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  1. I wouldn’t cry I doubt any of us would …read something awhile ago about soccer being a buffer for Tepper should cte ultimately end the nfl in the future
  2. Thanks for sharing. Takes time to share these things on this site Always good to have differing opinions and guys who have them and have played the game and they have merit’ they have their prejudices too and even though if they are right, many times players succeed in the right system have them anyway simple examine is Kurt himself. …Jake Delhomme and cam Newton. Drew Brees as I recall sent but in many evaluators either to be fair, the rules of the game has changed so much, it’s his prejudice or preference looking at take mostly from his time of playing
  3. I’m having a really hard time picturing Darnold trot out in front of the home crowd opening day against a decent Browns defense 1. They best introduce the defense first or come out the ‘Patriots way’ as a team 2. The first mistake he makes…and yes he will make many….oh boy my opinion, bring in Foles. Cheap. No physical issues. Not the answer but a decent placeholder Not stuck with Jimmy g or Baker and all that baggage Then, Just cut Darnold and be done with it. End his suffering…and ours
  4. Truth. I used to go to all games, all the time. This year, only two and that’s only because two friends want to go I’d rather not
  5. Raleigh…,has nothing else to do….come on man ..
  6. I just saw it again quoting joe person but who knows might be doctored
  7. Well, that game day experience right now, is pretty bad I can’t tell you the world of difference from 2019 to 2021 …Hope for improvement this year given the cost of gas and the rest nfl level coaches should help them at least look like a pro team, you know, capable of more than one first Down or touchdowns we have reached the level where ben McAdoo is our savior. Think about that
  8. Hurts even more in person pitiable, in fact, from a pro sports prospective
  9. Agree He has, for whatever the reason, a mostly NFL staff now. His excuses are over. If his program isn’t at least .500 in a weak nfl south he will have failed again As regards cmc, tired of this excuse. It’s a 17 game season. If a coach’s offense is so dependent on one player, or that’s the only plAyer the qb sees after his first read, it’s a poor offense and a poor QB Titans survived and went to the playoffs with Henry out Amazing they were not 5-12 also
  10. Tepper can leave any time he wants the world will continue to revolve…just not around him
  11. As it should, he is the Head Coach. The Buck stops with him. he makes $65 million. I’m sure he can take it
  12. Cold blooded…. I laughed out loud however
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