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  1. Better than the past few years but still ugly
  2. I think what Bryce has can be coached to CJ who already isn't far behind. You can't chamge size. Also Stroud pit the ball on the money every time with minimal effort. Bryce has to put a lot more into his throws
  3. Not worried about batted balls. Worried an NFL linebacker will kill him
  4. Love Drew Sanders. One of my favorites. He has something special
  5. We are truly in a great place to go BPA with our second rounder and that's a great feeling. Don't any to force any position. Would still love a skill position or pass rusher
  6. I'm ready for the draft to be over. I can't deal with some of you.
  7. Tepper getting his butthole licked
  8. I thought it was decided that Gonzalez would be our kicker? So expert reported that anyways
  9. This would be the moat bobcats draft pick ever
  10. Everyone is so passionate over one guy or the other. Who do you want roughly a month before the draft, now that pro days are complete.
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