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  1. What I heard was if the Panthers improve their Oline then they may reach their goal of having a top tier team with a franchise QB.
  2. That was just a question for all the doom and gloom people on here that were thinking that the Panthers were done for the season.
  3. I guess, but that seemed like more of a wrinkle to me. Maybe they run him more.
  4. Awesome, now the Panthers just need Hubbard and Royce to try and make up 75% of what CMC can do.
  5. Yes Chubba stay upright and you can make progress
  6. God Chuba Hubbard is falling down on purpose I think
  7. Yes…?? Takes 8 weeks recovery depending on where it’s fractured
  8. The holding by the Texans could not be more obvious yet no calll.
  9. Good god score so we can get the fug out of here
  10. Chubbas waiting on a hole the size of…Texas to open up
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