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  1. Davis was awesome when he came over in 2003, but he was only a few miles left from the wheels falling off.
  2. Sad. A lot of the retired linemen you see on TV drop weight after their playing days. Your body just can't support that level of weight longer term. When I saw him on TV reporting at essentially his playing weight, I figured he probably wouldn't live super long.
  3. It would be a little ironic after all the Darnold/Tannehill comparisons last offseason. It's a hard pass for me.
  4. Well then that's just silly of them, in my opinion. They talk about how building the team is a multi year process, but then go and do short sighted stuff to win now. You could argue that CJ was a long term investment, but that view of the draft choices value is very "win now". I see a lot of sentiment about how draft picks are overrated, and the team with the most picks doesn't win the Super Bowl etc. But the reality is we really needed those picks we gave away, and it was painfully obvious as the draft unfolded. That reflects a poor evaluation of where the team is at and/or poor planning.
  5. Miles' development has been entertaining to watch. He definitely seems like a star in the making after this year. Personally I wish his game was a little more rounded out on the defensive side, but he is a dynamic ball handler attacking the basket, and can hit 3s sometimes too. It might sting to give him the max, but if anyone deserves it right now it should be him. It would be a much better contract to be stuck with than Gordon Hayward.
  6. I agree with the premise, but I'm afraid they'll extend him for more than he's worth.
  7. I hope they struck gold. They must be convinced he's going to develop into a good player with the contract they gave him.
  8. He just has zero personality on TV. Being unlikeable might be better, because people would tune in to hate him.
  9. Not saying you're wrong but the Bruins have scored 4 goals tonight on the same ice.
  10. Alright the Canes are getting some great chances now.
  11. Literally the opposite of our PP. Everyone is either passing, skating or shooting.
  12. We gotta move the puck around more on the PP. Can't just sit there and not shoot or anything if nothings there. We're basically killing it off ourselves. Need more pucks at the net.
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