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  1. I think it will end up being a pretty good qb draft. Don’t see the comparison with the Pickett draft
  2. I like him so far. He speaks intelligently and always seem to have a plan for any player he gets questions about. And he’s got a lot of Pete Carroll style energy. As long as he doesn’t go full preacher, I’m cautiously optimistic.
  3. Falcons situation is extremely weird and we can definitely make fun of it. We are even worse, but that doesn’t make their situation less bad.
  4. Agree, it mattered last year and we got a superstar. We should get a very very good starter this year as well.
  5. I personally think Corbett was very good when he was playing, so I have high hopes for him as a C between two stud guards as long as he stays healthy.
  6. To do this with an older rookie is really weird. Love needed to sit for a year or two as he was inexperienced and young. Penix is probably the most ready to start rookie in this class. To stash and sit an older top 10 pick for +2 years… when you are in a win now mode? It also eliminates some of the major benefits you get from a rookie QB, a cheap QB room.
  7. Obviously it is not even close to offsetting the 5th rounder we swapped for a 6th rounder to move in to the first round for Legette to make sure we got the WR we wanted and secured the fifth year option. Combining the two we really messed up. Btw, this is sarcasm if that wasn’t clear.
  8. Milroe would fly up draft boards with a good year as a passer. I could easily see him go #1 overall if he makes a jump.
  9. Yes, but also, their best player the last few year was drafted: Aaron Donald
  10. Are you saying the local sports radio guys wanted the local guy I think he was flagged as a major injury risk by a lot of teams.
  11. Ward could fly up the rankings with a good year.
  12. I think grades are fun, but they are extremely subjective. They player might be great, but the “grader” wanted a different position and vice versa.
  13. I wasn’t looking for a RB, but Brooks is really really good, he is a complete back, he can run, catch and pass block. He is heads and shoulders above our current guys. He’s also close to 220 lbs., so he’s not a small guy
  14. From what I heard it was a clean ACL break, and not a tear, so it should heal relatively quick. He has already started running and cutting, so he should be 100% ready to go by training camp. So I expect him to be a day 1 starter.
  15. From what I understand he’s supposed to be very very good as a 3-4 end, I personally really like it (but I couldn’t be further from an expert). What surprised me the most is that we didn’t try to get a real NT and use Tuttle as the first backup end.
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