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  1. Idk having Rhule, Brady, and our offensive weapons would be intriguing
  2. Yeah Fitterer wasn't running those drafts so its completely irrelevant
  3. How this guy fell to the 6th round is beyond me
  4. Very good. Im just happy I'm on vacation and heading to the Outer Banks tomorrow
  5. I love our freaking draft close. Anyone else as excited as me?
  6. Jesus thats a lot of tackles.
  7. I say this every year pre draft when everyone is posting every single mock and getting bent out of shape over something that means nothing
  8. Denote browns gonna run in from the goal line every time
  9. Hurney could never pull off a draft like that.
  10. Kind of a jerk response for someone with a poorly worded post.
  11. I think he catches better than he is given credit for. I just love him for his nasty style of play and attitude. We need that. Its infectious
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