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  1. What offense is Atlanta stopping Thoe???
  2. I don't but I can read the room and see his medical condition (I feel sorry for him ofcourse) is scaring every team in the draft away... And if you're not a doctor or on a medical staff what do you know how risky it is to take a player with blood clots??? Especially knowing ppl die from this disease..
  3. Exactly so it doesn't matter telling ppl what you got right in your 20+ year fandom... Tell me what you got wrong.. I'll start Ricky Manning Jr., Luke Kuechly wrong wrong wrong.. I'll admit it.. will you??
  4. I was right about Stephen Hill has nothing to do with now.. Plus you're still not being paid for your opinion..
  5. Yes you would rather take a chance on a player with a debilitating medical condition that isn't going away in the most violent position on the field.. The same condition countless of ppl have died from.. Okay...
  6. Oh yeah like you bringing up fictitious stats not producing them then going crazy for a DT in the 5th round that you said we couldn't get talent in.. Oh yeah we agree you're a clown..
  7. Can Taylor make the transition to FS? Is my questions..
  8. Jamie Newman had a horrible senior bowl game week when he was being coached by this staff.. I doubt he is even on their board.
  9. I swear to god .. somebody had a chart about not getting talent late and trading back is a waste... Now we draft a player they YouTube scouted and looky looky now.. Lmao a bunch of clowns..
  10. Oh wait can we still get talent in these round?? I thought I was told we couldn't we drafting to many players that won't make the team?? Hmm
  11. Blah blah at pick 186 We select the LB from Transylvania Tech.. I don't know why but I hate Blank for some strange reason.. Benson Mistress and the Kahn are whatever but I hate Blank..
  12. Well just my opinion.. If giving up assets for the 4th best Qb and Rt is what they wanted.. Then I'm glad they didn't get it.
  13. I swear Arthur Blank hits the screen I see Dracula in his coffin surrounded by all those red walls.
  14. The mom's basement crew is running rampant.. We still can salvage some good football discussion as we watch a different type of Panthers GM do his thing..
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