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  1. You don't understand the way Tepper thinks then. If he wants this type of talent at QB, which we know he does, then we will get him.
  2. What? Panthers spending money on their own, drafted offensive lineman? Hurney is rolling his eyes somewhere
  3. Best off-season we've had in a long time in my opinion.
  4. Cam took cheap shot after cheap shot to his most vulnerable areas his whole time in Carolina. It was blatantly obvious and it was blatantly obvious the refs/league were going to allow it to happen. Defenses feasted and took shot at his head/shoulder/legs constantly
  5. Years of the NFL letting Cam take abuse and shots that they would never allow on any other QB. They didn't like Cam and they ruined the career of someone who could have been one of the biggest stars the league has ever seen. Rivera/coaching/front office at the time didn't help Cam in any way.
  6. Would rather trade down and add a first rounder next year if anything. This draft is kind of trash. Hope to get lucky with that trade piece next year or opens up trading up abilities
  7. Excited to watch our defense
  8. I can almost guarantee we will sign a legit back up at some point once cuts are made
  9. Must've taken a mormon mission and put off signing
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