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  1. It looks like Darnolds logo with some water coloring from a 5 year old
  2. Well good news is he's probably not interested in any of the NFCS teams. I think Chargers and Jacksonville were high on his list
  3. Bills, Eagles, Chiefs, If he's feeling lucky maybe Jets
  4. Only locks would be TMJ, Mingo, and Thielen due to his contract.
  5. That's what I mean by footwork. Joints, quads, hamstrings. Soccer players have said it takes like 2 extra days to recover after playing on turf.
  6. Sam was on Ir for like the first half of the season, can't remember if we officially had all three guys on the 53 or if Baker was cut when Sam was activated
  7. Dropping a weight on grass vs turf is a good way of displaying how much more forgiving grass is when it comes to peoples heads and even just basic footwork, landing on a shoulder, anything really
  8. I like him more the more I learn. Very humble for having that much swag on the field
  9. I still get flashbacks of him getting owned by Antonio Brown lol. When Donte has a bad day it's a bad day
  10. He's got pretty impressive game speed for his size too. It's like the exact kinda guy Donte shouldn't be allowed to cover
  11. Corral has some zip on that thing.
  12. Wasn't he like 1 of 5 on the deep balls at his pro day? The camera work was so horrible it was giving me vertigo but I think that was the count
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