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  1. I feel bad that this organization never gave Cam an oline and got him killed and ruined his career. He had one of the strongest arms I have ever seen and could run so fast. Its sad to watch him now. We never even tried to get him blockers
  2. Not overpaying for a non top 5-10 qb. Period. I would prefer to draft a young qb
  3. How stupid is that organization. How embarrassing
  4. As long as the wwf ref doesn't have a flag
  5. Remind me of what the teams gave up for those players and the positive results for the teams that acquired them. Just curious
  6. The individual has been a great player but what have the Falcons really done with him?
  7. I appreciate an actual thread title. I wish that rule was enforced. Tired of stupid thread titles that say nothing
  8. Really? Thats a lot to move up a whole 5 spots. No way I would do it. No way to prove whoever is taken at 3 will be better than whoever is taken 5 spots later.
  9. The public apology is just for more attention seeking. A sincere apology would be done in person or the very least over the phone. Typing up some poo means nothing and isn't genuine. Hes just trying to get people to know his name. Lil brat
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