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  1. Thank you if you do buy at some point, try buying on the shady side of the stadium my section was 342 and the old guy i bought them from knew what he was doing…got silver club level, middle of the row so people aren't climbing over you, more importantly shady side of field under the overhang the shady side if that stadium makes sept and and warner October games tolerable he was retiring to Tennessee and it was the post Siefert disaster, so very low price the stars aligned for me i hope they do for you too. all things change in time with sports franchises
  2. Apologies if this has been posted already https://x.com/avl_mike/status/1800623152910991783?s=46&t=ceMdRg-n_C8OxyNhYTG_aQ
  3. No the PSL contract, gives you the right to 1. buy the seat(s) season tickets and preseason Note. playoff tickets are not included as those prices are set by the league, not the team You have the but them 2 for a set amount 3 for a length of time (4, 6, 8 years) 4. At a guaranteed set price and guaranteed escalator for the term. The longer term, the lower the escalator example 4 years at $3500 per year with no higher than 4% price increase or 8 years at $3500 per year at 2% escalator for many years, they were worth it if you are a fan of the game and big time players i saw everyone from Steve Young to Brady To Rodgers, to Patrick Mahomes live…just to see true greatness, regardless of position is a great experience…you see the whole Field…the game within the game and the sidelines tell a lot of tales too…. binoculars too help…even though i was close, watching the choreography of a really great offensive line, impressive you feel and see the game so much differently than TV …and, to watch Cam, Luke, Thomas…very much worth it until Tepper, i had no regrets.other than not unloading them when he bought the team
  4. Yes…exactly right ….im there with you. I always knew the risks with pro sports but the tale of the tape was what, five or was it six, draft classes…topped off with the smallest nfl qb, not named Doug Flutie. I will always follow the Panthers but this time, nfl Sunday ticket, on my tv, with an Old Fashioned by my side…..and the ability to change the channel… smile i hope he does well for the fans and the franchise…if not well, hope the selection in 2026 is better.
  5. Glad that site worked for you..or someone you know I didn’t get a single hit on that site the hits I got came from the one I listened the transfer fee for me was $300 …that is all I paid and got rid of the psls, season tickets (full price) and the parking pass…they handle all paperwork and interactions with the buyer and team i did ask my concierge , the day I was notified that they had sold, to move it along for me with Panthers Ops which she did to say I’m grateful and relieved is an understatement I have no regrets…had great times there pre Tepper with my friends
  6. Tepper has ruined a lot of things The bottom line is winnIng winning makes many things tolerable Too, is not one star on this team. Not one here is hoping that Dave and Dan ar least make them watchable and maybe, we have found a new Greg and Jonathan
  7. Hope springs eternal i got mine right after Fox fired Seifert ..then came the Super Bowl ,with Jake the renewals are at 4, 6, 8 year terms…whoever bought mine are lucky, great seats under the overhang … Lot 1 parking pass and they expire end this year so if they don’t like them. Walk away.and right if first refusal on 2025
  8. There are several sites. Im listing this one as it is the one the Panthers Ticket office supports Official Carolina Panthers PSL Marketplace Phone/Fax: 1-800-643-3956 Email: [email protected] https://panthers.strmarketplace.com i managed to get my psl sold along with this year’s tickets using this site. I had them listed for 3 months Sad after 23 years of ownership and years before that as a per game attendee but everything is transitory, including me. despite what is going on now, nothing can take away two Super Bowl runs…watching great players from other teams in person and meeting our own players i hope this info helps someone now, i get to out my feet up in my own house, watch Youtube from CA and hope for the best
  9. Top tier QBs typically drive Super Bowl runs and wins there are very few exceptions in the history of the Super Bowl..both old NFL and new NFL….the Brad Johnson, Joe Flacco , Nick Fole types are unicorns the Panthers do not have one at present https://www.profootballnetwork.com/list-of-super-bowl-starting-quarterbacks/ facts are facts they aren’t going anywhere until they do….so, I’m going to just enjoy the ride with no expectations
  10. He missed when it mattered..when the pressure was there…there is a reason he was available to begin with the Panthers had very few games in which it did matter ..another player who could’ve made it better and didn’t …I don’t see either Dan or Dave crying over him. if he thinks he can do better, well he was looking for a job when he found this one. …go and Godspeed
  11. I just don’t think Morgan or Canales are going to tolerate not improving week over week I wish Ickey the best. He is very young and needs to learn he isn’t in the ACC anymore and in the NFL, it is ‘what have you done for me lately’ even for the greatest stars if he doesn’t learn it, he won’t be in the league long
  12. Watched this as well. Didnt post it because of its length and people wanting a synopsis his points on young, were spot on in my opinion it was fair, balanced etc i agree with many that Young will never have the tools to be elite and everything around him has to be perfect. nothing personnel, but thats not the nfl world and in my mind, that’s not what the number overall pick should be that said, I'm going to stop analyzing him, its not going to change, try snd Enjoy the season, hope they are competitive and that Young makes us all look like fools..at least for a game or two
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