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  1. https://omny.fm/shows/the-kyle-bailey-show-podcast/the-clubhouse-scott-fitterer-1
  2. Well, if it’s something that he needs to improve on and he said he’s going to improve on, then I guess there’s no other choice, but to see if he can do that?
  3. He enamors Jaycee Horn and the fact that he drafted him. The host asked about Slater and he gave his Scouting team’s pre-draft evaluation. I don’t think that he has or had any regrets about drafting the person that they did. I think that they were only disappointed that Jaycee was injured and could not finish the year.
  4. Well from now on it will be the “Missed Opportunities”, “The other team team gets paid to make plays too” and “It is what it is” from this staff. Matt is like my good friend from the City who says what is exactly on his mind so folks never have to wonder where he stands on a matter. The negative is that when you have a job like this one, he needs to go against his instincts.
  5. Why? Are you finally disappointed in yourself and your own self reflection during your moment of clarity?
  6. And no one knew that Tom Brady, a sixth round draft pick, was going to be the best player ever. Otherwise, he would have been the first pick overall the year he was drafted. We had the 8th pick and took Jaycee Horn who was thought to be the best player on the board when it was our turn. Again he did not say that Slater was a bad player, would not be successful or could not be a good tackle going forward. He only gave the teams pre-draft positional evaluation and player comparison.
  7. Lol, I gave a direct quote word for word including the pauses and a link with the time block to the actual podcast. All you need to do is open and listen to his actual words.
  8. How did he slight him? Was it the part when he compared him to Vera-Tucker in their pre draft evaluation?
  9. What I posted was a direct quote… https://wfnz.com/category/wfnz-podcasts/the-mac-attack-podcast/ Play from 8:55-9:35
  10. Yes that is correct. Matt Rhule said today that he doesn’t sit in the tower making every decision. He says that people have input and he’s one of the voices that provides input. He also said that a majority needs to be in favor of a pick.
  11. Here is what he said, “Yeah, that was a really harder decision. You know like, Rashawn had not played the prior year…um, he wasn’t ideal tackle size… there was a lotta questions of whether he was a guard…same thing with like Alijah Vera-Tucker… so it was really like, “Hey are you going to take a guy that was kind of like a guard at this number(draft position)?” You know I think with Rashawn, I had a chance to go back and watch cause he is playing out with the Chargers with a really mobile quarterback….” However, if you go back and listen to it you would know that right before that statement and after being prompted about Slater, he said that if he had to do it again he would take Jaycee each time as he believes that Jaycee is going to be a star player and pro bowler. Not once did he say that he did not like Slater.
  12. It tells me that it’s a bad year to be looking for a new head coach as the competition will be high and the probability of landing the one you want will be lower.
  13. What did he say that you consider dogging Slater?
  14. Have you listened to the full interview? If you haven’t then it may be a good idea to do that in order to provide some context.
  15. He was talking about from the perspective of the fans at Baylor when he went 1-13.
  16. To be fair and honest, he also said something that is missing from the quote. He said that because Slater had missed the prior year and he did not have the ideal measurable they were not comfortable taking him ahead of Penai or Jaycee. He did not say that they would not have taken Slater if the other two were not there.
  17. The one in the Hamptons is 15k sq ft. Do you know what the square footage is for the one in Quail Hollow?
  18. He purchased John Fox’s home in Quail Hollow.
  19. Please carry on with the craziness I do find it entertaining…
  20. I was saying the same thing to myself. I just didn’t want to say it out loud.
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