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  1. Deshaun Watch was fun, but I am done posting on here. Bunch of crying losers and virgin mods who sit around all day and enforce their personal vendettas with warnings and bans for posts that are not remotely objectionable. Peace
  2. I stand by my point. Just a bunch of nerds jizzing over something not quantifiable being boiled down to a stat. It means nothing. Dalton's worst rushing year in college was equivalent to Pickett's best rushing year. They both exhibited the same type of escapability: neither very good at stepping up through pressure, but both like to leak out to the side and have the mobility to make a team either pay a little bit or the accuracy on the move to make a throw.
  3. You just explained the NFL version of Andy Dalton, my man. Thanks for validating. I have no clue if anyone has compared him to Dalton, maybe they have, maybe they haven't. It's what I see. I watched a good deal of Pitt this year. He's very Dalton-ish. Maybe you don't remember that Andy Dalton was a top 20-ish QB, I don't know. But you've absolutely described him.
  4. Wow 40/vert/broad instantly equal better athlete. TIL. Why even bother looking at film? We should just hold the draft the day after the Combine. No need to waste time with other extraneous non-sense. But for what it's worth, I wasn't able to even confirm those Dalton numbers were correct. There are other sources that say his run numbers were a good deal better. The NFL has historically had issues with run times at the Combine.
  5. It is absolutely an asset to have a competent game manager at QB taking up 3% of your cap space instead of 15%.
  6. And for what it's worth, I don't think comparing Pickett to Dalton is a total insult. Dalton was a top 20-ish QB for several years. But he's always going to leave you wanting more. He's an asset on a rookie contract, but he's a guy you look at and don't want to pay the going rate at QB, which is minimally $30M+ per year now.
  7. He had 38 pass attempts per game. They threw the ball more than nearly every NFL offense this year. It's a pro-style offense, but they were very pass heavy this year. It's undeniable. Anthony Gordon only trailed Burrow by about 100 yards in 2019. Why isn't he a great NFL QB? You call me lazy, but your argument is "the guys who lead college football statistically in 2020 and 2019 are good NFL QBs, therefore Pickett is going to be a good NFL QB." I mean, geez, give me a break. I don't think he's "more athletic" than Dalton. But tell me, how does his athletic advantage over Dalton translate to the NFL? What does that mean, exactly? Dalton was an above average runner as a QB. Not a weapon, but mobile enough to make a defense pay for 8-10 yards if they totally ignored him on obvious passing downs. Do you think Pickett is a weapon as a runner? I sure don't. I think he's exactly what Dalton was: he's fast enough and mobile enough to make a defense that plays him lazily pay for it, but he's not going to add true positive value on called run plays.
  8. So, you don't have an answer. Congrats on the googling skills.
  9. I don't think Cam Robinson precludes them from taking a tackle if they think it's the best value. They can always trade Robinson on draft night. A tackle-needy team will give up something for him.
  10. What's specifically different about Pickett's game? What does he do better?
  11. Dalton ran a different offense in a different era. Comparing college stats is a fool's errand. They mean little to nothing. Graham Harrell threw for more than 15,000 yards across three seasons. Why wasn't he the GOAT??? They're similar in terms of skillset and talent. You should watch football sometime instead of googling stats. You might learn a little bit.
  12. He's not Mac Jones. He's Andy Dalton.
  13. You should take a look at the other deals FA tight ends have signed. It has been an expensive market. I thought it was a huge overpay at first, but in hindsight, it ended up being about the going rate in FA.
  14. That’s why you don’t get caught up in names. It’s all about replacing or improving production each offseason. One or two year deals are extremely team friendly.
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