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  1. Too who?? I how do you know they won't suck?? The Grass isn't always greener..
  2. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2956204-browns-realistic-trade-packages-for-baker-mayfield If this idiot thinks the browns are getting a 2nd round pick from anybody for Mayfield he is clueless.. I wish I could trash him in the comments..
  3. I like the nickname Latino Heat instead of Golden Corral.. With his fiery attitude on the field and a little omagh to the late great Eddie Guerrero..
  4. Can we admit.. That the defense went from a total rebuild 2020 to top 10 ranked and still building last year.. That's development..
  5. Love Baldy's breakdowns.. He saw the same poo I did looking over videos..
  6. Very interested a 2 year deal maybe??
  7. That's your opinion.. But plain and simple whether he drafted them or not if there best season comes under his tenure he should get some credit for it.. Shaq was almost a pro bowler this year.. Rhule and staff get credit for that.. Curtis hasn't and without that season under Rhule and staff he wouldn't have been close to getting that contract.. And Hassan had better season but nobody wanted to pay him until Rhule put the spotlight on him here...
  8. Situational pass rusher and special teamer until he bulks up and get stronger in the ass and leg region.. Think Mario Addison, Al Wallace..
  9. Ban hammer for anybody calling Matt Corral "Matty ICE".. 1st warning!!
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