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  1. If his name were Turdy then it would make too much sense…
  2. I believe that years ago the league tried to make Tampa Bay our rival in the division since Atlanta and New Orleans were already rivals. I do not believe that the rivalry ever took off so to say who our natural rivalry is with now I’m not entirely sure. If you ask either of those two teams who their arrival is they would say the other team and not the Panthers. If you ask a Panthers fan or at least the average Panthers fan who their rival is it’s probably going to be the Saints more than any other team.
  3. Apparently it is Bermuda. https://www.si.com/nfl/2015/09/29/nfl-stadium-turf-grass-rankings
  4. Damn! I wish they would have given away the sod. I would have rented and loaded a truck up with it.
  5. (Tim-The Golden Calf of Bristol) Challenge accepted
  6. I believe that he uses a BPA model that is based on which teams take various players first. If any team changes course or deviates from BPA and drafts for need, then that cascades down the entire board. So, yes, mock drafts are just for entertainment and perhaps a better source would be player rankings based on position.
  7. Forsythe went to Fitterers old team…
  8. I swear if we draft Forsythe with our next pick, then I will be mildly happy with all of the trade backs.
  9. Wow, WOW, you are still upset. I hope that you get over it soon.
  10. Well we agree on something. Look at that.
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