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  1. #14 throwing to number 2 will look a little weird but as long as its touchdowns i'll be happy
  2. Interesting that Marshall wears 88, while Shi Smith wears 12.
  3. Rhule had a great response to the Teddy B question. Good all around person.
  4. Week 2: Home against New Orleans (1:00) (FOX) Week 16: Away against New Orleans (1:00) (FOX)
  5. Per Twitter Eagles @ Panthers Week 5 Patriots @ Panthers Week 9 (1:00)
  6. Per Alicia Cosgrove, Melvin Ingram has interest from five teams: Raiders, Cowboys, Jets, Lions, & PANTHERS. Should we go after him? Please duke it out below.
  7. What about Sam Franklin? He was the MVP of the Chiefs game, had we won.
  8. I like that we're trying to prioritize the O-line. Something the previous regime never did.
  9. Not a bad signing. Cheap contract and good O-line help.
  10. For real, we're a half hour into tampering period. I'll check every 3 hours
  11. https://247sports.com/college/alabama/Article/NFL-insider-Mike-Tannenbaum-Alabama-Football-QB-Mac-Jones-wont-go-lower-than-No-8-pick-in-2021-NFL-Draft-160283805/ Bascially Mike Tannenbaum is saying Mac Jones won't go lower than pick 8 (us) in the draft, and that Matt Rhule won't pass him up given the chance. I think this is a horrible take but wanted the huddle community to rip apart this report too. Have Fun Huddlers!
  12. 2021 1st, 2021 2nd, 2022 1st, 2022 3rd, 2023 2nd. Shaq, Tre, Bridgewater, and KK ^^ Thats my trade offer. If they dont want this they can eat my ass.
  13. I love how the rams can keep pulling first round picks out of their ass. Goodell needs to cap this so we don't become the NBA.
  14. Youtube titled, "Matt Rhule Press conference" can you put the link in here.
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