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  1. How long until JJ Jansen collects his monthly Social Security check?
  2. One way or another it’ll all work out in the end. They can’t pick up the bodies before the crash happens. As one of my exes once told me, Patience is a virtue.
  3. The usual suspects are complaining and the Panthers have not even play their first preseason game yet…I would imagine that a rational and reasonable fan wouldn’t freak out until after the third preseason game.
  4. It’s simple… As with anything else in life, winning consistently cures all.
  5. You are correct. Some folks tend to forget that Derek Anderson was a Pro Bowler at one point in time when he played in… Cleveland. With that being said it would seem that he is definitely the best/last free-agent QB acquisition that the Panthers made.
  6. Seeing as how Baker Mayfield has been a playoff quarterback before I would normally say yes, but this team has been a losing team for over three years now. Turning this around and being a winner, or a winning team this year will be a accomplishment in itself. So with that being said, I think just being a winning team guarantees Matt Rhule another year.
  7. I know, Scott Fowler is about as exciting as a warm glass of milk.
  8. Question for you, should he do nothing at all, or do everything that he can do to improve his chances of success? I would prefer the latter of the two. You can’t fault the man for trying…
  9. Don’t forget about Jake Delhomme he was a middle of the road quarterback but he did have moxie.
  10. Poor Sam, he’s probably sitting home reading this tweet and thinking “Hey, that sounds like a good idea“…
  11. In all likelihood if the future is in Matt Corral… then perhaps Sam Darnold is not the type of person to be a mentor to him. They may just need someone in Mayfield that is at the least a competent enough as a QB to be the mentor as a one year rental.
  12. So now we think that the kid is going to be Montana?
  13. There is a saying that says that a successful leader is not successful because they are the smartest person in the room, but are smart enough to hire the people that are.
  14. I like the kid, but it was the same thought from me too. I had most of the quarterbacks this year falling into the Minshew level of player as a borderline starter/backup. Maybe he hits the weights, becomes a regular at the buffet line and turns into something more late in the year.
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