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  1. I don't think what they're doing is wrong. I think it just psychologically signals and says out loud what we all know. CMC has an injury history, and needs additional precaution.
  2. I was kind of wondering if this would just be the equivalent of a Week 1 preseason game for them. lol So good to know!
  3. I only wonder, if he's as amazing as his accolades show...why has he had to bounce around so much.
  4. I don't mind what Tepper said. At first I was just like everyone else; but if you're sticking with him this year, you should want him to have pressure, but not to the point he is already paranoid and considering failing before it even goes downhill.
  5. Yeah I'm wondering just how much money they wasted on that project overall. Granted even $800M is only 5% of his net worth, if I did that correctly
  6. and to further your point... it's kind of like if the cousin is also kind of ugly herself.
  7. Use AMA Style format and college level diction to be considered good at my job which may not require being grammatically correct. Got it!
  8. Yeah; all of the one-year deals show me that they're attempting to sneak into the playoffs, and be a contender the next year. You don't build team chemistry with all 1 year deals.
  9. .....we should act like adults maybe.
  10. It's so crazy; I really didn't expect it.... not THIS soon lol
  11. (I know we're already talking in another thread haha) But Rivera with Fitterer would've been pretty damn great now that you mention it.
  12. I know Fitt has literally said that out of his own mouth. (and maybe it's more stupid of ME at this point to believe they'll get it right) I just don't see any way Tepper, or really any human would say 'hey, you're one of the most hated coaches in franchise history, I'm being ripped to shreds while my billion dollar investment is being ridiculed publicly.....but I'm trusting you again over this fellow with a proven track record'
  13. As obvious as that is; I hadn't really thought about how even in the draft he may only make moves for the short-term to save himself. One would think Fitt and Tepper won't allow that this time.
  14. lol I'm not too surprised. Everyone would go for the higher position (especially with an organization that has some semblance of competency vs Carolina) BUT, upon first seeing the headline I thought 'Didn't he just get here?!?'
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