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  1. Good point. I’m just trying to think outside the box, which, considering I was never in the box, football-wise, is pretty clear in my naive post.
  2. Cam looks like he's done as a QB, so, since he is under contract, would it be worth while playing him at TE? I know this is the fantasy of a fan who never actually played football, but if Cam and Tremble lined up as TEs for wither Sam or CJ, they would give some help to the OL and viable receiving threats. Cam is clearly willing to take a hit.
  3. If we buy that this is a rebuilding process, then the losses are acceptable. Of course, since we Fitterer has dealt away a lot of draft picks, that is harder to accept as a strategy.
  4. There are so many ex-Panthers on the Buffalo team that it's impossible not to wonder about our management.
  5. I actually taught him twice in high school. He's enormous, smart, and has a huge personality. He has an incredible influence on people around him, and he loves working with people to accomplish a goal. What does that matter in terms of professional football, you ask? I think it translates to a young man who is savvy, physical, and charismatic. His energy and work ethic are contagious, and I would love to see him in a Panthers uniform.
  6. If Tepper would come out and say something like, "This is a re-building process, and we are in year two of a four-year plan", I might be more patient. But he hasn't demonstrated that there is a master plan in place. Some of the early-season moves made it seem like the Panthers wanted to win now, but without an offensive line and realistically good quarterback, did any of us really think so? Taking Darnold was a gamble. Don't investment people live on gambles? It was a bad one. Bringing in Cam was desperate. Everyone knew it. Cam cannot hide the fact that the offensive line needs a lot of work. Until there's a good O-line and a solid QB, we're going to struggle.
  7. Admins, if what I posted a second ago wasn't okay, please feel free to take it down.
  8. My brother and I used to go to every home game for four seasons in a row. Life got tough for him, culminating in a brain tumor that has left him disabled. You wouldn't know it to talk to him, aside from the seven-inch scar along the side of his head, because he is still charming and incredibly chatty. Any way, we haven't been back in years, and I wanted to get some tickets and surprise him, but even the seats in the Upper Level are over $200. I want to go be obnoxious and loud again, like we were ten years ago, but that's too rich for a teacher and a guy on disability. Does anyone here have a line on decent seats with parking close to the stadium? I'll tutor your kid in English for free if you do (within reason, of course!). Go Panthers!
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