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  1. Interesting internal candidates would be Wilson and Samir. Samir seems like a very no nonsense guy.
  2. I would be interested in Greg Olsen as a GM. Very smart, would be able to say no to Tepper, would surround himself with smart people etc. IMO there is a lot of overthinking with lifers that used to be scouts, so Greg would be able to offer something different.
  3. Yeah the take that we easily could have signed him if we wanted to and Ravens not matching is something else.
  4. The article was more around how they were meddling a lot in the early years and then learned from it, learned how to own/run a team to set the team up for long term success.
  5. From Gambling Avenger(@GamblingAvenge1): Is Tepper pushing into Dan Snyder territory with his actions? Gambling, I’m going to say no. Yes, there are some similar tendencies there. The quick trigger with coaches, and swooping in on certain football matters would be two that stick out. But according to those who’ve worked with both, Tepper is a much better guy in general, and person to work with in particular, than the Napoleonic Snyder. And I think there’s an important point in explaining this to remember, too. A lot of owners stumble through their early years. Most arrive as wildly successful businessmen who’ve always been the smartest guy in the room, and think pro football will be like the other industries they’re in. And oftentimes, the instincts or principles they’ve learned to rely on don’t transfer over, and they’re humbled in short order. Patriots owner Robert Kraft is a good example. He clashed with Bill Parcells when he first bought the team and then was infamous for meddling through the Pete Carroll years. To his credit, he learned for those first six years, empowered his next coach, Bill Belichick, and the rest is history. He’s now regarded as one of sports’ best owners. Same goes for 49ers owner Jed York, who was famously at odds with Jim Harbaugh through an extended period of success, then had two single-year coaches (Jim Tomsula, Chip Kelly) before figuring it out. I think, down the line, that’s how we’ll look at Tepper’s early years in Carolina. Which is to say my guess he won’t wind up like Snyder, who never seemed to learn anything.
  6. I also think everyone is a bit numb at this point. At 1-10 you just want the season to end. But I also think there is a leadership void, starting with the HC since Ron left (Ron was not a good game day coach, but he was a leader).
  7. If he likes Bryce, we have a good shot in getting him imo. If he doesn’t we are obviously out. I don’t think Tepper is as huge of a deterrent as it’s made out to be. It is all in the contract and how Teppers involvement moving forward in decisions are clarified and agreed upon.
  8. I would say that most of the early SBs were won by Belichick’s defense, and not Brady. But that is just my take. I still don’t want Bill.
  9. You are correct, my bad. Adapting your system to your QB is not a good idea. I don’t know what I was thinking.
  10. Yesterday during the Vikings game, the commentators talked about how well they had changed and adapted the offense to their new QB, making sure it matches his strengths. That’s what a good coach does.
  11. Well if he was good at his job, that would have helped a lot. Tepper was on him because he was doing a very poor job. It is one of the few times I agree with Tepper.
  12. This makes a lot of sense, but it also goes against what a lot of people are saying about Tepper making uninformed decisions etc. It seems like it is the opposite, he listens too much to other people. So the upside is that when he figures out who to listen to, he is open to their input.
  13. It’s a matter of who you believe. I put a lot of weight in what Jonathan J and Jay Glazer says, you believe Holder and some other randoes. So it is what it is.
  14. They decided to go with Stroud as the assumption was that Young was gone. So they were ok settling for their 2nd choice. They were ok not choosing their preferred option, but go with their close second one.
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