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  1. Right definitely, I just wonder what cog in the machine was the worst that messed it up. Tepper that bad/meddling of an owner, Fitterer that bad of a GM, Reich that bad of a coach? I guess it's not an either/or answer, and we got the lucky combination of all 3 'stars' aligning lol. Either way, I'm definitely excited about what I've seen from the team this offseason. I just hope it translates to one thing in the end..
  2. Man, you bring up an amazing talking point. I remember thinking that though we didn't have the players we definitely had one of the best coaching staffs on paper. I figured that would translate to a great system where we could finally cycle in players year in and year out with sustained success. I was wrong after Year 1.
  3. lol this thread may be going into Week 2 at this rate; but if he's healthy and on a friendly contract I'm all for having him. We don't have much reason to be picky at DB as far as I can tell
  4. At this point it's just a running joke amongst most fans for me. Nothing too serious. I didn't hate him, I thought he was serviceable. I also don't think he needed to be on the team as long as he was.
  5. Exactly how I feel lol; any chance at a weapon for Bryce I'm for it.
  6. Seems like he has hands I'm cool with it. I didn't realize he tore his ACL in Nov though, don't love that at all.
  7. I can be convinced though; if it's a great move to build long term success, I won't complain.
  8. Fair but we also need great players now; we had a horrible product. My fear is if Bryce has another less than average year that will be the beginning of rebuilding at QB in a lot of eyes. So I'm for getting great value now whether on Offense or Defense; this year.
  10. I had a lot of hope for him coming out of LSU. He was an amazing #2 at a place known recently to have amazing WR talent. I think he has potential, so I think they should look to maximize that, but based on his history he can't be depended on as a priority.
  11. (I did the wait a minute for the tweet to load thing but it wouldn't)
  12. https://x.com/NFL/status/1773805534493249814?s=20
  13. seems lofty for him right now but i'd be happy to see it
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