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  1. Oh yeah, forgot about him. I’m ok with everyone getting canned except Snow. And even Snow is on thin ice at this point.
  2. Nope. I tried to give him a chance, tried to believe he the answer, he just isnt. He isn’t taking this team anywhere but the basement. I was skeptical of him from the start.
  3. Watching Rhule get his ass dragged through the snow in Buffalo by our former staff members who are know HC and GM or a SB contender. That will be some poo right there. Not buying another ticket till they get rid of this staff.
  4. That’s it Rhule. Your time is up. Tear it the hell down Tepper
  6. If we give this fool another year I will lose all hope in Tepper and this franchise. No discipline, no adjustments to speak of, awful decision making. Scrap him and all his Baylor/Temple nut faces. Start over with a new HC and OC (not the dope we currently have) and go all Offense in the draft. And no, my stance will not change if we come back and beat the 5-7 falcons. Oh look there’s PJ, see ya!
  7. Nice to see the real Panthers from all season show back up. Now time to get walked into the end zone off runs on the left side.
  8. Alright we’re back to the panthers we know and love. back outside I go
  9. Just gotta do the same thing on this drive minus the end.
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