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  1. What’s your problem with me tho? I’m getting a lot of personal attacks that’s unfair if you don’t like my panthers take explain why ? We’re all panther fans here I’m not going to smack talk fellow fans we’re all on the same boat here ? Tell me your problem with my panther takes ? And explain your takes , thanks
  2. I post quality content but these trolls hate me because I want to draft Mac jones yet if we draft him and he’s rookie of the year they’ll act like the biggest Mac jones fans , same thing happened in 2012 when I was begging for us to draft Luke people talked so much smack and I was even banned for having my own opinion. If I was begging for us to trade the house for Watson I would have so many good reps but I’m on here to post quality content even if people don’t agree not all of us panther fans agree on everything but we all want to win and I watch a lot of film so people don’t have to and Mac
  3. We already made one back up our starter why would we get him? Think
  4. He hates the panthers no way we would get him he would want to go to a contender like the saints and win a sb not the crummy panthers that have nothing going for themselves, to get Respect we need results and we need to earn that and make teams fear us no one likes or fears the panthers
  5. What is brenton bersin doing right this second? Guy was a legend !!!!! Sunshine! He was the real life Rudy the man had 0 talent he sucked but that man had some heart and did what he was told
  6. Why is everyone talking about Watson and Stafford ? I would like to make a case for drafting Mac Jones in first round. He has great mechanics and poise. He clearly knows how to win at a high level. Which is something neither Stafford or Watson have done. He may not be an out of the box franchise quarterback but in the long term I feel that he is clearly a better choice. And his style complements Christian McCaffery’s game as well. Draft him, coach him up, then give him the opportunity to prove himself. That’s how we got legends like Steve Young and Arron Rodgers. Teams now draft some kid out o
  7. honestly I was kind of happy when he was getting injured because it prevented him from potentially getting like a serious injury that would need like surgery and rehab like a torn ACL or something like that , Let me explain ! We would have a much higher pick if he was heathy no one can disagree with that .With this past season being a building year, I agree that it was fine for CMC to be out for part of the season. It's much better that it happened this year than in a possible superbowl bound season.Think about it, would we have really gotten the chance to see how bad Teddy was, had all of his
  8. What are you celebrating for? The Bucs our rival won and we have nothing to show for 2015 a overrated season that people love , 2015 was a terrible season
  9. What’s funny about that ? We lost that Super Bowl why would you bring that up again? You must like losing . Does it make you feel better that remmers lost his team two super bowls?
  10. This Super Bowl has me furious on how much we really suck and how bad the Bucs were for over a damn decade and they beat us out . It shows you need to suck to get better can’t just suck and win meaningless games . If we would have lost to the football team we could have traded up for Lawrence
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