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  1. Hard Choice.. Young is the better off script creator.. Strouds the better athlete and accurate as hell.. I’m a Stroud guy but would take young in a heartbeat..
  2. Don’t give a poo.. please let them keep putting bandaids over bullet wounds…
  3. Why are we always looking for the quick fix instead of “doing the work” draft and develop your own QB… Trade up f the picks and get your Qb of now and the future…
  4. You can argue that.. But that is just opinion based backed on more wanting to keep picks then AR-15 the actual prospect.. But that’s okay.. JMO Stroud is worth the trade up..
  5. Sorry Id rather have the QB position secured .. Rather then a ? At QB, YGM, TMJ and Tremble..
  6. 3 1st round picks or 2 1st a 2nd (23) and 3rd (24)…
  7. Nooooo!! Trade up get the QB stop playing with the position and stop hoping gold falls in your hands..
  8. Fields is the better athlete Stroud is the better QB right now.. And Fields had a way better defense at OSU then Stroud did and that’s why they won the Big 10..
  9. Stroud.. He needs less help and is the better QB..
  10. now get out of the way tepper and leave your checkbook..
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