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  1. But we can win the team character and participation trophy award at the end of the year without him!!!
  2. Not now, but solely because he's old and declining. In his prime, absolutely. He was championship caliber QB. You'd have to be a moron to say you wouldn't want Prime Big Ben as your QB.
  3. Did the Steelers’ brand suffer from Ben Roethlisberger? Did the Ravens’ brand suffer from Ray Lewis? Hell, did the Eagles’ brand even suffer from Mike Vick? No one cares about “character” if you’re winning. Also, Watson has actually been very good to the Houston community, for what it’s worth. He definitely made some mistakes, but they look closer to meeting up with prostitutes than they do sexual assault at this point.
  4. This sounds like a bunch of nonsense. Wins and losses are ALWAYS the bottom line, especially in professional sports. Do you think the “brand” would suffer if the Panthers won three Super Bowls with an elite QB who had questionable sexual encounters with women who willingly met up with him? I do not.
  5. It’s football, not Sunday morning choir. Winning is the only thing that matters. I don’t care what the Twittersphere thinks of the team
  6. Carolina should be all over him. He’s an elite QB. Really no question about it.
  7. For an elite QB? It would be an excellent trade.
  8. Yep, it’s definitely binary. Has to be one or the other. Maybe people could just try not acting like a piece of poo in public OR private?
  9. He could try acting like an adult. Grieving is fine and understandable, but blaming your failure on others really isn’t acceptable regardless of the circumstances. It’s definitely an excuse to use grief as a blanket excuse for all poor behavior.
  10. The excuse generation, always something or someone else’s fault. It would be understandable if he got out of football shape and had a bad year or two, but trashing the organization and Cam because he got fat and sucked? Give me a break. He’s just an asshole.
  11. What’s he trying out? Hardees’ new loaded omelet biscuit?
  12. This is why NFL teams don't listen to fuging nerd losers. It isn't baseball.
  13. Yep, for all we heard all offseason last year about how great of guy Teddy is, he has really proven to be a twat.
  14. So, if Teddy had a such a problem with this, as the QB and a team “leader,” did he never raise it to the coaches? Grapes, they’re sour
  15. Matt Rhule disagrees with you: “He comes from that pro-style offense at BYU so he’s done the things that we are asking guys to do,” Panthers head coach Matt Rhule said. “He’s been doing it there. He’s a tackle candidate that can also go inside and play guard. Again, a great, great, great athlete. Intelligence, the whole package.” They’ll put the best five on the field. If that means getting the rookie’s feet wet for a while at LG, I don’t think there will be any hesitation. It can only help his development.
  16. It's pretty obvious they feel okay with Erving there in the short-term. They'll give Christiansen and Scott a chance to push him, but I will be surprised if it is anyone but Erving at LT for Week One. I think their ideal for Week One right now is Erving/Christiansen/Paradis/Elflein/Moton across the board. If Erving struggles and Christiansen is playing well, maybe you kick him out later in the year and give one of the young guards a chance to step in at LG. Or, maybe Scott gets his shot at LT again and everyone else stays put. The important thing is that they actually have options this year.
  17. We know all we need to know on him based on the opt-out last season. I’ll be shocked if he’s on the roster or really anywhere in the NFL long-term.
  18. Teams screw up and players can improve, but he didn’t cut by Minnesota by accident. That is a team that is perpetually OL-needy (like most), and they had a third round pick invested in him. So there is certainly support for thinking he’s not good Granted, I think some talent is there and it does seem he put together some solid games with the Jets, but I agree with the sentiment that he’s probably just a JAG - which again, is fine as a low-end starter or versatile backup, but expecting more is a fool’s errand.
  19. What the fug does this have to do with football?
  20. Overpaying people to stay because we can’t risk losing them? Marty, is that you?
  21. The Panthers are going to give Moton like the 4th or 5th biggest OL deal in history? Gosh, I hope not. He’s good, but not that level of elite. They should let him walk if that’s the asking price.
  22. Carolina really doesn't have much to spend. With 11 rookies, it will take close to $12M to sign the class. They will keep $3-4M at least open during the season for emergencies. Panthers have maybe $3M to play with to sign veterans without restructures or cuts.
  23. Because if you can secure a guy for a 7th at a price you like, it's better than having to negotiate against other teams.
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