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  1. I know it’s been posted, but that’s ok. Let’s just enjoy this one more time.
  2. I don’t know a great deal about him, but are we really concerned he didn’t get along with Kyrie Irving? Who actually do get along with Kyrie?
  3. I would lean on McAdoo for the QB evals, so I was happy when he said Corral “…is my kind of guy…” and our QB coach talked about his upside. Sounds like they got their way.
  4. Someone holding a woman by the neck and joking about her being alone with five guys is clearly a rape “joke”. It has nothing to do with race. It is a bullshit move. But sure, let’s change the topic and call it racism. Pathetic.
  5. One of my favorite things were seeing a bit more of the new coaches. McAdoo has a really strong presence and confidence, a complete 180 from Brady. He’s also worked with Sean Ryan in the past, and you could tell they know each other well. There was no lack of conviction on the potential of Corral from both of them which is very exciting I hear. Combining that with Campen, and we potentially have something here.
  6. Grabbing a woman by the neck and essentially joking about gang rape is a terrible thing to do. How the hell is that acceptable in your world. That alone should disqualify him for any coaching roles. And yes I’ve had too much on to many occasions when I was young, but I’ve never laid my hands on a woman like that. That’s an asshole move in my book.
  7. The point here is that the conference is not a real factor for the best LTs in the NFL.
  8. I doubt these are demands, but it makes total sense if they told him he has to compete for the job, it will not be handed to him. Also, they can only pay him so much as they are already spending $20 on the QB position. Not sure this is something to be upset about, it’s just common sense.
  9. The Darnold bs will sort itself out, this is the exciting stuff: “Meanwhile, rookie Matt Corral picked up the offense nicely, coming from Lane Kiffin’s simplistic, RPO-heavy scheme at Ole Miss. He flashed competitiveness and a whip for a right arm, has had no issues through lighter install days and managed himself well through the heavier installs. Corral is lights-out after the snap but still swimming mentally a little before the snap.”
  10. Which top 10 NFL LT played for a SEC school? I think Tunsil is the only one.
  11. We can just agree to disagree on this one, but that’s ok as well. Hopefully he shocks the world and stay healthy this year to make it easier for Corral.
  12. He seem to work all out year round, trying to play through injuries etc. Not sure how you think he’s checked out?
  13. Sounds like Ayton and the Suns are not in a good place. What would it take to get him and would he be worth a max contract? I watch mostly Hornets games and haven’t seen him play this year.
  14. Are the rookies taking part in this as they are signed and just had their rookie minicamp or is there a reason they are not? I can’t remember
  15. Would be great for Melo and his development. Not sure about the D. https://www.cbssports.com/nba/news/mike-dantoni-in-strong-position-to-land-hornets-head-coaching-job-per-report/
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