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  1. The Cardinals aren’t great and they are down receivers on the other hand, the QB isn’t playing with 3 broken lumbar vertebrae and a bum ankle weather could help a bit too
  2. I honestly think he is afraid of turning the ball over is part of it he has heard it so much from Rhule that he just takes the sack or he hesitates its like he has the yips he has lost all confidence and for all the years I’ve watched Baker, this dispassionate almost timid version, is new his mechanics are not great but the passing offense is not great either I also feel like after that beating last year, it’s like ptsd on the drop back
  3. Shenault on that report too lol ok. A hamstring. I’m like…11 plays after two weeks of no contact lol. This team
  4. His podcasts are much more detailed than that article for the Observer. It was meant to be a synopsis because for the general fan, that’s all that is needed His comments about the offense are correct in any case
  5. Note. He doesn’t grade coaching. no really surprises however does Hugh level synopsis of Baker, Mcadoo and the passing offense. Worth reading Carolina Panthers Report Card: How did Carolina do in Week 3 of the NFL season? BY ELLIS WILLIAMS [email protected] 4 hours ago Quarterback Baker Mayfield and the Panthers won their Week 3 game on Sunday against the New Orleans Saints. Behind a blitz-happy defense, potent special teams execution and one Laviska Shenault catch, Carolina beat New Orleans 22-14. The Panthers’ defense, special teams and rushing offense played nearly perfect games while the passing offense regressed. Similar to Week 2, the Panthers (1-2) put a lot of good football on tape, but Mayfield and his pass catchers are falling behind the rest of the team’s development. Through three games, 20% of Mayfield’s throws have been considered off target. He ranks 28th out of 34 quarterbacks in completions and yards. The only quarterbacks with a worse off-target rate are the 49ers’ now-injured Trey Lance, the Bears’ Justin Fields and the Cowboys’ undefeated Cooper Rush. Let’s further unpack the passing offensive woes. Here are the grades: Passing offense F: Mayfield has taken nine sacks, sixth-most in the NFL. That’s because teams are heavily blitzing Carolina. Mayfield is getting blitzed 38.5 percent of the time, the highest rate in the NFL. The Saints were second in blitz rate versus Carolina despite entering Sunday as the 30th-ranked blitzing team. Saints coach Dennis Allen (a former defensive coordinator) likely watched Giants defensive coordinator Wink Martindale blitz Mayfield with the fourth-highest Week 2 rate and copied his game plan. Through three weeks, teams are not respecting Mayfield. The plan is to send five defenders (when four or fewer defenders rush a play is not a blitz) and bet he becomes overwhelmed or cannot figure it out. Carolina had five passing first downs against New Orleans. The Chicago Bears had the same amount against the Houston Texans. Only Texans quarterback Davis Mills and the Saints’ Jameis Winston are being blitzed more than Mayfield. That will continue until offensive coordinator Ben McAdoo proves he can give Mayfield more clear pre-snap answers. The passing woes are not all on Mayfield. Receivers are not consistently opening. That blame falls on play design and individual skill. Tackles Ikem Ekwonu and Taylor Moton also are not playing blue-chip football. Both have the traits to execute at elite levels and must start doing so. Rushing offense A: It is not coming easily but once again Carolina proved it can run the football against a formidable defensive front. Christian McCaffrey is the first running back this season to notch consecutive 100-yard games. The Panthers are relying on inside-hitting runs to punish defenses. Guards Brady Christensen and Austin Corbett plus center Pat Elflein are consistently playing in unison and executing their assignments. How can the rushing game improve? Carolina needs to start routinely marrying its run design to its play-action game. Too often it appears the Panthers are calling spot plays rather than executing a four-quarter game plan. Passing defense B: The final box score does not justify how Carolina played in coverage. Before the Saints’ final drive, Winston had 263 passing yards. Receivers Chris Olave and Tre’Quan Smith had 99 and 57 yards, respectively. Carolina closed the game playing mostly soft, deep coverage. It’s not an excuse for allowing three consecutive explosive plays, including a 4-yard touchdown which Winston threw into triple coverage, but context matters. Panthers cornerback Jaycee Horn did not allow a catch, was targeted twice and made the game-sealing interception. Winston had a zero passing rating when throwing at Horn. Rushing Defense Any defense that can hold Alvin Kamara to under 15 yards receiving deserves credit. A: Much like its rushing offense, the Panthers’ front seven proved they can control the line of scrimmage. In back-to-back weeks, the Panthers have held a Pro Bowl running back in check. “It lets you know that you can control the game,” Rhule said of running the ball and defending the run. ”You can get into games and be behind or be ahead, but you want to control the game, you want to control the line of scrimmage.” It’s rush defense also forced the team’s first turnover. Linebacker Frankie Luvu stripped Kamara late in the first quarter, allowing defensive end Marquis Haynes to scoop and score. Special teams A: Kicker Eddy Pineiro has been automatic points this season. He made three kicks and an extra point on Sunday. After three games, he is six-for-six on field goal tries and five-for-five on point-after tries. His 26 points scored is fifth most in the NFL. Rams receiver Cooper Kupp is the highest scoring non-kicker thus far with 24.
  6. Go back and look at that roster and coaching staff it’s a miracle there were 3 winning seasons
  7. The sad thing is the Panthers have neither sadder still is the Dallas Cowboys backup is better than any QB the Panthers have had since Newton who knew it was so hard to complete a pass and move the chains
  8. I would think a 1pm game is a lot safer. Less drunk people there then than the 4pm or 8pm games most people see a kid, they behave better. some of course, it doesn’t matter there is also a number than you can text for security if it gets out of hand. if you go have fun and make memories, win or lose
  9. Baker is very surprising he also seems very disengaged Dispassionate something is wrong…don’t have a clue what it is Ellis Williams talked about the same it a bit in his a podcast I can see not being Aaron Rodgers but no way should he be Jimmy Clausen either he maybe a sack machine but at least he isn’t a turnover machine, granted some of that is luck
  10. Both McAdoo and baker are puzzling there is no rhythm and from baker’s body language, no confidence he does not look like the guy I saw play at Oklahoma or even Cleveland. panthers have positive yards running and McAdoo refuses to call it consistently panthers have a big, strong backup RB. They refuse to play him the same mistakes happen with baker over and over and over again with his pocket awareness and not going through possessions he seems to create his own sacks and his accuracy is terrible Do we not have a qb coach ? when he does get the ball to the target, drops, or, they are covered It is the worst looking offense in the league and it is just mind boggling It should not be
  11. Yes why aren’t the receivers getting separation is it the scheme, the players, baker not seeing them, baker nit throwing them open Or combination
  12. Yes but a W is a W and no one remembers that at year’s end so today, let’s just feel good for the players and the fans who put up their hard earned money to go today Rhule’s time will come
  13. I’ve always felt this way. His routes are lazy sometimes And he just isn’t in the same class as Jefferson and diggs I mean when was the last time it was DJ for the win i don’t mean to dog the guy. He just isn’t the guy for the game winner, ever, that I can recall and look I’m a Maryland Terp alumni and I wish he was what smith. Thought he would be but …. No
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