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  1. Pretty sure the 11 on 11's are pretty useless for the trenches until pads come on in training camp. Would be curious about who's getting the majority of the reps in drills and whether or not that's a good or bad thing. I get the vibe that vets showed up to camp for comradery but most redshirted even if not really injured
  2. Well Shi Smith and Sam Franklin posted grams about getting vaccinated today so they'll be on the team as long as they don't magnetize. Or maybe that would be a good thing i dunno
  3. The Hornets had DJ's and Male/Female dance squads during halftime this year and it was cool. You're already watching a sport, cool to watch a broad range of people who are also insanely talented at their craft instead of run of the mill cheerleading
  4. If we wanted Oline so bad why not grab Wyatt Davis with that pick and have your RG solidified for 4+ years. Can't stand these Oline project guys
  5. I thought David Newton was gonna get all Jerry Springer but Robby started talking about aura's and lost him lol. Can we get a new ESPN person?
  6. Really good year for joint practices in training camp. The D looks legit now but if the Colts D look just as good we could be in for another rough year of QB play
  7. Can we just get the Spanish radio calls on the tv feed? Best option besides Eric Collins
  8. Mason Stokke when we drafted Tremble? No Shi Smith? David Moore (G/C) is going to manhandle some dudes in training camp to the point where he won't last 2 days on the practice squad
  9. Yeah way different than Rivera camps where you just play your assumed starters, not give any rookies reps at different spots, and then wing it when someone gets injured
  10. Snow's presser was so refreshing yesterday, seems to have the D locked in and focused. Brady, maybe he has an uphill battle with Sam and a questionable O-line but I can't imagine him getting a head coaching job anytime soon unless a team buys all the media hype. Comes off a little smug
  11. Hopefully it's just an OTA experiment to figure out line depth. By camp I want Deonte and David Moore getting fair shots. I predict Moore gonna be the best rookie OL in camp
  12. BC has never played anywhere except LT, so unfortunately sounds like a project, or maybe just using OTA's to see if he's any good at guard in real life. Looks too stiff to pull or anything
  13. I doubt any Jets players actually live in NY, just random neighborhoods near Metlife which is in the most drab random location off 95
  14. He is also barely capable of operating Zoom and has fingernails on chalkboard microphone sound. He needs to be transported back to Nascar.
  15. If Robby wants an extension that bad why did his agent agree to a 2 year deal 14 months ago? Shoulda just held out until a team offered 3 or 4
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