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  1. Heard panthers wanted to interview him I've seen nothing that indicates he has accepted things change quickly however
  2. It’s kinda interesting that the bigger names are not seemingly interested…even with Reich …even with big money…..Evero ….Fangio Perhaps it will turn around
  3. Per reports,the Panthershave asked to reinterview him for DC for the Panthers
  4. Yep Levi’s = Blaine Gabbert 2.0 all prospects have faults. Most prospects at the ncaa level, and certainly the sec level will have faults there are winners and pretenders under the bright lights of the ncaa that only get brighter in the nfl, and by that measuring stick, Levis is a pretender.
  5. Appreciate the thought but honestly, I want our own qb vs. somebody else’s PTSD QB enough already Don’t forget before Newton, we went down that road before
  6. not sure pro players liking a coach matters. What matters is if that coach’s system results in winning I doubt coaches like Bellinchek. Parcells and of course, some of the older, winning codgers (Landry, Lombardi, Walsh, et Al). were universally loved…they just won. I know vermeil was a player’s coach, he had great wins but by and large, the great ones were all about business. I don’t know about Reid. Great offensive mind and that gets player buy in as it came with results Net pro players want to win Winning equals their livelihood and added contract incentives
  7. That was the absolute end for me I give Coach Wilks props but people forget when he was DC here, it wasn’t great I can’t say what went on at the Cardinals as they are a cluster I wish him every good thing but it’s time to move on for the franchise as I could no way see Wilks with a rookie qb and having an open offense. It would not happen
  8. As I recall, most pundits were not overly kind to cam Newton either Some things can be taught, some can’t I want someone who shines under the bright lights, not shrinks if ever there was a shrinker besides Blaine Gabbert, the player many wanted the Panthers to take over Newton, it’s Will Levi’s IMHO
  9. Once, in 26 years Once I would not exactly say a team was built for Newton I would say that Clausen was so freaking abysmal they had to take someone or the fans weren’t going to show up I know I was one of those paying fans so bad, they had the number one pick that year they went with someone that everyone thought would fail. They took a chance
  10. The year before, wait for the next Qb class. In that year, not one worth it bank in it year after year after year after year same thing with Panther GMs and salary cap it’s time. the 49ers won games with Brock freaking purdy for god sake there are 8 rated QBs in this draft. Get one If Stroud is the one get him do something
  11. It’s cbs Not me Their view The point is, a trade up is doable there are those who see a lot of intelligence and ball placement with Bryce I prefer stroud or AR. I’m a nobody. I wanted fields last year im not a Levis fan at all I’ll gladly trust Reich’s opinion as to what to do even if it’s Levis frankly, I’m sure Reich already knows who wants With Brady retiring, even more competition however.
  12. From cbs sports line NFL MOCK DRAFT Round 1 Mock Trade from Chicago Bears Round 1 - Pick 1 Bryce Young QB ALABAMA • JR • 6'0" / 194 LBS PROJECTED TEAM Carolina PROSPECT RNK 3rd POSITION RNK 1st Carolina traded up to No. 3 overall and then to No. 1 overall. It is a similar model that Philadelphia used to select Carson Wentz in 2016. Philadelphia sent players, including Kiko Alonso and the No. 13 overall selection to Miami in exchange for the No. 8 overall selection. Then, it flipped that to Cleveland for the No. 2 overall selection. With the No. 1 overall selection, the Panthers select Bryce Young. Round 1 - Pick 2 C.J. Stroud QB OHIO STATE • JR • 6'3" / 218 LBS PROJECTED TEAM Houston PROSPECT RNK 4th POSITION RNK 2nd Houston does not get its pick of quarterback at No. 2 overall, but C.J. Stroud could still prove to be an elite talent. Mock Trade from Arizona Cardinals Round 1 - Pick 3 Will Anderson Jr. EDGE ALABAMA • JR • 6'4" / 243 LBS PROJECTED TEAM Chicago PROSPECT RNK 1st POSITION RNK 1st Chicago attempts to upgrade its pass rush with the selection of Will Anderson Jr. The Bears want to move back from No. 1 overall without sacrificing the chance to select a top defensive talent like Jalen Carter or Anderson. A three-way trade with Carolina and Arizona makes that possible as the Cardinals trade back to pick up additional draft capital in Monti Ossenfort's first year.
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