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  1. I'll take Donovan Clingan
  2. Castle also refused to workout for the Hornets
  3. Can't believe fox thinks anyone wants to listen to Bradys whiney bitch ass
  4. So the jaguars are building the "stadium of the future"for roughly the same cost
  5. Gonna be weird seeing a roof over the stadium
  6. Oh yes, that one lucky lottery in 20 years of being in the lottery
  7. I was upset seeing where we are picking... but Hawks getting number 1 pisses me off. What a joke the lottery is every year
  8. Im glad I dont sit around what we did or didn't do over a year ago
  9. Sounds like a snoozefest on both stations. Good thing I don't watch it anyways
  10. Those are opinions and they don't matter. Im super happy with our draft class. Particularly the top 4
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