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  1. We are gonna have to take away Kamara and make Jameis beat us. Put pressure on him like we did with Wilson and force him into mental mistakes. I know the Saints O-line is much better than that of the Jets but I truly think this group is primed for great things this year. Snow has to make sure they don't just dink and dunk all over us, and force them to beat us deep, which favors us because our DBs definitely have an advantage on their pass catchers, (at least without Thomas) which is something we haven't been able to brag about in a while.
  2. At like 65 percent. Against DJ Moore. Who am I to doubt the Aints though, we know they'll find a way to pull some poo
  3. Better not be anything serious
  4. Don't worry, we will remind everyone who Jameis really is this Sunday. Lol.
  5. Panthers win, 24-17 Darnold struggles early on, but doesn't turn it over and settles into a rhythm as the game goes on. The O-line has a hard time containing the Saints front seven, especially the interior. The Panthers take advantage of the Saints injuries on Defense, on spread the ball all around, CMC doesn't have as many touches as last week, but still has a rushing TD, and Moore and Arnold each grab TDs. The Panthers pass rush forces Winston into a few critical mistakes, Jaycee Horn picks up his first career INT. Burns and Reddick each with 2 sacks. Alvin Kamara will do his usual stuff he always does against us, but the Panthers won't let it be the deciding factor. Z. Gonzalez makes all of his kicks, including a 45 yarder with 5 minutes left to put the game a little too far out of reach for New Orleans.
  6. Wow i'm praying that your life gets better man. Sorry that this is this best thing you have to do with it right now.
  7. Why are you here? Find another team to root for then. All your posts are constant negativity and pessimism.
  8. Our best bet this week IMO is Erving - Daley - Elflein - Miller - Moton Want Christensen but the coaches won't do it.
  9. I didn't know Trey Smith was starting ALREADY, holy poo, what a brutal decision to pass on him for a LS who didn't even make the team.
  10. Well get a real taste of what he can do under pressure this week. (Looking at you, Pat)
  11. Then again, it's a guy playing at 70 percent at best, and a guy playing his first game in 10 months for a new system. But those Fuggers always find a way to pull some BS against us.
  12. The balls it takes to say that as a Jets fan after he burned your ass, lmao.
  13. How ironic is it, that on the one play (somehow) that Darnold got sacked, Elflein completely manhandles Q Williams but the rest of the line pisses their pants.
  14. Anytime you hear a coach say you have a "bright future", you can forget about seeing the field anytime soon.
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