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  1. Listening to Mick you never knew if we got a first down or not, you never knew how long a play was etc. It was an absolute guessing game for the listener. You had to wait until the next snap to fully understand what happened the previous snap. I have no doubt he is a wonderful person, but he was an awful announcer.
  2. I actually like to hear different opinions and view points, but some posters are taking every thread and make it in to a pissing match, taking what was a good two-sided discussion and make it about them. Some are obvious and funny, like the Teddy troll one. But the few that over and over derails every thread just overshadowes what I come to this board for.
  3. that worked, I appreciate it!
  4. I saw this mentioned the other day. How do you block someone/not seeing posts from someone? There are a few posters that just ruin most threads so I figure I give that a try. Thanks!
  5. Not sure if you subscribe to the Athletic or not, but Joe is doing a lot of good writing in there, not the same as when he was at the Observer. I know a lot of people like to bash him because he is not breaking news. His article today about Jaycee Horn was excellent.
  6. Here is his comment on Slater “...and I believe he can excel at left tackle...”. You might have missed it.
  7. It is great for a tackle to have long arms, but it doesn’t mean you can’t be a great tackle with “just” 33 arms. The best LT in the last decade, Joe Thomas, has 33 arms, and so does Joe Staley (good comp for Slater imo). But great feet + long arms is ideal. But I think both Sewell and Slater will be great LTs.
  8. Someone shared the Darnold to Robby stats a few weeks back, and they were really good. Darnold’s stats when leading are also not bad. His stats when trying to come from behind (and not throwing to Robby) are horrendous. Is that because Darnold sucks? Maybe. Is it because his coach is the worst in the league, his o-line and support cast stunk? Maybe. I’m a glass half full person, so I hope we can bring out Darnold’s good side with good coaching and a strong support cast.
  9. Love the first three rounds! I don’t know enough to judge the later rounds.
  10. Detroit is the wildcard for me. I think they’ll trade with a team looking for a QB. But if not they might take Sewell. Nightmare scenario if Sewell gets past Cindy.
  11. This would be an awesome problem to have. And I think our QB coach is next man up
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