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  1. So now we think that the kid is going to be Montana?
  2. There is a saying that says that a successful leader is not successful because they are the smartest person in the room, but are smart enough to hire the people that are.
  3. I like the kid, but it was the same thought from me too. I had most of the quarterbacks this year falling into the Minshew level of player as a borderline starter/backup. Maybe he hits the weights, becomes a regular at the buffet line and turns into something more late in the year.
  4. Draft Howell trade for Baker, Or trade for Baker and draft defense?
  5. He does that every morning on GMF…
  6. That’s it fellas and felletes, it is going to be a while until the next QB is drafted.
  7. JT Woods from Baylor to LA… Somewhere in the Panthers headquarters Matt Rhule is crying…
  8. Richard Sherman apparently didn’t get the memo’s
  9. If Indy doesn’t take a quarterback it’s gonna be a while until some other team could draft one.
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