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  1. He had four years in the NFL as a player, which means a lot. You understand how the process works by going through it. I think the jury is still out on how good of a coach he is, but there's a big difference between a guy who played in the league and a guy who spent one year as an assistant to an assistant.
  2. Rhule fell victim to the same hubris that many young/experienced coaches fall into, particularly those coming from college to NFL. They don't admit that they don't know what they don't know, and instead of hiring people do can help them learn the ropes, bring "their way" to the NFL believing that they can win "their way," experience be damned. Rhule made one legitimate hire in Al Holcomb, who had all of one year of coordinating experience. Adding a former HC to his initial staff, as well as another former coordinator or two, would have gone a long way for Rhule, but he thought he had all of the answers and didn't need the experience.
  3. Brady is a great schemer and play designer. He does not seem to have a good feel for in-game play calling. He's still better than what Carolina will end up hiring for Rhule's lame duck year next year, in all likelihood.
  4. I disagree with this. You need a center that can move and get to the second level effectively. I'd bet most of the best centers in the league are under 315.
  5. Pretty funny when people who aren't on the inside speak with such conviction, particularly when the people on the inside aren't even sure yet. The draft is several months away. I don't think we can draw very many hard and fast conclusions at this point. I don't want them to take a QB at 6 because I don't really think anyone in this class is worth it, but I am not going to sit here and rule it out right now because they could totally fall in love with one of the prospects between now and draft day.
  6. Who said they're clueless? I am sure they have some top prospects in mind as potential fits. I seriously doubt they have watched enough tape on them to have a real opinion as to whether they want to draft them or not.
  7. Scouts of course have been evaluating individual players and have their opinions. Teams are nowhere close to putting together a board and actually piecing their draft together. You think the GM is sitting around during the season evaluating college kids while he's got to manage in-season transactions? No chance.
  8. Quite frankly, no NFL team gives a poo about PFF's grade. Who cares? They're clueless. I think Ekwonu is really good. There are going to be question whether he's a tackle or a guard. I think he can play tackle, but his athletic testing and measurements are going to be key to answering that question that because he's got a borderline-looking body based on eye test.
  9. This is just not an accurate depiction of the process. High-level personnel guys are not worried about putting together a big board during the season. Sure they might make a handful of trips to watch the obvious big time prospects, but they are not going to get really educated on who the scouts know and what they know about them until right about now.
  10. There is not a "0.0% chance." Ridiculous to even say something like that so far away from the draft. Teams are just entering the evaluation process. It's not two firsts. Try reading my post again.
  11. Panthers will trade down to the 11-15 range. 1st for 1st+2nd+4th/5th Expect Ekwonu or Linderbaum to be the pick from there
  12. Tony Buzbee lives on the same street as Cal McNair and the timing of all of this right around the time of the trade demand was uncanny. I would not trust Texans' ownership if I was Watson. He's not a sexual predator, unless you really think these girls were so stupid as to believe that an NFL player with dozens of massage and medical professionals at his disposal flew in some Instagram hos to do professional massages. Right.
  13. Texans ownership potentially set up Watson on the "sexual assault" matters. Why would he ever play for them again regardless of who they hire as their HC?
  14. 12th in yards and 15th in points would be a massive upgrade for Carolina's offense. We could do a lot worse than Kubiak considering the situation.
  15. Like Flores but not sure I'd trust him with my young QB. Four OCs in three years is not a great look. Think he's a better fit in Denver or Minnesota.
  16. So, no tangible reason then. As long as we have that part straight.
  17. Following you around by discussing the same topic in the same thread? That's an odd and obviously inaccurate depiction of events. I'm not butthurt at all. The butthurt ones are the Cam fanboys like you, apparently, who are upset the team "only" gave him $6M to be a backup in a losing effort for a marketing gimmick. You suffer from a serious case of main character syndrome, it appears. Anyone who disagrees with you, it's because they're wrong and it is a "them" problem. Alright.
  18. So if someone rejects your idiotic world view, they're a "hit dog?" How might one go about disagreeing with you without being a "hit dog?"
  19. Paying a back-up/stopgap QB $6M is not "treating him poorly." Not even close. But do you have any evidence that this saga has hurt or will hurt Carolina? Can you provide tangible NFL examples of a similar scenario hurting a franchise? Because what you have here in this post is a bunch of word salad that doesn't amount to a hill of beans.
  20. How does this tangibly hurt Carolina's prospects of winning in the future?
  21. TFW you don't understand what a strawman argument is
  22. Paying him $6M for half a season wasn't enough "appreciation?" How many QBs who are done as players get that curtesy? I can't think of one. I don't think Cam is nearly as butthurt about this as many of you.
  23. Cam was a great player for the Panthers. He's the best, or at least certainly most impactful, player in franchise history. It doesn't mean Cam has a place on the Panthers roster in 2021 or 2022. He deserves a roster spot about as much as Delhomme or Gross or Smitty or Peppers deserves one right now. I am a Panthers fan first, unlike the many Cam fanboys that have come and gone, and will come and go.
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