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  1. I believe they will do well but we must remember that we have brand new coaches that have never worked together before, brand new systems on offense and defenses, and brand new QBs Its gonna take a little time the start of the season might be rough, the middle will show improvement and the end should improve a lot 10 and 7 best and division 7 and 10 worst
  2. We just got used to Cam’s and that was the exception not the rule we are going from a total non conformist to a total conformist after what we have been through, it might not be a bad thing …and I totally love Cam
  3. CMC is a tremendous athlete but it isn’t a running back that makes a franchise in this era of the NFL he was paid extremely well by the Panthers, too well it’s not his fault the Panthers drafted him where they did or gigantically overpaid him had Cam not deteriorated, things would have been very very different for the franchise and CMC but that’s not what happened move on is all that can be done as what he says really doesn’t matter anymore. It’s a new day in Charlotte, top to bottom every year, there are a lot of ‘new days’ for many NFL franchises
  4. San Francisco fans are fairly arrogant believe Me I know I spend a lot of time in CA and will be moving to CA sooner
  5. I’m not really sure because of how the stadium curves vs how the sun moves in the fall if it’s on the home team side, same side as my section, it might not be directly beating down on you. If it is in the sun, wear a hat, lots of sun screen and plenty of water. Of course it may be cloudy so it won’t matter.
  6. This might help you https://seatgeek.com/venues/bank-of-america-stadium/seating-chart/views one thing is certain you really don’t want to be on the sun side during sept to mid October. You will fry the shade is on the Panthers side of the field. I have tickets in 342 and I’m covered all season long but I’m up near the big windows protected by the overhang But not all seats on that side are covered. Just take that situation indoors consideration good luck
  7. I’m really hopeful that our team will look like a professional team in all phases this year
  8. ..and you had been doing so well lately too….sigh
  9. And….Dan Synder I swear, growing up outside of DC, I hated their fans but I give them credit, they supported that team….until Synder
  10. That comment was from Kaye’s article not me truthfully, I could give two shakes of a rat’s ass about pro athletes feeling pressure no one makes them do what they do and most make more in a year than I did in 5 I think he was a bad pick and a panic pick i hope I’m proven to be very wrong
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