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  1. to be fair the cost would have been too high for us anyway. Lets Develop Wilson or Lance or use Teddy for one more year and pick a 2022 qb.
  2. In my opinion, Sam Howell is better than both Zach Wilson and Trey Lance. I would potentially be in favor of trading back a lot, acquiring multiple first round picks and day 2 picks in order to get a potential haul ready to trade up for the number 1 overall slot next year. Sam Howell would not only be a fan favorite but could make a difference better than both Wilson and Lance. Would y'all be willing to wait a year for Howell? I certainly would.
  3. I would love this move. This could potentially be the catalyst for a huge trade that could get us Sam Howell next year.
  4. There is an obvious connection between the two working at the seahawks organization. Scottenheimer wanted to push the ball downfield similar to Joe Brady. Is there a possibility this could happen? (I want Jeff Nixon as our OC).
  5. this was the only interview I found of him. https://www.seahawks.com/video/2016-nfl-draft-scott-fitterer-interview-157471
  6. Not the guy I wanted at all but hopefully tepper knows what he's doing at this point, or this may set the team back a lot.
  7. Wow. Wonder what it means for the organization and our future draft picks.
  8. Nah. Even if Marty is a stagnant rock he always hit on First rounders. The only time he didn't was in 09 when he traded up i believe.
  9. I have not liked the way the seahawks have drafted over the years though. They have not drafted a pro bowler in quite some time i believe, don't know if thats a Carrol Issue or a Fitterer Issue.
  10. I guess at this point I'm rooting for Poles. Hopefully he can bring a new dimension to this organization and bring people that know what it takes to win a superbowl.
  11. Based on this I believe we'll get an announcement tomorrow or Friday, with Friday being the more likely day.
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