I'm cautiously optimistic about this. My initial gut reaction to the Teddy Bridgewater contract was negative. I don't really have the same feeling about this. I think its relatively low risk, even though some think the 2nd is too much. If he doesn't work out, we aren't really set back too much. If he fulfills his draft potential with us, we got a major steal.
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