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  1. Looked like the fight when Eric Foreman showed up to the Packers game with the Bears jersey on
  2. I trust our coaches unlike the majority of you that have changed your opinion after only 2 losses.
  3. How do you injure yourself as a punter?
  4. The stupid reactionary comments after this past game have been childlike and extremely embarrassing
  5. I dont take these reactionary posts seriously. You sound unbelievably stupid. I mean unbelievably stupid. Any coach is only as good as his players execute.
  6. I don't take any "fire these coaches" posts seriously. You all sound so freaking stupid. Besides Blackburn. He should have been gone a long time ago
  7. Without blocking or CMC our offense is pretty shitty
  8. One of the most frustrating games I've seen in a long time. Not falling on that ball in the endzone killed us.
  9. Offensive line is not "protecting him enough" idk if he's made one pass this game not under pressure. Wide receivers are unable to get open. I credit phillys defense but Sam is being put in an impossible situation
  10. This offensive line is beyond frustrating. I literally can't take it.
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