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  1. I mean if you reversed the camera position they would have to aim up to capture Cam in the background so it would still have a similar mental effect
  2. Yeah gotta show something in preseason that's not excused as "vanilla playcalling"
  3. Maybe, or maybe just saying not winning many games rookie year?
  4. I guess so, it takes the fun out of it for the kids but maybe they'll have a little window for the "general admission" side
  5. Looks like you might need some bs VIP passes to get autographs at this new training camp set up, I think they said it's for PSL owners only
  6. Except he kept Dan Morgan and Cole Spencer around? I'm sure there's a few more others lingering. The main turd owns the team so don't hold your breath waiting for things to magically turn around when the actual foundation is fuged
  7. Coming from the person with the most predictable replies in any thread regardless of the particular topic lol.
  8. Technically Morgan probably had to deal with it, until we see a few years of stability it's totally fair to speculate that Tepper is just toying with this whole operation with no direction from the top down.
  9. I mean it's an ownership problem in any business when there is this much turnover. Anyone that's had a shitty boss ruin a job that could have been a pleasant and profitable situation can relate regardless of the level of employment or specific duties of the job. There is very little you can do as far as building a culture when you have an instrusive dickhead owner
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