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  1. There is no way you can have Gelo on this team. Nor should you want it.
  2. Very similar to Robert Williams in Boston.
  3. Starting to get out in transition. Need a Monk 40 point game.
  4. Somebody needs to show some balls and not let them get they easy drives. Hammer somebody.
  5. Saw a picture of Hayward pre game in Washington in what seemed to be a workout. He looked ripped. Hoping he can make it back Tuesday.
  6. It would be nice if Hayward could play basketball again in our lifetime as well.
  7. I guess he was out of the boot tonight. Would love to see the full team again.
  8. Good news. Weird there isn't any update on Hayward. At least to say when he will be evaluated. They said at least 4 weeks before which has generally passed. If he needs to be shut down then say it.
  9. Haven't a percentage of fans been attending games for several weeks now?
  10. Twisted ankle. Agree, would have been nice if he wasn't out there. 4 more games on this road trip. Need more energy tomorrow night.
  11. Embarrassing. 15-24 from 3 for Nets. Nets playing with 100% more energy. Going to be shutting this down soon so they can rest for tomorrow nighr.
  12. When Shamet is lighting it up...not great
  13. Hornets starting to hit. Can't get any stops.
  14. Other teams are paying for Griffin and Aldridge.
  15. Need to cut it to 25 by the end of this quarter.
  16. Aldridge and Shamet are playing tonight.
  17. I think the Raptors adding Trent Jr. and Hood, while keeping Lowry are very interesting. I think the Celtics will add another piece and move up the standings. Rob Williams is their future now. Don't be afraid to add Wannamaker up there for the Hornets. Needle mover. Bulls definitely improved. Going to be tough push to stay out of play in for the Hornets
  18. Playoff experienced and good locker room guy. End of bench on young team type of player. Can spot fill some minutes. Rozier and Graham haven't been 100% healthy this year.
  19. Foul trouble. Borrego took him out with 4 fouls midway through 3rd. Hayward wanted to stay in. Game got out of hand so Borrego decided to never bring him back in.
  20. I wouldn't say that. His usage has been down since Melo was starting. Especially in some of the post all star break games. Let's see what happens when usage gets back to 25-28% range. His rebounds, assists, and steals have been great. Will need more scoring/shots which is what I think you are referring to.
  21. You seem to know the potential buyout market more than me. I agree that most bought out want a contender. However, you don't think there is a big that wants minutes and potentially rehabilitate image? Show your potential on a team with cap space and definite need at C.
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