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  1. Who made better plays in critical times other than Mac jones in college , rewatch the Ohio state game where Trevor golden boy croaked
  2. Trust me I would but I’m not allowed to and the algorithms are weeks old mainly used for college dfs
  3. Bet you won’t give me credit when he’s a beast for us . Just trust me , I know what I’m talking about , I’m the one that watched film . You watched highlights
  4. Bringing in Bridgewater was such an idiotic move. Rhule listed off what he wants in a QB and Teddy is none of those things. You could of watch his film and noticed that. He is an average backup QB with a poor arm. Teddy went 0-8 last season with a chance to tie or win the game in the last drive. I’m glad they’re not just sticking with him cause he’s “our guy”. Teddy played respectably well in a few games earlier in the season, but not being able to finish games strong on offense KILLED us this past season. He was also anti-clutch later in the year. We went on an 8 game losing streak in t
  5. Bet you said the same thing about Herbert last year when I said he should be drafted #1 . Who was right ? Me . Just wait , trust the process , I watched hours of film and payed attention so you don’t have to . Take my word or watch a bunch of film on mac jones
  6. I’ll remember this when they are good qbs . Who do you want ? Other than too risk our future for Deshaun Watson which Watson hates the panthers and doesn’t want to play here
  7. What am I a child ? I’m a grown man I’m not taking no bet. Never said they will draft Mac jones but I’m saying it’s the best choice . But I will remember this when Mac jones is a start qb for us just to say I was right
  8. How is jones a day 2 qb and tua wasn’t last year ? Am I missing something ?
  9. My stats have him any where between 2-4
  10. Why would he ? The rams are a much better team , better coach , better looking cheerleaders and there in fricken beautiful la
  11. Only qbs that matter are Lawrence but he’s good as gone , Mac jones , lance and trask we just got to hood Mac jones stays under the radar
  12. I’d take him at #2 only person I’d take over Mac jones is Lawrence
  13. MAc jones will bring us to the moon ! Panthers super bowl 2022
  14. I love lance too but a rookie gm is not going to want to take the chance of lance being a bust , Mac is safer , smarter and a 10x better passer than lance . Lance is an Athlete what she could make big pleaseAthlete what she could make big please
  15. If you like a guy you take him and rhule loves Mac jones
  16. Once again fellow fans I told you I know what I’m talking about , Mac jones or lance is our pick barring something else he’s the 2nd best behind Lawrence .
  17. Yes I do , not paid millions but I’m paid a living salary
  18. He is not going there , Watson will be going to a solid team like the 49ers
  19. Easy choice guys , why would they want to come here ? Stafford went to the rams with an amazing head coach not far removed from the super bowl a monster defense and a play off team with 2 solid wrs
  20. Sounds familar look what I wrote in my Mac Jones post ? I told y’all him and Watson don’t want to come to Carolina they want to win now
  21. Bringing his team back? He didn’t need to he played amazing and unstoppable, yes he had talent at wr . Look at the same team Lawrence and Mac jones vs Ohio state . Mac jones shredded them and Lawrence croaked
  22. I love trask as well my algorithms and film study show Mac jones trask and Trevor Lawrence as the best and most safe but tre lance has a chance to be the best out of the bunch but comes with risk
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