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  1. Thanks for the post and video. I am glad to see the breakdown on how Washington was getting to the second level as it confirms what we were seeing in real time during the game. I am not as concerned with Cam as it is true that he had only been with the team for ten days. However, I do agree that they need to work on getting more throws to outside of the numbers.
  2. I be got the feeling that this will be a 24-17 type of game. I feel that the Panthers will be out to put together a complete game prior to the bye. I see them getting ahead early and then trying to slow the game down with a healthy dose of McCaffrey in the second half. The defense should bring their A game, as they hopefully learned a lesson on preparation and execution from last week. Panthers win this week and head into the bye with a slight head of steam.
  3. I think that you are correct. The Panthers can only control what they do and if all of the pieces fall into place, then they are back to where they were last week.
  4. Silver linings and small victories is all that we may have.
  5. Looks like the Panthers will be in second place in the NFC South and one game ahead of the Saints for the wildcard by the end of this game.
  6. Ah, the old Mad Dog is still alive. I remember drinking that stuff one cold night when I was 18 years old walking through Hidden Valley in late December. The weird thing is that I had absolutely no reason to be there much less walking through there at 1AM. It was a real head scratcher that we just blamed on the Mad Dog.
  7. Reverse Hurney. I know it sounds like a medical condition.
  8. why…is that an egg… coming out of that Hen’s…fa’…china…?
  9. It’s because the Panthers have a light weight, quick defensive ends that get after the quarterbacks, but because they’re so light weight any team that has an offensive line with size and a good running game they just push them out of the way.
  10. I don’t know about you guys but I’m watching the game from the other multi-verse and it looks like we’re about to score you guys are missing it…
  11. Washington’s defense was in the backfield before Cam could get to his drop
  12. Force them to a field goal and it may give the Panthers a minute and a half to score a TD
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