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  1. Well he only took 7 snaps under center his last two years at Alabama so...Not sure how it helps doing that at a Pro Day unless you stick 10 6'5" guys in his face and ask him to step up into the pocket
  2. It could just mean bubble screens and immediate tackles
  3. It seems almost impossible to have any insider leak for pick 33, no matter how their board looks rn teams will reach for guys and others will fall on night 1, trades will be offered etc. A trade at 33 could go down to 5 minutes before we're on the clock so no one will know in advance
  4. I like that they basically put Ladd and Pearsall side by side despite where they had them ranked overall. I actually think Pearsall would be better at contested catches and yac when it comes to breaking a tackle or taking on contact. Ladd does a good job of getting open underneath but dances a little too much for my taste if we're talking about finding a DAWG
  5. One thing this got me thinking, is if Canales got some of the best seasons out of Baker/Geno/etc, how long before Tepper asks him his true assessment of Bryce? Obviously it has to be sometime during or after camp once pads are on
  6. I mean we can't really discuss WR's or Centers or whatever without mentioning the QB situation. Not sure what the optimists are grasping at. He was incognito all offseason except for a couple celebrity camp/youth camp appearances. Thielen was in the weight room every time they put out any footage inside the building. I think being the number 1 pick and QB1 comes with more weight than just showing up a day before voluntary workouts, no pun intended. If Cam had done the bare minimum imagine how much he would have been killed on here
  7. I think they were fooling themselves until the Jets week and then poo their pants and supposedly tried to change/add to the playbook the week of game 1. I can’t find the article but I remember hearing something about that recently
  8. He could barely throw a decent long ball at his pro day with no defenders, in an indoor facility. Honestly if he had actually thrown at the Combine like the other guys did they might have seriously second guessed taking him over Stroud. Would have been night and day when actually seeing them throw side by side and not having the buffer of a few days between pro days
  9. This will be the only one I listen to all year. I like Mina
  10. Pearsall has some nice film playing outside, but yes I'd like AD to fall to 33 to be the X
  11. I'll take Pearsall over XL and Ladd if we truly have a non WR BPA at 33
  12. Yeah, they also said Gordon was doing it his whole college career and he was balling out in the NFL at 22, XL as a project/gamble at 23 years old is probably a gamble I'd rather another team who could afford it take, at least high in the 2nd round
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