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  1. Would love to have him as a swing T/G with our first pick. But let’s be honest, if Pickett is on the board and Rhule is still here, he’s the pick.
  2. Thanks for offering. But at this point I’m not even crying, all you can do is just laugh. It’s not even disappointing anymore.
  3. Rhule (and Tepper too really) era summed up
  4. Yeah, we made a huge mistake with Rhule, they made an even bigger one with Urban. Granted he doesn’t have much to work with but if they don’t realize he is a problem soon, Trevor Lawrence will be wasted and on a different team after his rookie contract.
  5. How about no college coach at all? Like at all? You have 0 NFL coaching experience that isn’t an O-line assistant a on one of the worst lines in the league at the time? Don’t want you as my coach.
  6. Aho has pretty similar production to Barkov over his career, they are close friends too (obviously). After all those years of the Canes and Panthers being afterthoughts, it’s a breath of fresh air to see small market Hockey teams in the south doing the well. Like the above poster said, he’ll need to win a cup to be considered a top player in the game.
  7. I always go to that random November game we win before going on a huge losing streak.
  8. And at this point, I’m pretty used to the point the Panthers ruining my Sunday’s
  9. Back to back on the WC is brutal, but if any team is built for it it’s this one. Vancouver looks re energized with a new Coach, won 3 in a row. Assume Raanta will start in net, hopefully we can finish the Canada trip off with a win and get Pesce and TDA back for the Minny game.
  10. Why would I want to listen to a fool make excuses? That’s funny.
  11. He’s gonna waste Lawrence, hopefully they realize it before it’s too late.
  12. For some reason I still believed in Rhule and Co. then During and after the Giants game they revealed who they are.
  13. I remember when he threw 4 picks against a 2 win Falcons team in a 30-3 blowout loss at home. Ah good times
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