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  1. Tom Brady will be calling the game while playing it. Because Tom brady blah blah
  2. Did we manage to get a franchise QB and franchise LT in one draft? That would be pretty impressive. Especially considering our lack of picks going into the draft
  3. Rhule can give him a job on the sideline or something if he wants him around bad enough
  4. Tepper isn't stupid. The Carolina's are one of the fastest growing spots in America. Especially within the tech industries. Between the Charlotte and Concord area and the Triangle and many large metropolitan areas. There are many states left that can match what the Carolina's offer. The idea that we are a small market is crazy to me. Tepper wanted to be here for a reason. He isn't stupid. He will get what he wants and keep the team here
  5. I don't think the way he performs matters if we are sitting at the top of next years draft. They will take the best QB available regardless. This will be our last year of Darnold anyways
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