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  1. What argument!! Marriota numbers are just as bad.. And I'm just happy they didn't pay alot or mortgage the future on this crap so far... You gave up cool.. I'll give it more then 3 weeks before I do...
  2. He was a early FA signing going to his OLD coach.. So he Atleast had a idea of the system he was going to.. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/M/MariMa01.htm But his numbers aren't that much better other then comp%.. But he throws alot of dink and dunk passes as well..
  3. I would say 2 season Baker showed he was at least a competent QB in the pro’s.. He was 2nd in voting for offensive rookie of the year when Barkley won it.. And to be clear even his worst season are better Then anything Sam has done in the league..
  4. The whole 1st part of this is literally why Sam isn’t better… He hasn’t shown he could do any of this even in college..
  5. Their Oline is meh and lets be real Patterson wasn’t a chess piece anywhere else.. So Smith should get credit for that.. And they still have less weapons then Brady had to be real..
  6. Simplified this diatribe for me please.. All I see is a lot of opinion backed by nothing… 1. BC got LT starts due to Injuries not that Rhule figured out he was way better then Eirving.. 2. Elfin got moved to center due to injuries not that Rhule figured out anything.. 3. That’s the point.. I give Campen Credit because Last year when he wasn’t here.. Eriving and Eflein were giving jobs with no competitions.. This year all of sudden everything is a competition.. What changed??? 4. The Oline has improved.. I don’t care who is starting as long as they improve.. 5. Dumbass question no need to engage in that stupidity.. 6. Again if improvement happens I shouldn’t see you say anything but RHULE RHULE RHULE RHULE.. Becuase all you’ve stated in this whole discussion is Rhule Rhule Rhule… Bozeman isn’t starting because Rhule say so.. But the Oline is improving so in your opinion it must Be Rhule right??
  7. Your Opinion.. I saw Ron change when his job was in jeopardy and now I see Rhule getting force into decision he wouldn’t make on his own.. No facts just My opinion..
  8. Oh its been clear since day 1 Rhule has no influence on the defensive side of the ball.. Since day 1 Snow has had full control of that so that little Chinn shot missed the mark,,
  9. You brought your coaching credentials up not me.. The fact you tried to use your personal life as facts to why your opinions matter on a football MB is weak IMO.. LOL They actual had him at Guard 1st Pardis was the center.. And Erving was The starting LT.. The fact that he’s on the bench and was playing 3rd team.. Could be a sign of Campen Influence.. Also the fact they even gave BC a shot at LT when Rhule refuse to all last year.. Could be a sign of Campen influence.. How about the fact they had Oline competition instead of giving starter spots to newly signed FA like they did last year.. Could be a Campen influence.. Funny part about this whole debate is I’m giving Campen all of the credit for clearly improved OLine play and Oline decision.. Not Rhule but you want to give it to Rhule for some strange reason… especially when actions show they are doing thing differently then they have the 1st 2 years of Rhule term…
  10. It did the 1st 7 games.. But after that no it didn’t.. And some OC with weak personal find away.. Atlanta personal is crap but they are scoring points under Arthur Smith..
  11. It has also been reported that he has been advised to let go of duties and hire a more experienced staff .. Which is exactly what happened.. It’s also been reported That Fitt has taken more power when it comes to the roster as well..
  12. So now its a fact that you were a College Coach and you know somebody that knows somebody that knows somebody That coaches in the NFL.. I played against and hung Out and was friends with Mo collins (god rest his soul) so that means I know the inner workings of the NFL as well right?? LOL Dick Lebeau, Ron Rivera, Richard Williamson, Norv Turner, Jimmy Johnson (Eagles DC), Buddy Ryan, Bruces Arians I can keep naming coordinators and position coaches who had input or control over their part of the roster if you like?? So he didn’t say “I need to talk to Campen before saying the starting OLIne” Means he didn’t talk to Campen already? Hmmmm new season has not led to a new result for the Carolina Panthers. Two tough losses to open the season have run the team's losing streak to nine for head coach Matt Rhule dating back to 2021 -- the longest in the NFL. And with the defeats have come the questions about his job status. Sources informed of the Panthers' thinking say no change is imminent for Rhule, with Panthers owner David Tepper planning to be patient rather than reactionary. But wins must come and improvement must be evident. With the locker room still believing in Rhule, sources informed of the Panthers' thinking say, and with the team's fight and effort still clear on the field, it would take an epic collapse or a horribly embarrassing outcome to alter the course. That is not to say things can’t happen this season that would change the team's plan -- just not right now. All of which gives the Panthers time to turn it around. And there have been some positives. Running back Christian McCaffrey looks like his old self, averaging 5.4 yards per rush. Expect his usage to ramp up. Wide receivers Robbie Anderson and D.J. Moore have impressed. And the defense is in the top 10 in total D. Baker Mayfield, who Carolina acquired in a highly anticipated trade in July, has a passer rating of just 79.5, and that clearly must improve. The timing has been an issue, which makes sense since he’s only been in town for two months. Mayfield's emergence would help immensely. But some realities have not been pretty. Rhule is 10-25 as an NFL head coach, which is the worst record among coaches who have coached at least 20 games since 2020. Among active coaches with 20+ games coached since he began with the Panthers, Rhule has four fewer wins than anyone else. The Panthers are also 1-25 in games where they allow 17 or more points under Rhule since 2020, the worst record in the NFL in that category. Upon being hired, Rhule signed a seven-year deal and was given control of the roster -- all an indication of not only power but the team's patience. And that’s how Tepper would like to be. Patient and able to make a decision when it makes sense rather than the on-field product or locker room reaction forcing him to. If the locker room was in chaos, it might be a different story for Rhule. Instead, it’s just been losses. And if those continue, perhaps this is a topic that will be readdressed. But the hope from all parties is improvement will come. Follow Ian Rapoport on Twitter. Where in this article does it say No input from coaching staff on roster.. Rhule doesn’t listen to his coaching staff on roster.. That Fitt or Tepper didn’t force Rhule to get a more experienced staff.. don’t worry Ill wait Coach..
  13. Literally the only way you can use a interview or some fake tradition of Oline coaches not having input on Oline decision.. Is if Rhule made his starting Oline comments before Campen was here.. The only way your opinion could be seen as facts is if Rhule and Campen never talked before that interview.. You understand that right?
  14. Based on what?? What NFL team did you work for ?? You’re saying a lot of unprovable facts .. When has it been a thing that NFL oline coaches have no power in deciding who plays or who starts on the OLine they coach?? example Bill Belchicek had a OLine Coach for years Ernie Sacrnecchia.. Who had full control of the Patriot’s Oline.. Look it up.. Your whole reasoning is stupid .. Based on a interview (where Campen was actual a member of the coaching staff) just because Rhule name his starters it meant he never talked to campen or Campen didn’t have any influence?? What?? Rhule Prasied Eriving so Campen had no influence on the Oline?? What?? Wait I forgot The Known fact “That HC set Their starting Lineups without listening or input from their coaches, Scouting Staff, GM, or Owners”… Are these your Facts??lol
  15. @MillionDollarCam Again While I think Bozeman could be better I’ll trust in the judgement of the coach that was hired to decided that.. 20+ years of experience has to mean more then GM’ing from a couch..
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