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  1. Oh man; look how slim he is. Crazy how much they just fatten these guys up during their careers. Kudos to Mike, I remember he and Ken Lucas were some exciting signings back then.
  2. This post lost me at trade CMC for a 1st. He has played all of 10 games out of a possible 33 in 2 seasons. He's an injury prone RB that's getting older, and has a huge contract. I believe we get a mid-round 3rd at best, probably a package for a 4th, a positional need, and conditional 2nd would be what I consider realistic.
  3. I'm all for it. Hope a mod pins this and it gains traction. (not much else to talk about at this point lol)
  4. I respect this answer, I've been a fan of the league (as we all have) for quite some time. A lot of people in the thread are speaking it as if it's absolutely unheard of for players to voice they're upset with coaching or play calling. I don't mean to give off the impression that the players normally scream 'off with his head ' at the presser, but normally you'll hear a few sly comments that allude to the players disdain. Also...this isn't a defense of Rhule at all (which I can tell some are trying to turn it into), just an observation about an abnormally quiet locker room. Did we have a single player only team meeting, heated disagreement, etc. as we've had in the past during down years? (granted I may have missed it, I was a bit more disengaged than usual years lol)
  5. Yeah, I definitely recognize the obvious about players wanting to stay professional, needing to get paid etc. But in the worst run franchises you'll usually get at least a peep about the coaching, or even see it funneling down to the players criticizing each other. I didn't get much of that. I definitely see Rhule has a lot of work to do to even be decent. I'm just a bit surprised to see these guys behaving so calmly. Especially the vets that have dealt with this for 2 years.
  6. I realized; for everyone to hate Rhule as much as they do, and for him to show low competence... I've noticed players have been surprisingly quiet and taking on the blame, besides R. Anderson at most. Is there a possibility that the players actually DO respect him? Why hasn't there been more uproar as there has been in past seasons when things have gotten bad. I barely heard a peep smh. I'm genuinely confused at this point, he must be a great car salesman as everyone calls him.
  7. Now I'm sure Tepper wants to make sure that Rhule starts to put his butt to the fire, and he may just be mulling over things, But I feel like if Tepper were THAT confident in Rhule he'd just say this himself. It's not like he ever acted like a shy guy when it comes to getting in front of the camera.
  8. Haha, and we traded high picks for that guy.
  9. Not just yet; I'd give him one more year before labeling him a certified bust. But yes, he's on that trajectory. I'm also not sure whether he's being coached to the greatest extent.
  10. I won't say that it's new or surprising not to blame his coach. But to listen and watch his pressers he has clearly learned a few things in regards to keeping his composure. He's not just giving short bs answers to get out of there, he's actually elaborating on the situation at hand. It's impressive and smart especially as he prepares to likely be back on he market.
  11. https://twitter.com/Callihan_/status/1475226378018693123?s=20 Tried embedding; but Cam has definitely undergone some maturation when addressing the media. He's been saying all of the right things, even when he deserves to say more. (Not that he's been playing at a high level himself.)
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