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  1. Right now everyone is settling into their roles nicely. All are very comfortable. When Devonte returns it should be interesting to see how the comfort is impacted. Monk has basically taken over Devonte's new role. Bamba would offer some pretty good minutes. Hopefully get Hornets out of protect the paint mode and not leave open threes. Would you keep Monk or Graham at this point?
  2. Revised: i was dead wrong! Great win.
  3. This might be the worst loss of year if they don't come back. I actually believe the team is turning more towards Roziers and that is not a good thing.
  4. Borrego runs nothing for Hayward. Nothing. $120 million for 8 shots
  5. Not sure Atlanta really wants to host. This is a made for TV All star game if played. Atlanta mayor asking for no outside travellers and no local events surrounding the game.
  6. Need to be at full health for that road trip. Hope there are no covid cases on the team. Hayward should be fine. Martin twins coming off health and safety might be good. PJ probably good. Should be interesting to see if Saturday's Warriors game is played and who is available. Rozier torched the entire Spurs so his contact tracing is a concern. Could be a Greensboro call back frenzy. Edit: also a concern we lost to a team that had 4 players with covid.
  7. Do not like Drummond or Griffin for this team. Drummond would be nice for rebounding but would clog the lane either himself or with his defender dropping way off. Makes it tougher for our guys to drive. Tough to see any other centers available that would make an impact or better than team currently has.
  8. Lower back. Probably feeling it last few games because he hasn't looked right.
  9. Graham is available. Borrego gets an out with PJ not playing. 3 guards and Hayward at the 4?
  10. Hornets going with Hayward and Ball against Wolves tonight. "It's a bold strategy cotton, let's see if it pays off for em."
  11. I see us 1-5 on west coast trip with only victory being the Wolves. Sacramento is a good shooting team. Jazz, Suns, Warriors, and Blazers could be ugly. 4 of 6 are top 12 in 3pt %. Hope I am wrong. West coast trips often define an east coast team. Grab 2 or 3 and that will make believers of a lot of people. Boston just took a very similar trip and went 2-3 and people are down on them. Different expectations, but Hornets can solidify their top 8/play in target with good trip.
  12. Borrego has followed a strategy to defend the paint and leave the 3 open more often than not this year. When players are tired, not communicating or slow rotating it makes defending the 3 very difficult. We can't defensive rebound no matter what strategy he takes. So I would rather give up a 2 then open 3's. You see the players sticking too long with the cutter or big. That is a strategy for the most part. Teams will live with 10 Melo floaters because they are getting 10 open threes on the other end. I will say that the players looked tired last night. Minnesota does not have 3 point shoot
  13. Team sucked tonight. Hayward was walking in mud and needs to be much more aggressive. Giving up 50 threes and outrebounded like a middle school team. Better come back strong Friday. That long west coast trip is looming. Can't imagine what Warriors, Suns, and Blazers will do.
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