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  1. A bunch of y'all didn't feel bad for Corral. How about Penix at the top of the 2nd? BY not making this throw
  2. Yeah he did the same thing with Rhule. Pretty sure he bases everything off ESPN hype
  3. Bryce was basically a jag last year after losing some weapons if you ignore the media hype
  4. Not that Shenault was taking his snaps or anything, but time to see what ISM can do with legit game reps. Also get Blacksheer out there running some stuff instead of Sanders. Miles-Bryce has zero chemistry
  5. Also the S2 guy wasn't even selling it very well when he was doing press. Might as well test everyone to see who gets the highest score on photo hunt
  6. Yeah I remember it was officially the case as soon as the S2 scores were leaked. That's when I begrudgingly accepted we were going Bryce over CJ
  7. Speaking of big boards what was Daniel Jeremiah watching? Footwork is and has been ugly and lazy The 2021 Heisman Trophy winner has quick feet in his setup and effectively marries his eyes and feet.
  8. Google 2023 nfl mock draft and every link on the 1st page has Bryce as the no.1 pick, whether they thought he was the best or they were just assuming that's who we wanted I'm not gonna read through all that
  9. This is the same guy that bought into the Rhule hype. He literally might base all of his decisions off of ESPN
  10. He will not be alive for 20-30 years or whatever Tepper said he was hoping for in the next coach
  11. People act like defenses would play Stroud the exact same way they game plan for Bryce for some reason. Others are slowly acknowledging Bryce routinely skips on passing the ball to NFL open WR's, and that he often does so because he doesn't have enough zip to get the ball where it needs to go without getting picked off. Stroud is also totally comfortable under center and can convincingly sell play action, he can qb sneak, he can throw over the line without hopping in the air, etc....
  12. Yeah, his pro day wasn't even that good lol. Struggled throwing deep to his own guys vs air
  13. We aren't magically going to go .500 the rest of the season like last year just by firing Reich. Also if they had been playing Dalton we'd probably have at least a few more wins. Reich sucked sure but the trades/FA, and drafts picks would handicap any coach
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