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  1. No one will ever know how much is "true." This will get settled, out of court, way before it ever goes to trial. There will never be a criminal prosecution because the evidence is flimsy at best. Having a legitimate young franchise QB, and the success that will follow from it, is worth much more than whatever lost revenue (if any) comes from the limpwrists that stop watching the team.
  2. Absolutely you trade for him if you're Carolina. lol at the people wringing their hands at the "PR nightmare." You know what cures that? Winning. Who cares what losers like Florio and the rest of the detached-from-reality sports media might say?
  3. whatever. PFF is junk, just another reason not to treat their crap like gospel.
  4. Sure, but in the particular context of this situation, Carolina needed an OL, traded up specifically to draft one, and at least one team thought it was to draft Ford, who was taken exactly one pick later. So I think it's pretty fair to compare drafting Little v. Ford.
  5. But we can win the team character and participation trophy award at the end of the year without him!!!
  6. Not now, but solely because he's old and declining. In his prime, absolutely. He was championship caliber QB. You'd have to be a moron to say you wouldn't want Prime Big Ben as your QB.
  7. Did the Steelers’ brand suffer from Ben Roethlisberger? Did the Ravens’ brand suffer from Ray Lewis? Hell, did the Eagles’ brand even suffer from Mike Vick? No one cares about “character” if you’re winning. Also, Watson has actually been very good to the Houston community, for what it’s worth. He definitely made some mistakes, but they look closer to meeting up with prostitutes than they do sexual assault at this point.
  8. This sounds like a bunch of nonsense. Wins and losses are ALWAYS the bottom line, especially in professional sports. Do you think the “brand” would suffer if the Panthers won three Super Bowls with an elite QB who had questionable sexual encounters with women who willingly met up with him? I do not.
  9. It’s football, not Sunday morning choir. Winning is the only thing that matters. I don’t care what the Twittersphere thinks of the team
  10. Carolina should be all over him. He’s an elite QB. Really no question about it.
  11. For an elite QB? It would be an excellent trade.
  12. Yep, it’s definitely binary. Has to be one or the other. Maybe people could just try not acting like a piece of poo in public OR private?
  13. He could try acting like an adult. Grieving is fine and understandable, but blaming your failure on others really isn’t acceptable regardless of the circumstances. It’s definitely an excuse to use grief as a blanket excuse for all poor behavior.
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