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  1. It’s possible, but is it realistic that a roster of players and coaches would want to be located in London full time?How are the league going to deal with the travel? They can’t give a London based team an advantage by grouping games to minimise travel otherwise the league would need to do the same for other teams in the league to minimise high air miles. There’s plenty of other questions that come along with a London based team. At least Toronto and Mexico City are easier to travel. There is demand in Europe, but is there enough to warrant a team full time? I’m not sure. If there was, surely the Jaguars would have relocated by now considering their owners own Fulham FC in London?
  2. The question is, how many legitimate alternative locations are there for Tepper to relocate the team to if he doesn’t get what he wants? LA was the big one, that’s gone. Then there was Vegas, that’s gone. Those leverage points have gone and I don’t see other cities and markets having the same sway. I suppose St Louis, San Diego, and Oakland could all clamour for another opportunity, but frankly I don’t see them offering up big money to tempt a team. They all lost their teams for a reason. There’s candidates like Portland, San Antonio, and Salt Lake City that come up from time to time. But again, are they going to put up big money? I’m not convinced there’s the appetite for it. Dallas’ mayor has been talking about a second team in Dallas, but I doubt Jerry Jones lets that happen. Same goes for somewhere like Chicago adding a second team, I can’t see the Bears letting it happen. Only other option would be to look internationally like Toronto or Mexico City. Will they have the appetite to offer public money? I’m not sure. Personally I think the public money side of things needs to dry up. Teams should fund their stadiums privately with help from the league, not the taxpayer.
  3. It makes sense to keep our options open. If we are starting our rookie then having Foles as his backup could a good option. If we are sitting our rookie to coach him up, then a short term option like Garoppolo might be on the cards.
  4. Wilks stepping in as the interim for Rhule makes sense from the perspective that it keeps our coordinators in place focusing on their side of the ball, then leaving the rest up to Wilks. The only thing that makes me hesitant on Wilks taking over is the level of trust placed in McAdoo on the quarterback front. If the GM has deferred to him, then does it make McAdoo our next coach in waiting if Rhule is shown the door? Or is that irrelevant and our GM simply values McAdoo’s ability to evaluate QBs?
  5. I’d tend to agree because we have a huge hole at LT. However, trades were flying in on draft night. So if Thibodeaux was available at #6 and a team offered us a boatload of picks to select him, then I could understand why we did it in order to stockpile draft picks to rebuild this team.
  6. What if they drafted a tackle and some team that wanted Thibodeaux offered us a deal to move up ahead of the Giants? At that point they lose out on Thibodeaux because someone has traded up above them. Not worth the risk when there are three legitimate top five pick tackles available. Might as well guarantee Thibodeaux and pick one of the tackles left. Besides, they got the tackle that makes the most sense for them. Neal has experience at right tackle and they can pair him with their existing left tackle. Ekwonu and Cross mostly played left tackle, with Ekwonu playing some left guard.
  7. Sign Cam to a team friendly deal, then let him, Darnold, Corral, and whoever else fight it out to start. Let the best man win. That said, I wouldn’t expect much from Cam. As a passer he’s looked finished these past two seasons with the Patriots and us. I wouldn’t count out Corral. The class has talent, it’s just not generational talent. Maybe one or more of this class can emerge as a legitimate starting quarterback and prove the doubters wrong. Alternatively, maybe this class lives alongside the EJ Manuel and Geno Smith class. Either way, we won’t know until they’ve been given a chance.
  8. Matt Corral is a decent prospect with upside. Ok, he’s not seen as a generational passer, but there’s talent there to work with. Maybe he can be our Dak Prescott? It would be nice to think we get a legitimate starting QB on a third round pay scale. Hopefully there is an open competition this off season and Corral can beat out Darnold for the starting job, or he can light a fire under Darnold’s backside to make him play better.
  9. It really depends on who they take. For example, if Thibodeaux or Walker are available at six, then I could understand us drafting one of them to pair with Burns. I could even understand if we decide to select Gardner or Stingley to upgrade our secondary. They are all value picks sixth overall. Ok, there are potential franchise left tackles that could be on the board then, but there are also pro ball caliber talents from other positions too. The only time I’d be annoyed is if they reach for someone or trade up for a quarterback in this year’s class. But even then, I could understand their desire to get their guy, even though I wouldn’t necessarily be happy or agree with giving up assets for them.
  10. Does Rhule legitimately have his support for five years or has he been given the dreaded vote of confidence? There have been many times across sports when owners / decision makers have backed their coach / manager, only for them to fire them a week later or in the off season. Now maybe Rhule does have his unwavering support through this rebuild. If that’s the case we’ve got our version of Gus Bradley with the Jaguars.
  11. Jobs are on the line and it’s a quarterback driven game. Until you have that quarterback you aren’t going anywhere. We don’t have that quarterback. So I’m not surprised to hear that we are considering a quarterback at six even though the value isn’t there.
  12. Garoppolo and Mayfield are both better quarterbacks than Darnold based on how they’ve performed in the league so far in their careers. The only way you could possibly argue they are virtually the same, or that Darnold can do as much as them (if not more), is if Darnold is given the same caliber of supporting cast and coaching. At that point, maybe he could utilise the potential that saw him drafted third overall by the Jets, but based off his decision making that would be a big maybe. As for us not going after Garoppolo or Mayfield, I can understand that because we don’t feel they are the caliber of quarterback to elevate us simply by walking into the building. For example, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning etc, can take a team to the next level simply by being there. So it kinda makes sense for us to be looking for better if we have aspirations to compete for the play offs and championships. It also makes sense for us to acquire a cost effective option on the rookie pay scale rather than pay excessive amounts to quarterbacks we feel are average.
  13. We’ve gone 5-11 and 5-12, we could always win less games… The Browns are a perfect example of ineptitude and the next guy up not doing better. They replaced Crennel with Mangini, Mangini with Shurmur, Shurmur with Chudzinski, then Pettine with Jackson. What about the Buccaneers? Four failed attempts to replace Gruden, then they hit on Arians and luckily Brady came to town. Maybe Rhule is the floor and we won’t get worse, but I wouldn’t bet against it if we make another poor hire influenced by the owner.
  14. Personally I’m not convinced by this year’s draft class, and I’m unsure if trading for Jimmy G/Mayfield is the answer. I am not against either of these scenarios, but I feel we are better off waiting for next year’s class if we are going to draft someone or trading for a legitimate difference maker. For me, I’d look having a QB competition between Darnold, Cam, and whoever else. Let the best man win the job.
  15. Offer an incentivised deal. Let him compete with Darnold and whoever else we have in the quarterback room, then start whoever earns it in preseason. If we aren’t drafting a rookie to start, or trading for a QB to start, then we might as well have a QB competition with the best options we can muster.
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