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  1. What’s your problem with me tho? I’m getting a lot of personal attacks that’s unfair if you don’t like my panthers take explain why ? We’re all panther fans here I’m not going to smack talk fellow fans we’re all on the same boat here ? Tell me your problem with my panther takes ? And explain your takes , thanks
  2. I post quality content but these trolls hate me because I want to draft Mac jones yet if we draft him and he’s rookie of the year they’ll act like the biggest Mac jones fans , same thing happened in 2012 when I was begging for us to draft Luke people talked so much smack and I was even banned for having my own opinion. If I was begging for us to trade the house for Watson I would have so many good reps but I’m on here to post quality content even if people don’t agree not all of us panther fans agree on everything but we all want to win and I watch a lot of film so people don’t have to and Mac jones is the 2nd best behind Lawrence hate me if you want that’s facts bro
  3. We already made one back up our starter why would we get him? Think
  4. He hates the panthers no way we would get him he would want to go to a contender like the saints and win a sb not the crummy panthers that have nothing going for themselves, to get Respect we need results and we need to earn that and make teams fear us no one likes or fears the panthers
  5. What is brenton bersin doing right this second? Guy was a legend !!!!! Sunshine! He was the real life Rudy the man had 0 talent he sucked but that man had some heart and did what he was told
  6. Why is everyone talking about Watson and Stafford ? I would like to make a case for drafting Mac Jones in first round. He has great mechanics and poise. He clearly knows how to win at a high level. Which is something neither Stafford or Watson have done. He may not be an out of the box franchise quarterback but in the long term I feel that he is clearly a better choice. And his style complements Christian McCaffery’s game as well. Draft him, coach him up, then give him the opportunity to prove himself. That’s how we got legends like Steve Young and Arron Rodgers. Teams now draft some kid out of the NCAA and expect a Super Bowl in the first three years.
  7. honestly I was kind of happy when he was getting injured because it prevented him from potentially getting like a serious injury that would need like surgery and rehab like a torn ACL or something like that , Let me explain ! We would have a much higher pick if he was heathy no one can disagree with that .With this past season being a building year, I agree that it was fine for CMC to be out for part of the season. It's much better that it happened this year than in a possible superbowl bound season.Think about it, would we have really gotten the chance to see how bad Teddy was, had all of his checkdowns been glorified by CMC turning them into 10+ yard gains? Would we have even noticed that Teddy was incapable of throwing a decent pass beyond 5 yards? CMC’s injury gave us the chance to see that even with CMC, Teddy wouldn’t have been throwing checkdowns because he had the best back in the league, he would be throwing checkdowns because that’s all he could really throw. Also, with CMC being out for a lot of our close games, I’m sure he would have helped us in finishing some of those game-winning drives (hell, I’m sure we could have maybe won that chiefs game had McCaffery been in on that last drive...). Even if we won just 1 more game with CMC on the lineup, we likely wouldn’t be in a position to draft a new QB, and why would we? CMC would have inflated Teddy’s game so much, to the point that every checkdown would be classified as justifiable, (why wouldn’t you put the ball in the hands of your best player?) Plus, CMC essentially got a season’s worth of rest, hopefully extending his career by a bit, which is great timing as we likely wouldn’t have made a playoff run with Teddy at the helm anyway.So what did CMC’s injury do for us? - expose Teddy for who he is (Teddy two yards) - got us a top 8 draft pick - hopefully got us a new QB - extended his prime so that he can be good for longer - allowed us to work out the kinks in our roster and figure out the strengths and weaknesses of our very young defense -hopefully allowed us to keep Joe Brady for at least another year (I think with CMC active he would have looked a lot better and gotten poached), making it so that he can coach up whoever we draft/sign at QB - Allowed Mike Davis to show off his capabilities, and if we decide to keep him (we might idk) he could be a deadly one two punch with CMC, allowing CMC to rest when needed (similar but not to the extent of Kamara and Latavius Murray) - Gave CMC a deeper look into how the offense works and how coaching decisions are made, likelyhelping him become an even smarter back when it comes to situational football.So maybe CMC being out for most of the season wasn’t the worst thing in the world?Of course the best RB in the game would elevate Bridgewater. That's what good players do, they make other guys look better. You see this all the time in professional sports; especially in football.Many times a great linebacker goes to another team in free agency, then his stats/production fall off because his new team has a crappy D-line.Choosing to pay CMC as much as we did comes with cap consequences. I'm not apologizing for Teddy, but it looked like the FO was choosing to invest in weapons and pay less for a QB. Welp, we get what we pay for.More importantly, we didn’t waste a year of hits on him just to win 6-7 games And this now puts us in a great position to draft a nice pocket passer that can help mccaffrey not only in the passing game but the running game as well . Mac jones can be the new focus of the offense and that’s what mccaffrey needs he needs a solid pocket passer like him so the focus we’ll be on how do I stop mac jones and that frees mccaffrey up something he can’t do with teddy also mccaffrey will have a lot more go alone opportunity with Mac jones in the redzone due to his pocket passing talent . Good bye bridgewater don’t let the door hit you on the way out bro!
  8. What are you celebrating for? The Bucs our rival won and we have nothing to show for 2015 a overrated season that people love , 2015 was a terrible season
  9. What’s funny about that ? We lost that Super Bowl why would you bring that up again? You must like losing . Does it make you feel better that remmers lost his team two super bowls?
  10. This Super Bowl has me furious on how much we really suck and how bad the Bucs were for over a damn decade and they beat us out . It shows you need to suck to get better can’t just suck and win meaningless games . If we would have lost to the football team we could have traded up for Lawrence
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