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  1. Jameis did the same thing and it was an incomplete pass lol
  2. If Cotchery didn't catch it this dude def didn't catch that
  3. I don't understand why Blackburn, Mixon, or David Newton are anywhere near the building at this point. I know Mixon is gone soon but would love to have a completely clean slate next year from these old heads
  4. And he did it last year as well, main issue is the Panthers harp on special teams depth to make the roster but we have no kickers or returners, makes no sense.
  5. Imagine being the Jets and missing on Rhule because he couldn't bring in his own coaching staff. I know they're college guys but Rhule obviously works hand in hand with Phil Snow in a package deal.
  6. Who knows what hit it was, but Derrick Brown pulverizing Wilson probably did something to his ribs/internal organs
  7. Jury on Justin Fields is still out, but none of these rookie guys would have gotten us to 3-0. For that I am grateful for the gamble on Sam. People have plenty of tape on him so it's not like a Kyle Allen surprising people and then busting deal.
  8. Jet's cb's are still good 3 weeks in, week 1 wasn't an anomaly
  9. Looks like Sam is the guy, also obviously if you're picking first you need a lot more player/coaching wise than a QB. Mahomes and Lamar are both lucky to have dropped in their drafts.
  10. On one of the Youtube chats someone said Rhule started calling some plays in the 2nd half, wonder if that's true. Something to look out for. Def seemed like a whole new scheme
  11. Royce going to get a lot of reps in the next 10 days to get up to speed. Shoulda kept Mike Davis
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