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  1. I mean I think he's in denial about the situation at this point. Imagine trying to explain to Tepper why you can't convince anyone better than this list of guys to even interview. It's either that or he's purposefully only asking people he's not intimidated by
  2. That would be Matt Rhule, who mentioned having the #2 defense in his last presser as a bright spot of the season. I'm surprised no one brought up the turnovers/field position. We were super average in sacks and only had 9 interceptions, 2 of which were Gilmore who didn't require any coaching
  3. Yup. How many yards did the D save by having Sam turn the ball over? And our special teams often getting ran over for an extra 10-15 yards? Lots of drives started closer to midfield than the opposing teams endzone
  4. We requested an interview with Pep last week and so far nothing came of it
  5. Mcadoo is the best he can do because guys like Pep aren't returning his calls. This one is probably a favor through Coughlin, his only NFL connection
  6. Neither did BC in college but Rhules got him playing everywhere, he's even seriously adding Center to his repertoire for next year
  7. Still bad energy, the players are human beings and react to this kinda bs the same way anyone does at any job
  8. They should have taken out the 17th game and had a hunger games wildcard weekend. Dunno if the math would work out though
  9. Maybe a 5'9" QB isn't the answer for a superbowl
  10. Stafford made the right decision even though they'll lose next round
  11. Yup they're trying to go to a playoff team. Rhule probably reached out and they didn't return the calls. He's either getting Mcadoodoo because Panthers OC is better than Cowboys "consultant", or Kubiak who is basically Joe Brady with no college success, but a familiar last name. I'm not sure he'll get anyone on board after that WFNZ interview unless they pay them 2-3x what they're worth
  12. He's probably more focused on concert revenue, hence the turf. He knows opposing fans will fill half the stadium alone
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