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  1. Seems to me that two of the QB’s may not be in demand as many believe. I will be curious to see which two they turn out to be.
  2. I think that the Panthers will not allow themselves to get rat fuged with future picks given to the Falcons. Nor do I believe that the Falcons would allow themselves to get tortured in future years by a QB that the Panthers may draft. I think that the number 4 pick is a non-starter. I think that the Panthers are looking at number 2 or number 5 if they want to move up.
  3. I was about to respond with the same message.
  4. What’s changed? Is there new evidence?
  5. Daniel Jeremiah thinks that the 49ers could be looking to take Trey Lance. He speculated that simce they traded before Zach Wilson’s pro day and after Trey Lances they may already be sold on a him. However, Mac Jones has had his pro day already too so I guess that it is still possible...
  6. Justin “Not Fields’ing it” ?
  7. Pretty clear to me that Teddy starts the year, but depending on his level of play and how ready any QB that we draft is, will determine who finishes the year.
  8. Is this a Lance thread or Cam Newton? If it is a Lance thread, then it should be known that he is not Cam Newton nor will he ever achieve at his level. Lance may be more of a Colin Kaepernick type of player. One read and half the field. I always felt that Lance is a lightweight Cam Newton. However a better comparison may be Kap.
  9. Not until next year. The recent press release just makes it seem that this is going to get really messy. If you thought that it was ugly before, then just wait.
  10. It could very well be, but we may never know. Unless there is evidence that the defendant’s attorney produces, then we may never know.
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