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  1. Chris Simms based athletic QB on his athleticism.. Anybody compared to him is athletic.... Mac looks dumpy and slow . Moving in a clean pocket is 1 thing but let's not act like he has dealt with the pass rush he'll see in the NFL... So we don't really know how good he is in moving in a pocket. Like I said I don't believe in non mobile QB with avg. Arm strength.. I'm sorry.. Give me the athlete and teach him...
  2. The moving around in the pocket thing is a misnomal until we see him behind a bad Oline that isn't dominating lower competition.. I think Matt has the better arm.. But I believe all three couldn't carry a team if they aren't put in favorable situations...
  3. If we're talking last few years. Bill's and Dolphins have been good or Atleast competitive and then the Patriots. Last few years I would say AFC east is the stronger division... I also think the Jags had more talent surrounding Minshew if we're being realistic... But like I said it could go either way for me depending on compensation.. I'd rather go with natural talent but the stats don't lie.
  4. I don't even have to do that.. I watched the games and can see the difference in Teddy passing to DJ and DJ breaks 3 tackles and get 20 to 30 more yards. And Cam Passing to Ted Ginn or Philly and they fall and Cam only getting the yards he passed for and no extra YAC...
  5. We watched the games... Alot of their yards were made by them not the QB.. Let's be realistic.. If Teddy throws a 5 to 10 yard pass and Roddy or DJ or Curtis take it 30 - 40 more yards down the field.. Who gets credit for that??
  6. I definitely agree with this.. I also think Mike Davis was a better RB then what ever the Jets had.
  7. Darnold Could be a David Carr situation all over again as well.. Shell shocked and not repairable..
  8. But you would agree Minshew also played with better surrounding talent in a weaker division right?? Context and situational differences does matter in this breakdown right??
  9. Good one... Stephen Hill still sucked and you were wrong... Hahahaha!!!
  10. Now that is interesting... Considering compensation who do you think has the better natural talent? I would go with Darnold..
  11. Fair is fair I should never lived that down.. Flame on..
  12. Just a question.. Would you say he more athletic and has a better or same arm strength as Matt Ryan or, Andy Dalton...
  13. Cool .. now what.. Yeah nothing..lol
  14. Are we really counting Nick Foles who had a great playoff run but wasn't the QB all season. Or Peyton being carried by a great defense and Bad Rivera Game planning.. Has Russell also won in the last 7 years..
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