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  1. He seems to be great at his pre snap reads. He already knows where to go with the ball. The question is what he will do without an obvious pre snap option like he is used to on every play with Bama? He might be great for all I know, but there just seem to be a really small room for error without that super obvious pre snap read. It feels like he need a great supporting cast (spectacular o-line etc.) to work. Not a fan, but I’ll obviously root for him if we pick him. But at 8 I want a star player, not an “just ok” QB.
  2. The problem I have is that his margin of error is so small. Feels like he has to be Brady or Brees to ensure his physical limitations don’t become an issue. And I don’t think he is.
  3. North Dakota State on 3/12 will be fun. If Lance looks great the hype train will be back in full effect. I like him as a high upside guy, but it will be entertaining to see all media draft folks go nuts if he looks great.
  4. Exactly. Instincts are hard to change.
  5. That’s a super interesting observation. How do you “unleash” Fields if he is the issue. Doable for sure, but takes a lot more work and I do believe in our coaching staff.
  6. I remember hearing Bradbury wanted to leave, so we really didn’t have a chance to keep him? But I might be wrong.
  7. Hunter Henry might be too expensive, otherwise he would be great
  8. Of course long arms is a preference. But my point is that doesn’t automatically disqualify everyone with less than 35 arms. There are exceptions for players with great technique, movement etc. And that is what draft analysts claim about Slater.
  9. I don’t know how to judge an OT properly. And Slater might be a bust, but I take the word of someone like Jeremiah over this board (no offense). He was the first one pushing forward Bechton last year and he was spot on.
  10. I might be wrong, but the rankings from a year ago were based on very limited analysis/casual observations of the prospects fir this year’s draft. After starting to really dig in on this years prospects, a lot of things naturally change. Not based on new material, but properly reviewed game tape etc. Holding someone to a mock draft from a year ago is a bit far fetched.
  11. It was always hard to watch Joe Thomas struggle with his 32.5 arms. He could have been really good with longer arms...
  12. I would be happy with one of the four QBs or two OTs. I prefer a QB, but solidifying the LT spot is a great “consolation prize”. That means two other positions have to be picked before us. Seems like a slam dunk, but who would it be? Would it be two WRs, a CB, TE?
  13. I like Graham, but he starts out ice cold every game. Big part of why we get in a hole to start almost every game.
  14. I’m thinking the same thing. But not with our first rounder. We might get Sewell or Slater in the first, then Mac in the second round. I’ve been very skeptical of Mac (I still am to be honest, but if they think he is worth it after coaching him for a week, who am I to say otherwise?). But, how different is he really from Tua? Mac got more size, Tua is slightly more mobile? On the other hand, not sure how impressed I am with Tua...
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