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  1. Believe I just saw the Falcons are hiring the Titans OC as HC
  2. Some things once seen, can’t be unseen. Lord have mercy. He is too young for that
  3. But you take the time to do it and it’s factual.
  4. Wow. Just wow Should just give him the death penalty and be done with it
  5. He wasn’t on a lot of people’s boards at the time. tge story was saying they find people in those latter rds that a lot of teams didn’t and that has sustained then for a very long time how many rds 2 through 7 players have made an impact during the Hurney Gettleman years?
  6. Yep. I’m irritated about it it’s starting over time again....and over....and over . With GM and coaching staff. who is to say if this doesn’t change who the Panthers will draft as it will most likely be more traditional than that horizontal bullshit that Brady ran. I don’t want Brady anywhere near the Panthers now. Time for him to be moved It’s a distraction to the players as well
  7. I remember watching a special on the Seahawks and I can’t remember if it was on HBO’S Real sports or elsewhere about three years ago that they are very unique in how they grade players they are considering for the draft they place a greater value on competitiveness and fight and football intelligence more so than graded physical attributes. Guys like Richard Sherman were not high on other teams’ draft boards, but he was high on the Seahawks im not sure how they evaluate the constant ‘chip on the shoulder’ and something to prove..clearly they do it most years. Just found it so v
  8. If anyone deserves to be called names it is whatever idiot in the Panthers org who drafted a contract without a. A non compete within the nfc south b. Term limits the guy is a waste of time for a team that desperately needs stability
  9. It’s also why if you are going to rebuild, rebuild. you don’t keep the old GM, allow three contracts that were not necessary or bring in a QB1 who all knew was not the answer except Joe Brady gotta be honest, the same guys who brought in Bridgewater are evaluating a new QB1....a bit frightening and whose to say if Brady leaves, it will be the same offense still a mystery why that contract wasn’t at least two years with a non compete within the nfc south
  10. It’s the most important position in the field. We don’t have one Lance checks a lot if boxes physically. if he is also capable with the mental part as his coach implies, the risk has to be taken. Courage and confidence also important Who is to say he will even be there at 8? A lot of teams with QB questions or aging QBS in front of us if I’m Tepper, ‘I expect to not be in the top 10 drafting again. I’m here now. Take the chance’.
  11. Lance at 8 LT Cosmi from Texas in second http://Two-round 2021 NFL mock draft: Four QBs early, DeVonta Smith reunites with Tua On Tuesday, The Athletic’s Dane Brugler released his NFL Mock Draft 2.0. With the eighth pick in the draft, he has the Carolina Panthers drafting quarterback Trey Lance from North Dakota State. To analyze the pick, The Athletic’s National College Football Insider Bruce Feldman and Panthers beat reporter Joe Person teamed up to take a look at Lance’s past with North Dakota State and a potential future in Carolina and why Lance could be just what th
  12. Do they really think these guys are going to sot around and wait for a decision? I know all about due diligence but this approaching arrogance.
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