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  1. You were not wrong. Great Equilibrium beers from Beer Study. Had one just now. Stellar.
  2. Spencer Rattler is going to be the best QB next year. I'm not sure it's going to be close either. His arm talent is not teachable. His damn receivers dropped 10 TD passes last year. If they can get the drops figured out, OU is going to be hunting for a Natty.
  3. McCall was a True Freshman this year. Won't be able to get him in 2022.
  4. Weirdly enough, not minor injuries. Just MAJOR injuries. But hey, I'll take some minor injuries if he's able to at least play at least 90-95% of the games.
  5. KISS breakdown of the trade: Nets receive: James Harden Rockets receive: Victor Oladipo Dante Exum Rodions Kurucs 4 1st-round picks 4 pick swaps Pacers receive: Caris LeVert Cavaliers receive: Jarrett Allen Taurean Prince
  6. Very cool man. Berry Study is one of the spots the wife and I love to venture to, well. When poo was normal. Now we just go pick up beer from there, and Hi-Wire mostly. That's partially why we love Hi-Wire so much, it's just easy to order online and go pick it up. We went there last week for a pick up, and they had a ton of people inside drinking without their mask on and I said. Yeah, no thanks.
  7. I do. I'll order some NEIPA's from there and pick them up this weekend. I found what you were talking about on their website. Ordering it now. They have some of the brewery's you were talking about in your post as well. Will for sure pick up some from there.
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