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  1. Does bringing Miles back effect the decision?? What Scoot gives you is what Miles does at a different position.. Miller also have some crossover with Miles..
  2. I don’t know how you know that.. Because numbers and achievements don’t say that..
  3. No a 2 way wing player are the most valuable position in the league today..
  4. Small ball is more about shorter front court players.. And the reality is small backcourts haven’t worked since Isiah Thomas and Joe Dumars.. And that worked because Joe was elite defensively and a dead eye shooter..
  5. If the prospects are close in evaluations and potential.. You go with the position of higher value..
  6. It’s the nba what do you expect.. What exactly do you think makes Wembey a Generational talent..
  7. What did Scoots team win again?? https://www.basketball-reference.com/gleague/teams/GLI/2023.html
  8. What are you talking about.. Dude avg. 19pts and 8 rebs a game.. You don’t do that if you’re not consistently playing good most of the year..
  9. The workouts will give me a clearer picture.. If Scoot can becomes a Donovan Mitchell.. Then we might have something.. If he can improve his shot and guard bigger players.. Then yes him and Lamelo can work.. If he can do all that and become a point of attack defender then he’s definitely the pick.. But right now Miller is the better fit and prospects..
  10. And Wade was at least 6’4 ., Not that much smaller then his counterparts..
  11. Even if he couldn’t create his own shot (which he can) a 6’9 40% 3 point shooter and 4 position defender would be a top 3 pick any year..
  12. Big men take time.. Nobody was screaming Start Kia when Borrego was here..
  13. List of Guys who won SEC poy as freshman 1. Bernard King 2. Chris Jackson 3. John Wall 4. AD 5. Malik Monk 6. Brandon miller Not a bad list
  14. MKG , Kemba, Bimybo all got significant minutes their rookie year under Cliff
  15. This^^ it’s not even a mystery anymore.. You either have a dominant wing player or you’re not winning consistently..
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