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  1. Yeah Lamelo is going to take this league by storm... A new Superstar in Charlotte is here..
  2. All the good faith he built has been dashed in my opinion... Now he's back to pre trade worries... Every QB misses throws.. But not stepping up on big moments and making dumbass throws are unacceptable.. sorry
  3. This is correct... Losing to bad teams at home is not a good look and destroys credibility..
  4. All games are loser worthy... I have little faith in this team right now..
  5. Lmao!! I'm not sure we're not drafting high again..
  6. No he don't get no fuging pass either.. This was a dumb QB game for him.. He made some truly stupid decisions..
  7. God I wish one of these good old boys had the balls to call Ruhle out on some of this dumb poo... 4 and 2 before the half was clearly a time to go for it and he does a dumb stupid ass punt with his FG kicker that got him nothing????
  8. Robby is stealing a check..
  9. Every fuging body even the tried ass defense in the 2nd half.. fug this whole team..
  10. 2nd half?? 1st half offense sucked... This offense fuging sucked all fuging day..
  11. Dumbest poo ever posted.. Did you even looked up the stats before posting... With 10 Tds already Sam is already half as many TD's in 4 games as Teddy had in 14.. lol He was 4 for 4 in the redzone this weekend.. Teddy never did that all season...
  12. I need to see your stats.. I don't remember Dallas being 6th 8n points his 1st season as OC and with Dak injured they sucked last year on offense.. Your opinion is cool.. I just think I want to give this new interation of Panthers offense.. more then 4 games before I form my opinion.. Last year I felt like Teddy's over conservative play and weak arm to throw in tight windows was a issue.. Also not having a big red zone threat.. This year we have alot of good redzone option and a QB willing and able to throw laser so we'll see..
  13. No I want stats to coincide with s understanding of context and situation..
  14. Yes during a pandemic offseason with different weapons and a different qb... That's alot of different variables.. Kellen the OC for Dallas didn't looks so hot until a couple season with Dak right??
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