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  1. Football, and basketball season too! The scores app>>>>>> Sooooooooooooo good.
  2. Yeah, I love YTTV. Can't get rid of it. I am a bit pissed they got rid of the local fox channels though.
  3. You say so. Got proof for that? Or you just saying poo? I’m not Chuck, FYI. I’m nctarheel0619.
  4. Sigh. It was 15 for the Panthers during their SB year. JT for the Panthers first rounder was the offer. What’s noting the rock? Just curious. You’re so wrong, but yet you keep thinking you’re right. It’s the cutest thing.
  5. Sigh. He would’ve been traded before the deadline in 15. That was the rumor. JT for a first rounder from carolina. Gosh you’re the worst.
  6. To be fair, Joe Thomas would’ve started in the SB vs Von or Ware. Would’ve helped a little bit.
  7. Vernon Butler..................which by the way could've been traded for Joe Thomas because the Browns were offering him for that. But dip poo Gettle tits said nope.
  8. Offensive line will get better. I think if we trade for Watson. They go balls to the wall in FA for more pieces on the line, and through the draft.
  9. Yeah, that's not much. We'll have to give up more for Watson. I'm okay with 3 first. Even okay with 3 first and a decent piece.
  10. Because the O-Line wasn’t that bad. Get an LG or Center in the Draft or FA. And it’ll be fine. You posting at all disqualifies your opinion. Shrugs.
  11. I'm not worried about the offensive line, and I'm good with Carter at MLB. He was better than that dip poo Whitehead. And no, I give you poo because of your consistent whining about us winning meaningless games for "culture." Offensive Line was makeshift anyway, and the Draft won't allow you to get a good LT. LG and Center you can find throughout the draft. Creed Hump is expected to be a late second rounder, and that guy is an absolute beast.
  12. Meh. Pretty damn average defense last year, and it'll only get better getting rid of the weak links on the defense. Watson would help tremendously, and would probably put Carolina in the Playoffs. Even if Carolina had to part with Teddy and CMAC to get it done.
  13. Depends on his priorties. If he wants to win now, 49ers or maybe the Phins. If he's willing to wait a year or two, Panthers because they have the most potential. Especially with Rhule as coach.
  14. I've seen trades for first rounders that worked out for trading up in a draft. For instance, Mahomes. But, I can't think of any QB's that were traded for numerous first rounders.
  15. So, twice. That's all you got huh? Two times. Neither for a QB? Wow. That's lovely.
  16. This might be a good thing. Might give YTTV and Hulu people a chance to watch again. Because Sinclair was trying to raise the poo out of their prices. However, YTTV and Hulu are barely making profits on this poo as of right now. So, we'll see.
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