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  1. don't understand how you can't find a guy to make XPs consistently
  2. Not that big of a deal. Still operating on the rules where you can elevate PS guys. If he's terrible, they can give Eberle a look. Yes, he takes up a roster spot, but it's 1/53 and it's only three weeks.
  3. Great spot to bet a home dog in Carolina, if you're into that kind of thing. Lots of overreaction to the Saints' performance in Week 1. Carolina was in a low-profile game against a bad team.
  4. How is that "wrong?" There doesn't have to be something "better" for PFF grades to simply be a bad evaluation tool. So, please, tell me what I haven't "taken the time to understand" about PFF -- in your words.
  5. What part is wrong or incomplete about what I've said? The contrary is true -- people worship PFF grades like the gospel without understanding what they mean or how they are reached.
  6. You just got done telling us in this thread that people watching the game didn't get the full picture. Now they do? "here again" - just because something exists does not make it good and valuable. If you're saying it's interesting purely for the point of spurring message board discussion, sure, but it is just the opinion of people that, as PFF advertises, they "don't care whether you played or not."
  7. It's not "data-driven analysis." Nerds want to believe it because they like the idea of playing sports on spreadsheets, but it isn't analysis of data. All it is is a bunch of keyboard warriors who never played football giving "grades" to football players without knowing the play call or the player responsibilities. PFF has valuable tracking stats. These grades are worthless.
  8. Just because it exists does not make it good or valuable. It is the grading opinion of a bunch of dudes who never played football, and nothing more.
  9. people should also consider that PFF grades are trash
  10. Rather poor. Hilarious how butthurt people still are about passing on mediocre QB prospects. Time to get over it, snowflakes.
  11. Eagles, Lions, and Texans will all be putrid. Jets could improve and still be really bad in the W-L column. Bengals could be really bad too if Burrow is not fully back from the knee.
  12. Five-way tie for the worst record in the league at 5-12? When's the last time the worst team in the league won 5 games? Shows how goofy this nerd poo is that ESPN and others are obsessed with these days.
  13. Every time? Like in the instance that he never plays meaningful snaps in the NFL? Give me a break.
  14. You'll never understand why Carolina (and everyone else) passed on a guy with a serious bloodclotting issue in his not-distant medical history?
  15. Corey Miller is a self-absorbed douchebag and loser. No one should care what he has to say.
  16. Carolina can definitely do better, but if the best you can do is Garrett Gilbert or someone of similar skill level -- is it really worth it to sign a guy that is at a significant disadvantage at QB because he has to come in and learn your system during the season rather than just rolling with Walker for another year?
  17. Why are people so convinced we are going to add a QB? Who is going to be an obvious upgrade over Walker? If you bring someone else in, they are starting from scratch with the system, and there is not a massive talent upgrade to be had other than Cam Newton, who will for obvious reasons not be coming to Carolina.
  18. Need to be working out guys constantly the next two weeks. No reason to piss away a 7th on this Santoso guy when there are other comparable/better options out there.
  19. "Prior to today" is the operative portion of that post. Who cares. Mostly a bunch of guys who are going to get cut. Everyone has 30 camp fodder players that have little to no shot of making the roster every off-season. And Haason Reddick and Robby Anderson at the least would make 32/32 teams in the league. Mostly just a bunch of crying losers that want to complain about something.
  20. Pretty obvious they are looking for a trade taker on Thomas, Jansen, and one of the safeties.
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