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  1. So he will be a 3rd pick in a draft soon?? Lmao!!
  2. Hopefully everybody at spectrum knows basketball and will stay far away..
  3. Stop trying to convince yourself and bet something..
  4. Laettner had 145 his college career how that workout?
  5. Noel might get paid more then I want to go.. I could see Robin here thoe..
  6. Who you guys got?? If we can't trade for Myles or get Holmes.. My 1sr option Bad injury history so won't get big money.. Blazer refuse to pick up his option so UFA..
  7. Agree to disagree.. I wouldn't waste a pick..
  8. 1. Kofi wasn't going to be worth a 1st round pick... I was right.. 2. Kofi needs to go back to college.. This isn't what he wanted to do You know that right?? Him or his team got info from teams saying he ain't ready and probably wouldn't be drafted which is why he's "the #1 college transfer" (don't have a clue where you're getting this ranking from) lol.. right again.. 3. His style of play doesn't fit today's nba so he is going back to develop more to be someone considered a draftable option.. Which he isn't right now.. 3 times a charm.. Graza is a stiff.. Graza plays horrible defense.. He will be a player you hide on defense and hope his offense is so much better he can cover up for his terrible defense .. He won't be drafted until late 2nd round.. If at all.. He will spend most of next year in the G-leauge again if he's even drafted.. You are truly trolling with this crap...
  9. Christian Latner and, Tyler Hansbrough maybe some of the best college basketball players alltime.. Neither barley a bench player in the nba.. Different games highest level competition some time college numbers don't mean squat... Jimmer Fredette, Adam Morrison, I can keep going with many more who got praised by commentators on videos and didn't do squat... Are you willing to back your opinion about Graza being a day 1 starter any where?? I'll take all the action on that bet.. I was already exactly right about 1 of your draft crushes this won't be any different...
  10. Dude is a few years overseas or G league before seeing any NBA minutes if he ever makes it.. Hes Unathletic doesn't play defense and is a dinosaur in today's nba... I don't have a clue why you are high on him..
  11. You are honestly only looking at body type, and highlight video's I'm convinced... Because you're clearly aren't looking at skillset, athleticism or basketball IQ.. Your sleepers are guys I don't see as NBA starters or even playing in the NBA.. I'm sorry I just don't see it...
  12. I would still sign a cheaper Vet SG and draft Moody or Bouknight before Duarte but I like your plan overall ..
  13. Scenario plays out that OKC will give us 16 and 18 for 11.. Would you do it?? I say hell yes.. Depending on who might be there at 11 of course.. If Barnes drops no chance get him.. But if you have your choice of Moody or Bouknight (who I love).. Then just drop and you might end up with a combo of Duarte or Springer with Jackson (not high on but others like him) Jones or Sengun.. Which I will take in a heart beat..
  14. Kofi Cockburn to withdraw from NBA draft and explore college options. https://www.google.com/amp/s/therookiewire.usatoday.com/2021/07/06/kofi-cockburn-withdraw-nba-draft-transfer-portal/amp/ Oh @rippadonn ... What did I say... And your boy Graza tested as maybe the most Unathletic player ever...lol Rule 1 ....don't fall in love with highlight video's...
  15. Too many ? Mark's since he opted out.. Resume is lacking..
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