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  1. There is no way you can have Gelo on this team. Nor should you want it.
  2. Very similar to Robert Williams in Boston.
  3. Starting to get out in transition. Need a Monk 40 point game.
  4. Somebody needs to show some balls and not let them get they easy drives. Hammer somebody.
  5. Saw a picture of Hayward pre game in Washington in what seemed to be a workout. He looked ripped. Hoping he can make it back Tuesday.
  6. It would be nice if Hayward could play basketball again in our lifetime as well.
  7. I guess he was out of the boot tonight. Would love to see the full team again.
  8. Good news. Weird there isn't any update on Hayward. At least to say when he will be evaluated. They said at least 4 weeks before which has generally passed. If he needs to be shut down then say it.
  9. Haven't a percentage of fans been attending games for several weeks now?
  10. Twisted ankle. Agree, would have been nice if he wasn't out there. 4 more games on this road trip. Need more energy tomorrow night.
  11. Embarrassing. 15-24 from 3 for Nets. Nets playing with 100% more energy. Going to be shutting this down soon so they can rest for tomorrow nighr.
  12. When Shamet is lighting it up...not great
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